Book of Christian Short Stories Vol. 10

By Delores Cole

Religion & spirituality | Paperback

What have you done with the blessings God has given you? What does being a good steward really mean? Do you really know the Holy Spirit and its role in your life? Get to know God on an intimate level. Do you speak empty words to others? Do you believe that God keeps a record of all the tears we cry? How can a little note with few words reach so many people in such different ways? Do you know how to test prophesy? Do you know how to come to God with a humble heart? What on earth was Satan thinking?

I am presently retired. I have served in the Army, been a police officer, security officer (armed and unarmed), manager for a fast food restaurant, and worked in retail. I also volunteered with animal rescue places. I have many rescued animals myself and will not turn down an animal in need. I love to serve my Lord. With these books I pray that many will come to trust God and His Word.



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