Crystal Resonance: High Vibrational Well-Being from the Earth and Beyond

By Kerry Nelson Selman

Health & well-being, Personal growth, Psychology & philosophy, Religion & spirituality

Paperback, eBook

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Shadowlands Publishing

Copyright © 2018 by Kerry Nelson Selman

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods without the prior written permission of the publisher except for brief quotations embodied in critical reviews.

Published by Shadowlands Publishing, Australia

First published 2015 by Llewellyn Publications under the Title Crystal Resonance: Combining Gemstones, Essential Oils & Flower Essences for Enhanced Well-Being
Second and revised edition published 2018 by Shadowlands Publishing

Cover design by Shadowlands Publishing
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National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication Entry
Nelson Selman, Kerry
Crystal Resonance: High Vibrational Well-Being from the Earth and Beyond

Book ISBN 978-0-6483266-0-1
eBook ISBN 978-0-6483266-1-8

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The views expressed in this work are solely those of the author. This book is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The author does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The author and publisher assume no responsibility for your actions should you use the information and practices in this book.


Foreword v
Thanks and Appreciation vii
Introduction ix

Part One: How It All Works and the Synergy of It All
Understanding the Energy Body 3
Understanding the Healing from the Earth and Beyond 11
Crystals 13
How Crystals Work 13
Choosing Crystals and Using Pendulums 14
Cleaning Clearing and Activating Your Crystal 15
Crystal Essences 16
Making your Crystal Essence 17
Essential Oils 18
How Essential Oils Work 18
Choosing Essential Oils 19
Using Essential Oils 20
Flower Essences 21
How Flower Essences Work 21
Making Your Synergistic Flower Essences Blend 22
Making Your Flower and Crystal Essences Blend 23

Spirit Connection 24
Higher Guidance 24
Archangels and Angels 25
Your Personal Guides and Teachers 26
Understanding the Magic of Synergy 28
Bringing It All Together in a Daily Practice 30

Part Two: Synergistic Crystal Combinations and Practices
Amethyst 35
Aquamarine 51
Green Aventurine 66
Carnelian 81
Citrine 98
Fluorite 114
Red Jasper 130
Moonstone 145
Clear Quartz 162
Rose Quartz 180
Selenite 195
Tiger Iron 211
Black Tourmaline 227

Conclusion 243
Reference Tables
Crystal Combinations Reference Table 245
Archangels Reference Table 246
Meditation Affirmations with Links to Guided Meditations 247
Glossary of Terms 251
Bibliography 254
About the Author 255
Index 257


Reading Crystal Resonance, I loved its simplicity, warmth, rawness and honesty … qualities pleasingly retained in this second edition.
I am a big fan of any resource that provides not only information but also the opportunity for others to learn new skills. I like the ‘see, look, feel and do’ method of learning and I especially like anything that can be easily implemented and directly applied. Anyone with an interest in crystals, aromatherapy, flower essences, healing and the body/mind connection will enjoy this book. It has plenty of juicy information waiting to be savored and it’s an easy read.
Kerry’s love and devotion of the Earth, herbs and plants shine vividly through her pen. How could they not? Her mother grew herbs and enjoyed psychic connection; her grandmother both grew and gathered herbs and made her own herbal blends and creams; her great grandmother brought her connection to the Elementals with her from Ireland; and her great grandfather was a nurseryman and orchardist, to name but some. It is ‘in the blood’. She also has a fascination with Celtic and Druid History.
Kerry is widely read and has learned much from adversity and the School of Hard Knocks. Her desire to change, to adapt and to grow, and learn from her mistakes and experiences has brought her to the door of a wonderful place.
Through guidance and a bit of push and shove from Teachers over the years, Kerry has become a serious seeker and, through her study, has found a way to link valuable resources in a way that complements and synthesizes much of what she has learned. In the past decade, she has studied and completed many courses which I believe have fast tracked her self-development, use of her skills, and ability to willingly share her knowledge. She has learned the difference between caring about, and caring for, and allowing.
I felt a yearning for nourishment and a deep inner feeling for nurturing as I was reading Crystal Resonance. I found myself wanting to get started, wanting to try out some of Kerry’s combinations. It was as if the book was reaching out and telling me it was time to be at home—time to allow and time to yield; home being the internal inner mystery, far beyond the external, material me.
Be true to thine own self, there is a buried treasure waiting to be found within. It is time to be.
The Alchemist is calling us home. And, at last, she has arrived.

