A Madras Miasma (Superintendent Le Fanu Mystery Series Book 1)

By Brian Stoddart

Crime & mystery | Paperback, eBook

Madras in the 1920s. The British are slowly losing their grip on the subcontinent. The end of the colonial enterprise is in sight, and the city on India’s east coast is teeming with intrigue. A grisly murder takes place against the backdrop of political tension and Superintendent Le Fanu, a man of impeccable investigative methods, is called in to find out who killed a respectable young British girl and dumped her in a canal, her veins clogged with morphine. As Le Fanu, a man forced to keep his own personal relationship a secret for fear of scandal in the face of British moral standards, begins to investigate, he quickly slips into a quagmire of Raj politics, rebellion and nefarious criminal activities that threaten not just to bury his case, but the fearless detective himself...

Brian Stoddart is a long time visitor to and resident of Madras now Chennai, and has written on the history of modern India as well as on aspects of modern sports culture. He is a former university Vice-Chancellor in Australia and an international consultant on higher education development. A New Zealander by birth he now lives back in Queenstown, NZ.


Justin Bienvenue

Justin Bienvenue

13 February at 22:04

Great looking and sounding book! I hope you don't mind, I added it to my Books Set in 1920's theme. Your book has similarities to mine.Take care!

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