Awakenings (Tri-Light 1)

By Debbie Adam



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EXCERPT - Chapter 6

“Would you be willing to try to take me with you?” Luc asked hopefully.

“And how exactly am I going to do that?”

“Well, maybe if we’re close when you sleep, I can hitch a lift, so to speak,” he shrugged. “You never know, it might work. You said yourself, that you were going to take food and drink,” he added.

“Yes, but there’s no guarantee that will work anyway,” I felt totally out of my depth around this man; the thought of him being near while I slept both excited and petrified me in equal measure. I felt my heart rate pick up.

Cai interjected, “It might be a good idea to try, if it doesn’t work, nothing is lost. But if it does work, we could be that much closer to freeing Marcus,” he said earnestly.

“You know how much I want to help Marcus,” I paused, could it really hurt to try, I’ll be asleep anyway.

If it worked we could rescue Marcus tonight; he looked so close to death when I left him. Cai and Luc were looking at me expectantly.“Fine! So what, you’re going to stay with me at the B&B?” I asked, wondering what on earth I’d gotten myself in to.

“No, you need to come here. I can drive you to collect everything you need. Just let me know when you’re ready to go,” Luc smiled. Damn this man and his smile! I will not survive the night with my raging hormones.

“Let’s get this over with,” I huffed, “The less time I have to think about it, the better.” I stood up, walked to the door and waited for Luc to move. “Well, what are you waiting for? You know, I might still change my mind!”

He laughed and walked to one of the bookcases behind him and pressed something. The bookcase slid forward then across, revealing a door. He typed in a code and the door swung open.

He looked back at me with his eyebrow raised, “Well what are you waiting for,” he mimicked, grinning.

I rolled my eyes. This is going to be a long night!



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