Margotdeepā Slater-Oliphant
Creator of Newlife Reiki Seichim
Merimbula NSW Australia

Thanks and Appreciation

Heartfelt gratitude to all those family members, friends, teachers, and mentors who have contributed to my growth and, from time to time, walked with me along my spiritual and experiential path. I am grateful to all those who have taken time to share their talents, passions, and teachings, which have in turn informed, inspired, and facilitated my unfolding life experience. It has been a life rich in texture and experience and I would not have missed any of it!
The scenic route has been explored when I could have opted for the more direct one; I have been a traveler when I could have fast-tracked; I have hung onto mental and emotional pain when I did not know I could just let it go; I have reveled in the highs, savoring every last drop; but the rich tapestry I have woven is uniquely mine and has served me well because it has brought me here. Had I not been there, I could not be here; I love where I am, and bubble with expectancy about where I am heading.
Divine guidance, love, and inspiration constantly and unconditionally nourish, nurture, support, and sustain me. Spirit is ever present, flowing to me, through me, and from me—and I register my unlimited appreciation and gratitude for the awareness that I now have of it. The gifts are limitless, the freedom breathtaking, and the love and light strong, a beacon to bring me back to where I choose to be. I choose to live in the wonder of life: it is there that I thrive; it is from there that I can facilitate others being however they choose to be … and all that they choose to be. We all shine so brightly.
I am also profoundly grateful for the unwavering, unlimited and unconditional love, patience, and support of my husband, Gary, who always encourages me to fly and never doubts that we can. I have been blessed to share this Life experience with him.
Kerry Nelson Selman

The first edition of this book was published in March 2015 and my heartfelt gratitude remains for all those who supported and contributed to its release. Gratitude and appreciation also extends to readers who made contact seeking clarity and further information, and to readers and students who repeatedly requested access to guided meditations.
The positive support and feedback has resulted in the release of this retitled and revised edition of the first Crystal Resonance book, and the creation of the Crystal Resonance YouTube channel so guided meditations can be freely accessed at any time.
This edition will now prepare the way for the release of the second and third books that will complete the Crystal Resonance series.
May you be able to be however you choose to be … and then dare to be all that you are.
Shine bright in Grace and Light.


