By Charles Prime, Hector Jr.

Fantasy, Paranormal, Young adult | Paperback, eBook

Adian, a young-adult living in an old trailer home, kept his powers a secret from everyone. From a very young age strived to live a normal human life. Yet, juggling school, a new job, and society put him in unfortunate events that forced his hand. His albatross is whether he should stay and fight for what little normalcy he has? Should Adian relinquish his humanity, and be free with his powers? Yet, the discovery that he's not alone, that there are others with powers forces him to once again question everything he has learned. Is it possible to live a human life, being what he has become: inhuman?

Charles Prime and Hector Jr, are budding authors out of Texas. Both students, written words junkies, and long friends, have come together to create many a series together. Expect constant changes, since both are extremely anal about their work. Expect written-word on action, adventure, magic, and the occasional horror (since it's Hector's favorite). They are hopeful that you like their work, and we all are hoping you return.

Latest news

Second Book: Moments

9 May

The second book in the series has been released at, for free. You all are welcomed to take a peek at it. Be warned, it still needs one go at editing and revising, so forgive us if there are any lingering errors.




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