By William Schumpert

Horror, Thriller


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3 mins


Kevin sat shacking all over. It couldn’t have been just the weather as he felt a sense of anxiety and fear as he sat on the bench facing Beth’s tombstone. As comfort came from the sweet and innocent tone of the soft voice he also found himself trapped by a sensation of horror- “It can’t be a prank” he told himself. “The voice was too high pitched and no one entered the cemetery when I made my way in, and no one was there...” The more he thought about it Kevin began to fear he was hallucinating- perhaps even worse. At last he sat up straight and took a deep breath before speaking-“Who are you?”

He was making a good pace- even as the early morning air was getting harder to breath and fog was building up from the shoreline Kevin refused to stop. He briefly peered left and right as he made his way through the trees, making sure no one was following and checking for any other footprints on the ground... He didn’t see any but felt he was going to faint if he didn’t pause. Kevin saw a stump and sat down, taking in as much air as he could. Every few seconds he would look around to make sure he was alone- occasionally he would hear the sound of a bird flying or what would seem to be the sound of a deer running but nothing disingenuous came to mind. Placing his hand in his coat pocket he pulled out a granola bar, being careful not to make too much noise as he ate. He suddenly heard a tree branch snap and nearly dropped his breakfast as he was fully alarmed. A few moments later he noticed that a deer was out in the distance as they starred at each other- the doe never turned its eyes away from Kevin, as if it were suddenly paralyzed in fear. About a moment later it was able to once again move as it looked to the right and quickly darted away. Kevin wondered why the deer appeared to be so frightful as he finished the bar and slowly put the wrapping in his pocket. As he did Kevin noticed something where the deer stood... Blood stains.

Agitha waited for a response but was given no answer as the small shadow continued to dance along the window. Its beckoning presence drew Agitha closer; she didn’t know what it was or why it lured but she followed without question, even as she was more frightened than ever before in her life. And as she came closer Agitha noticed a hand slowly appear from the shadow- it was a small hand that took form from the lifeless being as it gestures for Agitha to come closer. She stopped for a moment- perhaps in confusion from the shapeless form, but deep down inside Agitha didn’t know what it was. As she stood there and the shadow continued to gesture to come forward the more she resisted with all her might. Agitha was confused towards why she wanted to run away- the shape felt so much warmer... content...

Early morning as the deer made their way around the trees. They were cautious not to approach the road side as some were nearly hit by a car that careened off road the other night. The buck led its doe and fawn cautiously as it would stop every moment or two, glancing to see the surrounding. As they made their way the fawn began to pick up a scent and suddenly became excited by the aroma. Yet its curiosity was short lived as the buck quickly corrected her by nodding his antlers in its face, gesturing to move on. As they moved their way forward there was a snap of a tree branch, and the buck froze as it looked towards the sound. The doe stood still as she saw the fawn once again pick up a scent- without hesitation it left in curiosity as the doe looked in fear. The buck snorted and made its way to track the doe, when suddenly something didn’t seem right... A loud yelp echoed from where the doe had gone as the buck and fawn turned directly in its direction. They heard struggling as the doe cried in pain, and the buck immediately headed forward- but his momentum was short lived as something struck him on the leg- a sharp pierce went through and the buck found itself immobilized as its weight became unbalanced. He fell to the ground, calling for the doe and she quickly ran to find her fawn. The scent was picking up as it found blood in the grass- it was the fawn’s blood. It was too late as the fawn lay on the ground- the pool of blood poured from the doe. There was nothing it could do as the small animal struggled- it wasn’t long before it stopped altogether, and the doe met a tragic end. The fawn quickly made its way to the injured buck, only to find that he was struggling for life as it reared itself left and right- he could not turn himself to its hind feet and the buck found itself paralyzed from the lost of blood. The fawn sniffed what blood it could, parting ways from her dead deer. A little of the blood stained on her nose and dripped on the ground as she went to find shelter- more movement could be heard from nearby...

Agitha came closer to the window- the shadow that had frightened her became so friendly with its form, as if welcoming her as one would welcome company to their home. As she came closer the form looked as if it were dancing- it was an enchanting sight for the girl and her fear became curiosity, and her curiosity would soon become happiness as she wished to dance along with the shadow in the pale moonlight. It reminded Agitha of a song her Mom would play from an old porcelain doll, and she stepped closer to the window hypnotized by its calling.


Kevin only sat there as he was reminded of that sweet and innocent sound near Beth’s grave. It was perhaps too sweet, or perhaps too good to be true. “Could it really-“



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