We can never be sure where those first few moments of any new awareness will take us. My awareness of the synergy of specifically combined gifts from Mother Earth has brought me home to a place of wonder, to that place where I feel connection to Spirit. I have felt its absence across a lifetime as I yearned for that which was missing. It is where I feel I belong and where I now choose to be.
This synergy of specifically combined gifts from the Earth and Beyond help us thrive as we embrace self-responsibility, self-determination, self-respect and self-worth. We feel empowered to be all that we choose to be, to feel grounded and supported, and to have an appreciation of the unlimited gifts available to us. We are meant to thrive, of that there is no doubt.
I now wish to share this new way for us to connect to All That Is, and enjoy enhanced wellness and well-being, based purely on resonance frequency as perceived through a loving heart and Reiki hands. The synergistic combinations that I share have served me well in my practice as a facilitator of wellness and well-being for others and as part of my own daily practice. This information is intended to add to the wealth of knowledge we have so far amassed; it is not intended to replace or contradict that which may be working for many.
Using the rocks from the earth, and precious oils and essences from the plants, can help us tap into the innate strength of Gaia, to align and attune with Mother Earth. It is no accident that each of us has a body made up of the very same elements as the earth; awareness that our physical bodies are ‘of the earth’, so to speak, can often spark curiosity to explore and appreciate the gifts that support and surround us.
When we match the resonance of crystal stones and essences with the resonance of specific essential oils and flower essences, and then allow them to dance with the vibrations of Higher Self, archangels, and Spirit, then indeed we are allowing ourselves to open to and receive the abundant gifts from the Earth and All That Is. I include specific archangels in these combinations because they represent aspects of Divinity.
The practice is simple; the process is easy and fun: clean and clear crystals with the appropriate essential oil, take the matching crystal and flower essence blend, inhale the essential oil from a tissue or vaporize the oil in a burner, and meditate with your crystal. As you go about your day, carry your anointed crystal enfolded in a handkerchief or tissue imbued with a few drops of the essential oil, and inhale the crystal charged essential oil as you wish throughout the day; you may even apply a little matching aromatherapy massage oil to indulge your body and Spirit; and then enjoy the reassuring moments of wonder at the grounded support, and enhanced awareness of connection to All That Is, as you go about your day. The magic is in the synergy of the combination.
The stories included in the combination descriptions are based on some of my personal moments of struggle, as well as many moments of wonder. We are all such complex creatures, each of us capable of extraordinary creativity—we create great joy, but we more often create such unnecessary struggle in our efforts to control and organize everything. Life can and should be simple—but, as I so often acknowledge with clients, simple does not always feel easy.
So often, we acknowledge what is not working for us, decide to embrace positive change, and then seek to manipulate and control exactly how when and where change should happen—and in the process simply create more struggle and inevitable frustration and disappointment. I have been highly skilled at setting unachievable timetables and continually raising the bar of achievement. I have been highly adept at creating impractical scenarios, and masterfully successful at self-sabotage.
However, this potential for self-sabotage is but one of the many creative talents that I now happily own and acknowledge as I own and embrace my ‘shadow side’. Each of us can be highly talented in thoughts and actions that do not serve us well, and so I openly share some experiences with you in the hope that moments of awareness and association will likewise be triggered within you, ah-ha moments. Hopefully you might then feel encouraged to explore and experience the synergy of these specific combinations. We are gifted these tools from the Earth and Beyond, and their synergistic combination can powerfully support a decision to accept self-responsibility and self-determination, enhance a sense of self-respect, self-value and self-worth, and ease any decision to change and embrace choices that support, nurture and sustain us, and serve the highest good.
As a holistic practitioner of natural therapies, I am well aware that a vital component of wellness and well-being is the healing and rebalancing that must take place mentally and emotionally. We are gifted so much by Mother Earth and when specific crystals are matched with the highest resonating essential oils and flower essences our natural access to Oneness is powerfully facilitated. Healing on every level is enhanced, and a sense of wholeness is restored as the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies are aligned and attuned. Our bodies are magnificent mechanisms that continually seek homoeostasis on every level; homoeostasis or equilibrium is innate, and so the body constantly seeks it natural balance.
In 2013 my appreciation of synergy, curiosity about what is possible, passion for simplicity, and inspiration coalesced to develop these crystal synergistic combinations as a healing and self-enhancing lifestyle practice that restores balance and brings awareness to our inherent wellness and well-being. I have learned that particular crystals, essential oils and flower essences can be synergistically combined for optimal resonance frequency that enhances connection with specific aspects of Divinity—a synergistic combination offers so much more than the sum of its component parts as each component enhances the other. The wonder of synergy has been long appreciated by those working with herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Indeed, are we not all so much more than our component parts?
The thirteen synergistic combinations included in this book encompass the most popular crystals from the practice, since the scope of this text does not allow for inclusion of all the crystal synergistic combinations. For each you will learn about the specific crystal, and the highest resonance pairing of essential oil and flower essences to enhance vibration of all, and how this heightened energy of the whole combination can help you connect with your Higher Self, Spirit, and All That Is. The thirteen crystal combinations were chosen in exactly the same way I choose the crystal synergistic combination each morning for my own daily practice, and which I later detail. This practice has served me well and I trust that it will serve the highest good for each and all of you as you find combinations that resonate with you. When I reviewed the list of combinations I was delighted to see that it included some of the most popular combinations with clients, and some of the most self-empowering.
All crystal stones and essences, plant oils and plant essences and celestial beings resonate with each other … there are no right or wrong combinations when working with the gifts from the Earth and Beyond. But there are some gifts that work synergistically to produce a vibration that opens and aligns the chakras to warm the heart and lift us to a place of Oneness, a sense of Oneness that facilitates vibrational wellness and well-being unimagined. We are fully supported by the Earth and the Universe. The synergistic crystal combinations offered in this book are those which consistently offered the highest alignment of resonance … and with which I have therefore worked, and continue to work, with wondrous results.
This book contains but a taste of the bountiful smorgasbord of gifts that support wellness and well-being. The gifts from the Earth and Spirit are limitless and I would never suggest limitation to those I have identified. Indeed, it is my intention that these thirteen crystal synergistic combinations and practices might introduce wonder to those looking to explore working with crystals; expand the knowledge base of those who already use and enjoy crystals, as well as essential oils and flower essences; or enhance the awareness of those who enjoy connection to the realm of Spirit. There is something for all, at every level. If an alternate practice feels right for you at this time, then please honor that and continue as you have been personally guided. If you are curious to explore the synergy of these crystal combinations and feel a sense of excitement and anticipation at the wonders on offer, then you are invited to enjoy.
A full description of crystal, essential oil, and flower essence therapies, and their wide-ranging physical treatment applications, is beyond the intention and scope of this book. However, many emotional, mental and spiritual benefits do feature as this is where all healing begins—and is so often the missing link to physical wellness and well-being.
In Crystal Resonance I willingly share synergistic combinations and practices that have taken my enjoyment and wonder of crystals and other vibrational tools from the Earth to another level. However, I am well aware that my personal interpretation of connections will sometimes differ from many traditional practices. Nothing in this book is intended to counter or replace those practices that are successfully practiced and embraced by many; I simply offer alternatives that you may wish to explore to extend your current practice.
So please, enjoy those gifts that are available to you and to which you feel drawn, and perhaps among the selection of synergistic combinations offered you may find a little extra something, another layer, that facilitates your return to balance and alignment, and enhances and enriches your path to Oneness and vibrational wellness and well-being.

