A Drop of Paradise

By Alex L. Michaels


Paperback, eBook

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3 mins


"Do you know a 13 letter word with a clue 'stuck-up'?"
Jessica swiftly turned her head and looked at him with narrowed eyes, as he looked at her innocently and with only a hint of a smile. He lifted his hand to shield his eyes from the sun and his shirt lifted, revealing a mouth watering, indecently muscled stomach. And, that goddamn fly was still open!
“Look, Mister,” she said, trying to think of something appropriately insulting.
"Oh, it’s Mike”, he said, suddenly straightening up and throwing the crossword in the sand, “how rude of me not to introduce myself sooner.”
She bit her lip and looked at his extended hand, uncertain what to do next. She didn't want to do this, even if he was the handsomest guy in this part of the universe. But, as much as he irritated her, she simply didn’t want to be rude. So, after a couple of seconds, she lifted her hand and shook his.
"Encantado," he said with a grin.
His fingers were gentle and strong at the same time, so she quickly pulled her hand away, feeling uncomfortable.
He lifted his eyebrow.
"Look, Mister Mike,” she said, trying to sound indifferent, "I really don’t want to be rude. And, I’m really, really sorry that you can't solve your crossword. But, can you please stop talking to me?"
“Of course,” he said, “after you tell me your name.”
She was about to say something really rude, but then he smiled at her and all thought evaporated from her mind. Obviously, he was used to using that smile... often and successfully. And, he was so unfazed by anything she said to him, that it was almost admirable.
"My name is the person who wants to be alone,” she said finally, “okay?”
"Okay,” he said, "and what's your real name?"
"My real name is not interested," she said, "anything else?"
He laughed out loud.
"I don't believe you," he said, raising his eyebrow, "I saw you watching me earlier. You were practically drooling over me."
"I...," she said, as her face turned red, "wouldn't look at you if you were the last—"
"Just kidding," he said with a laugh, "wow, you have a nasty temper, don't you?"
“I don’t get it,” she said, staring at him in disbelief, “are you drunk?”
“Not anymore,” he said with a grin, “but, I get it, okay? You want to return to… whatever it is that you’re doing.”
She looked at him suspiciously, trying to decide if he's serious.
“Yes,” she said firmly, “thank you.”
"No problem,” he said, "I apologize again."
"It's okay."
She was counting in her head and not a minute passed when...
"What are you scribbling there, anyway?"
"I’m not scribbling,” she said through her teeth, "I’m writing."
"Really,” he said, "like a novel?"
"Yes, like a novel."
"What kind of a novel?"
"A horror novel,” she replied, as he leaned towards her. She closed her notebook with a snap, a second before he could see what she was writing. She looked at him with a warning, as he grinned at her.
"I like horror novels," he said, observing her, “but, I don’t think that's what you're writing.”
"Oh,” she said, her voice laced with irony, "you read?"
"It seems to me that I read more than you write,” he said with a grin, pointing at her notebook, "it’s not going too well, now is it?"
That’s it, Jessica thought, gritting her teeth, enough is…
They both turned their heads at the same time, as the brunette in a red bikini waved at him again.
"Your girlfriend is calling for you,” Jessica said coldly, "so, why don’t you just go away?”
"She’s not my girlfriend,” he said and grinned at her, "at least not anymore."
"Well, women of the world rejoice,” Jessica murmured, rolling her eyes.
She reached for the bottle of water and took a big gulp.
"Besides," he said, "there's nothing in this whole world I would rather be doing right now than talking to you."
She almost choked. She coughed and wiped her mouth, as the water started to trickle down her chin and over her beach dress.
He shifted in his chair and leaned on the palm tree behind him, while looking straight at her... or better yet, staring.
“Easy there, sugar,” he said with a small smile, “your dress is getting wet.”
“Well, I can always take it off,” she said with a sweet smile, unable to stop herself, "...right, sugar?"
He grinned and lowered his eyes, than looked at her again, this time more suggestively. There was something very sensuous and provocative about that look, but it was only hinted, nothing more.
“You could do that,” he said slowly, staring at her from head to toe.
She stood up, shaking the sand off her dress.
“Yes, well”, she said, her voice filled with irony, “it’s been fun, but...”
"You’re cute when you’re angry, do you know that?” he said, as she grabbed her bag and tossed it over her shoulder.
“Well, you’re annoying”, she said flatly, “and your fly is open.”
He looked as his pants, than back at her and smiled widely.
“I’m glad that you noticed”, he said with a grin, "and even more that you didn't warn me sooner."



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