The Fox

By Aura Conte

Romance | Paperback, eBook

Brian “the Irish fox” McNamara is one of the most charming bachelors in the state of New York, with just one flaw. Emma Abbott is a photographer, the second child of two lawyers and she has a thing for putting herself in awkward situations. During an all girls’ night out, Brian and Emma collide into each other. When back at home, Emma looks for Brian online and she discovers that, though the young man is tall, Irish and handsome, he also belongs to the “wild” side of the law. Brian is a hitman, with a huge problem (denial) about dealing with his feelings.

Born in 1983, Aura Conte is a native italian multi-genre writer, founder of Bookoria and blogger. Bestselling author on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes in “historical novels” (Italy), book: “Controvento” (2013). She published her first book in 2009 (Purpureo, Re-Birth). Part of her books, novelettes or short stories are available in Italian and English. Genres: romance, comedy, soft-erotic, fantasy, horror & historical. Avid reader and writer.


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