Understanding the Energy Body

The great philosophers and avatars across the ages have taught us that everything is in a state of flux, ever-changing; modern science has confirmed that everything is in a constant state of vibration and is made up of energy. We are energy; our complex physical bodies are nourished and sustained as energy continually transforms and cycles from thermal, to mechanical, to electrical, to kinetic and other forms of energy—vibration, movement and change are basic to life; without movement we cannot grow, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.
Movement and vibration are integral to matter, and to watch the waltz of the atoms is to view the waltz of the solar system, and so the Universe—to see the spinning dance of particles around the atom’s nucleus as a perfect indicator of the broader view is to stand in wonder of the perfection of it all. Planet earth that supports us is in constant change: mountains rise and fall; rivers rise and fall flowing nutrients through to nourish, sustain and facilitate change; oceans ebb and flow with Divine rhythm, evaporate and return as nourishing rain to continue the cycle; the winds of change blow to facilitate movement, transformation and life.
Likewise in our bodies, the heart pumps life-giving energy for the lungs to rise and fall to take in air, to be inspired by life-force, and for the rivers of blood and lymph to circulate nourishment and cleanse away waste to promote life—even at our most still, we are movement. Protons, neutrons and electrons waltz within and around the nucleus in a unified dance inside every atom—the particles vibrate, the nano-particles inside the particles vibrate. Vibration of the atoms in every cell, of every tissue, of every organ, of every body system, is at the core of our physical bodies. There is perfection, order, harmony and balance in the dance.
So, too, is there a harmony of vibration between the body physical and the surrounding subtle bodies. The subtle bodies are energetic fields that surround our denser physical body—the Etheric body (also known as the Aura or Biomagnetic field), the Emotional (or Astral) body, the Mental body, and the outer Spiritual (or Causal) body. The outer spiritual body can be likened to a fine permeable membrane that protects the energy body while facilitating connection to the greater Universal body. The energy transfer is two-way. There is no separation. Energy constantly flows into, out from, and between the bodies—giving and receiving in equal measure.
The recurring nature of physical ailments treated without healing the outer mental and emotional bodies can serve to remind us that basic issues remain unresolved—what a wonderful indicator the physical body is! When we heal the physical without healing the mental and emotional bodies, that disharmony remains in our energy system and illness recurs or presents in another way to remind us that this issue remains unresolved. By working with the crystal synergistic practices we aim to finally resolve and heal.
Emotional, mental and physical healing, together with ongoing wellness and well-being, are always facilitated by cleansing and balancing the subtle bodies. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies may be perceived as distinct layers, but they are not separate; there is no separation and the harmonizing energy flow of every layer is integral to the whole. Long-held negative beliefs and fixed perspectives and attitudes are now well documented as negatively impacting health.
We live in a world of vibration, separated by only frequency of vibration. The heavy dense energy that is physical matter—including our physical bodies, food, and medications—vibrates at a different frequency to the subtle matter of essences. Vibrational medicines such as crystal and flower essences, which are embraced in the synergistic combinations, are high-frequency treatments to connect into the high-frequency subtle bodies.

The Subtle Bodies and Seven Chakras

A number of ancient Eastern traditions have given us an appreciation of the chakras, which, without getting into the various philosophies, are energy wheels throughout the body. It is basic to understanding the energy body and energy centers that we regard them as holographic, three-dimensional, surrounding the whole of the body physical; the subtle bodies do not sit flat, adjacent to the body, as they appear on the page. The chakras are no different; they are located on the body physical in figurative drawings, but they actually radiate or spiral their energy out in all directions from their center, each of which is located inside the body, towards the spine. There are seven major chakras, and it is on these main energy centers that we will focus, and that I will therefore briefly describe.

