Contrariwise - A Tale of Twins

By LM Foster

Romance, New adult fiction, General fiction

Paperback, eBook

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3 mins

Contrariwise - Excerpt

         It never ceases to amaze me how much my sister and I embody the term mirror twins. Or maybe a more accurate term would be opposite twins. When we dressed identically, even our parents had trouble telling us apart. But when we went to work, Maddie put on a conservative, mid-calf business skirt, and I threw on a pair of jeans and a Mickey’s tee. All day long, she spoke to realtors and brokers, escrow officers and prospective home buyers. All day long, she talked to money. I spoke to beer-truck drivers and liquor salesmen, food vendors and people out to get drunk and have a few laughs.

         But when it came to men and our taste in them, Maddie and I became each other. Each sister would put on the clothes and mannerisms that the other showed to the world, the persona that had attracted just the kind of man that the other liked. I’m not saying that I never dated men that worked with their hands, and that Maddie never dated businessmen. There was always an occasional one or two of those. But the ones that we really liked – it always seemed that we arrived at them through the old switcheroo. It just seemed that Maddie and I knew at a glance which ones would appeal the most to our sister.

         On a few occasions, if there was one that was just all-around, physically attractive, despite what he was – we would even wait for a few dates to pull the scam. There was Mike, for example.

         I have always preferred a long, thin, straight-haired blondie. I loved to run my fingers through all those different shades of yellow, dark at the roots then brightening out to that toe-headed platinum glory at the ends. My Dad has blue-eyes, the same clear powder-blue as Maddie and myself, and a blue-eyed blondie never failed to catch my attention. But the ones with green eyes – dark like emeralds; the eyes of a cat, or pale like the curious, deadly glance of a praying mantis – even a homely, green-eyed blonde would make me stop in my tracks and turn around for a second look.

         And I liked men that were shaped like men, the ones with hips as wide as their shoulders, men that needed to wear a belt to keep their pants up. The broad-shouldered, narrow-waist types that my sister preferred always seemed a little too womanly to me.

         And lean Mike certainly fit the bill. He was fine, with the most exquisite light-green eyes – even if he did sport two sleeves of way too colorful tattoos, even if he did play video games, even if he was between jobs when he sauntered into the bar and immediately gave me his best line. He wasn’t wearing a suit, but I was in a mood that day, and he was very cute, and that weekend, I broke all of Mom’s rules.

         But his apartment was a mess and I could tell there was friction with his roommate. He was probably late with the rent, what with being unemployed and all. And I couldn’t stand the fact that he played those insufferable games if I left the room for a millisecond. But he was cute and he was good, and even though I had tired of him after one or two weekends, the next time he walked into the bar, still out of work, but still as fine and sexy as a summer day, I told him that I had gotten a new phone number, and gave him Maddie’s digits.

         I told Maddie that Mom’s rules were shot, and that Mike would be calling her for Round Two. Maddie giggled and agreed. He was a little thinner than she liked, and blonde, which was not her type – but still she enjoyed him for the weekend, then told him that Mickey’s management didn’t like our boyfriends hanging around, so if he came back to Mickey’s he had to pretend that we hadn’t been intimate. He came back a few times, but since Maddie and I were done with him, I made sure I was always busy, and eventually he gave up and moved on to greener pastures.

         And there was Neil, who was dark and clever and single, who had waltzed into ReMax one Friday afternoon, looked at a few of their property listings, and then had just swept Maddie off her feet. She called me from the ladies’ room at Paul’s, the most expensive restaurant in town, and said that she’d had a little too much to drink, and asked if I could hide out when she came home, because Neil was making her forget Mom’s rules, also.

         “He’s a little too free with the info on how much money he makes,” she told me. “But I’m dying to see if he’s as confident and clever in the dark.”

         Apparently he was, but Maddie just couldn’t get past his constant bragging of his well-padded finances. So after a sisterly midnight confab, when the two of them left to take the flyer to Catalina early Sunday morning, it wasn’t the two of them at all, but Neil and Maddie’s twin sister. It was a three-day weekend, and I was more than happy to take him off her hands and enjoy a little sun and shopping on Catalina, as well as whatever restaurant and hotel Neil had booked for himself and the secretary from his realtor’s office. And I was definitely happy to enjoy him.

         Maddie and I shared a few other men in the same manner. The lynchpin was breaking Mom’s rules: if you were too eager, then they didn’t come back. Not only did we know this, we were counting on it. A long weekend was long enough for both of us to get a turn. And when they didn’t call back, that was fine with us, no one was the wiser. None of them was the one, anyway, so what did it matter if we had a little harmless fun?



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