Addicts In Love

By Brady Möller

Young adult, Short-stories, Romance | eBook

Would you sacrifice your life if the one you love's life depended on it? "Addicts in Love" is a gripping love story about two addicts in love faced with the challenges of Love, Sex, Drugs and Alcohol. James is typically not the kind of guy that would fall in love, until he meets Stephanie, a beautiful star, but with her own little secrets. A stand alone tale with many twists that evoke many emotions and keep you hooked with every page turn.

Brady Möller (1990) was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. For the early parts of his childhood, he was bullied, struggling with an alcoholic parent and never quite fitted in. During his teenage years, he had developed an addiction problem himself and spend many of his early adult years fighting the off the chains of addiction and other mental illnesses. He is currently the owner of Addiction and Mental wellbeing site:




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