Base or Root (1st) chakra
The base chakra is located near the base of the spine. It is our foundation, the seat of our vitality, that place from which the impulses of life arise to flow through the body to flower at the crown chakra; it stimulates our basic survival instincts and our basic human potentialities.
Our roots as human beings and our connection to Mother Earth are stored in this chakra. It clarifies our desires and encourages us to stand on our own two feet, knowing our body’s requirements and our mind’s desires can be met. When our base chakra is healthy we are grounded and balanced, it supports our ability to provide for ourselves in all areas. Red is the color of the base chakra.

Sacral (2nd) chakra
The sacral chakra, which means sacred, is located in the sacrum towards the base of the spine—on the front of the physical body this translates to about two finger widths below the navel. It is the energy wheel of creativity and sexuality that circulates nourishing energy throughout the whole body. It is the traditional space of the Zen Knowing Mind, or Hara, and relates to the unconscious mind and its storehouse of instinctive knowing formed from past impressions and previous experiences. Home to ‘gut instinct’, we feel if things are ‘off’. When balanced, it allows warm acceptance of life to flow.
It is connected to the water element and governs our creativity and emotions, relating to our sense of self-worth, self-confidence and how we relate to others. The feelings of others are perceived through this chakra; it is one of our centers of extrasensory perception. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra.

Solar Plexus (3rd) chakra
This is the home of our solar plexus—a position of immense vitality, that place from where we choose to radiate love and support to ourselves and to others in a steady, balanced and life-enhancing manner. It is our center of personal power, self-will and achievement, our powerhouse. It is the center of motivation that supports our commitment to life.
A balanced solar plexus chakra finds us able to choose wisely and to achieve the results we intend; we find our own unique gifts, our passions, and fulfillment. We are in balance, able to focus and courageously achieve our goals from our innate powerhouse of reserves. Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra.

Heart (4th) chakra
Located at the heart center, the heart chakra allows us to receive all that the heart can give. An open heart is transformational because it enables us to resolve conflict and raise our awareness, bringing in compassion and empathy. Our emotions are purified in our hearts allowing more joy and love to enter. This energy center also encompasses our transpersonal heart, opening us to unconditional love, compassion and understanding. Love does make us strong.
This is at the center of the seven chakras—it is the bridge between the bottom three base chakras and the three higher chakras, that which balances our intellectual instincts and inspiration with our basic physical vitality and instincts of survival. Green (or Pink in some traditions) is the color of the heart chakra.

Throat (5th) chakra
Located in the throat center and throat region of the spinal cord, this is the purification center, the center of communication, and the center of growth. Growth is seen as another form of expression as thoughts and words are purified and we grow to our full potential. This chakra helps us hear, and be heard, and enhances our ability to confidently and clearly speak our truth.
Communication takes place on many levels: communication with others, and communication within our bodies between our body, mind, and spirit. Balance in the throat chakra enables us to understand the body’s physical, mental and emotional signals and meet our own needs and honor that which we are with unconditional love and compassion. Blue is the color of the throat chakra.

Third Eye (6th) chakra
Located in the mid-brain, behind the eyebrow center, this is our clairvoyant eye, that which sees beyond physical and intellectual knowing. This is the home of our intuition and inspiration, where intellect and Spirit meet—our center of visualization where we can see it, believe it, and so experience it.
It is the ‘control center’, that place where everything merges into one stream of consciousness; it is integral to the harmonious interplay of body, mind, emotion, and Spirit. Our eyes are regarded as the gateway to the soul. The light from us shines out to others through our eyes; the light of the world shines to us through our eyes. Indigo or purple are the colors of the third eye chakra.

Crown (7th) chakra
The crown chakra relates to our spirituality and our connection to our Higher Self and the Divine. It is the chakra of higher consciousness. When the crown chakra is balanced, we function with awareness of our connection to Oneness, supported by Divine Love. As such we are able to just be, content in the Divine knowledge that there is no need to do, just be. We find peace in the acceptance of allowing what is, to just be. Meditation is considered key to developing and balancing the crown chakra. Violet, gold or white are the colors associated with the crown chakra.

* * * * *

If you are an energy worker or have an awareness of chakras, you may wish to choose a stone because of its healing color and association with a particular chakra. Energetic Healers and Color Therapists know that every color has a vibrational frequency; the auric field also vibrates with color and colored stones can harmonize the body’s energy field and balance the chakras. Archangels, likewise, are seen to vibrate particular halo colors. Matching halo and chakra colors with stone colors are valid and successful crystal healing practices that are embraced by many.
Accepting that we live in a world of vibration, that the body physical is vibrating down to the subatomic particles in each atom of the nucleus heart of each cell, and that likewise the physical body is a vibrational entity surrounded by the vibrational layers of the subtle bodies, protected and connected to all by the external spiritual body, may help you appreciate the possibilities on offer from the synergy of the crystal combinations in Part Two.
Everything is vibration and all vibrational therapies give us tools to help restore harmony and balance to our whole being. Thoughts are energy yet to be manifested, but they exist as vibrations within us and extend out from us. Negative thoughts and entrenched negative beliefs produce disharmony in the subtle bodies, and discord in the vibrational patterns at a cellular level of the physical body, manifesting as disease if left unaddressed. The synergy of the crystal combinations and practices in Crystal Resonance offer transformational and life-enhancing support to willingly release and let go of that negative patterning.
The choice remains with each of us to do that which feels right for us. The choice is ours to accept self-responsibility, and accept the support offered by the gifts from Mother Earth to powerfully ground us, empower us, and uplift us. The choice is ours to decide to embrace the process of change with the support that is eternally on offer. Ultimately, the choice remains with each of us to change and let go of those negative thoughts, beliefs, and practices that are limiting us being all that we wish to be.
A description of the energy body that sits well with me comes from those teachings that describe the subtle bodies or aura being comprised of prana, life-force, or chi that flows through the body physical and supports every living being—this encapsulates the sense of innate connection between the energy body of each sentient being and the greater energy body of All That Is.

Understanding Earth Healing

Crystal stones from Mother Earth bring many healing and sustaining properties but the overarching properties common to most are support, protection, and alignment. Working with crystals, we gift ourselves time to just be, time to connect to our place of inner peace and harmony, our Higher Self.
Minerals are as old as Mother Earth, and crystals are highly evolved minerals. Crystals hold many of the characteristics found in the organic plant kingdom that followed the planet’s evolutionary path, such as self-organization, reproduction via seed crystals, and receiving and transferring information. Crystal essences bring the life-force energy that is as old as time from the inorganic base that supports Mother Earth, therefore crystal essences hold less karmic association than essences from the organic plant kingdom, which holds memory across time. With their non-crystalline structure plants are more flexible and adaptable in response to memory at both a cellular and subtle level. Blending both crystal and flower essences in this synergistic practice gifts us the healing and realigning properties of both natural gifts from the Earth, with each taking the other to another level.
Plant essential oils, likewise, have many healing properties but basically these precious oils stimulate or relax our body, mind, and spirit, often concurrently as each subtle body receives that which it requires. The power of deep relaxation and the healing that comes from a sense of relief should never be underestimated. Relaxation stimulates the immune system in the body physical; relaxation brings a sense of well-being to every level of our being.
The subtle healing actions of flower essences are also wide-ranging, but one could say that their actions overwhelmingly correct fear in all of its negative manifestations in the body, mind, and spirit. They are catalysts for change; they support any choice we make to release, rebalance, restore and reconnect to our innate wellness and well-being.
And so we can begin to appreciate the potential balance that can flow from the perfect marriage between these precious gifts from the earth: crystals protect, strengthen, fortify, and balance our body, mind, and spirit; essential oils encourage balance by stimulating and uplifting, and relaxing and calming, as is required; and flower essences act to realign our mind and emotions, and in turn the body, and therefore return us to balance and unity with our Divine life force.
Independently, each modality offers well documented support for our wellness and well-being. When we bring these gifted tools from the Earth together, and allow them to harmonize, we receive the benefits of the perfect balance of the feminine and masculine energies.
If we choose to add awareness of our innate connection to our Inner Being or Higher Self, archangels, or Spirit guides, then miracles happen as we start to live in the wonder of a life that often feels truly magical. Divine life force constantly flows to, and through, every living thing on this planet and, for me, our Divinity is expressed through our humanity. We get to choose whether we wish to allow our Divinity to shine in every choice we make, in every moment. It is in the smallest of moments that the biggest choices are made, and it is in these very moments that miracles happen.
The small overview of the component parts of each combination in Part Two is intended to bring an appreciation of their inclusion in the combination and provide an indication of the combination’s potential synergy. It is all about the synergy of the whole. When I began this exploration, my first moment of awareness was how powerfully the essential oil enhanced the crystal’s actions, and together they were so much more than component parts. My curiosity was ignited and so began my exploration that led to the crystal synergistic combinations and practices.



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