Destiny Calls

By Kathryn Heaney

Action & adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Young adult

Paperback, Hardback, eBook

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Destiny Calls - Prologue

Morrigan peered out of the dense shrubs surrounding the clearing. She was vexed with the warriors who had refused to acknowledge her skills on the battlefield, and would only belittle her for her young age and the fact that she was a woman. Bloody fools! She was Morrigan, the War Goddess, and they should have been honoured to have her in their ranks. Instead, here she was reduced to the sidelines – no, hiding in the bushes – watching for an opportunity to join in the fray.
Only one woman, ringed by the fiercest warriors, stood in the thick of the battle. She stood not to wield a sword, but to wield powers of healing and transformation. At her side fought her husband, Vaaron, the Protector, slashing at any threat that might harm Lauren as she worked her magic on their troops and others captured on the battlefield who were enslaved by evil.
Morrigan gasped. Lauren was down! That sneaky little demon, Dience, had slithered through the legs of the warriors undetected, had gutted Lauren, and then had ducked back through their legs to the safety of the gargoyle horde. It had happened in a matter of seconds.
“No!” Vaaron cried in anguish. “No! No! No!” he wailed as he fell to his knees and gathered his wife against his chest. “Heal thyself, Lauren!”
Blood dribbled from her mouth. She managed a slight shake of her head as she simultaneously opened her mouth allowing even more blood to spill out and run down her chin onto her chest. It prevented her from speaking the magical words that could heal. Resigned to her fate, Lauren gazed deeply into Vaaron’s eyes and sent her last thoughts to him telepathically. Can’t speak... too damaged, Vaaron...Love you... forever... Her eyes dimmed, and her body went limp in his arms.
“No!” he screamed frantically, as swords clashed all around them. His arms tightened about her unresponsive body and he rocked with her in stunned silence, oblivious to the deadly turmoil surrounding them.
Tears streaming down her face, Morrigan burst through the bushes brandishing her sword. Lauren was dead. Her best friend was gone.
“No!” Vaaron wailed again as tears rolled down his face. Angrily he dashed a hand across his eyes and rose to his feet, bringing Lauren with him. For a moment his eyes pinned the grinning demon, Dience. The diminutive man-like creature raised his sword, coated with Lauren’s blood and entrails, in a victorious salute.
Morrigan barreled through the ravages of the battlefield, barely staying on her feet as she traversed the slippery, blood-soaked field. She slashed her way through the gargoyle horde in an impressive attack that left few standing in her wake. “Vaaron!” she yelled over the sound of clashing blades. “I have your back. Take Lauren home.” Numbly Vaaron turned in the direction of her voice. “She needs to go home,” Morrigan insisted as she deflected yet another blade. She allowed her focus to hone in on the men surrounding them and Morrigan bellowed, “Lauren is dead!”
Her voice was amplified, ringing over the sounds of the battlefield! That was a new development in her powers, she thought as she parried a vicious thrust aimed at Vaaron. “Protect the Protector!” She winced as one of their young warriors lost his head when he turned, startled by her god-like voice that had muffled the sounds of war with its far reaching volume. His headless torso jerked as it collapsed on the field. More seasoned warriors remained intent on their foe despite the power augmenting Morrigan’s voice. However, they immediately began to drop back to reinforce the circle that had protected Lauren. Morrigan could tell from their tight expressions that many had not been cognizant of Lauren’s fate before she had made her announcement.
Seemingly unaware of the battle that raged around him, Vaaron acknowledged, with a nod of his head, the role of command Morrigan had assumed before he carried Lauren towards the forest. He trusted Morrigan, Lauren’s best friend, to see to their safe passage.
Under her leadership, his troops rallied behind him and followed his retreat, their responsibility clear. They had to protect the Protector, Vaaron, as he carried out his final duty. Lauren’s body must not be captured, for if there was the slightest spark of life, and the Dark Lord captured her, he would cremate her, eradicating all hope for future generations. With her remains secure in his arms, hope still survived.

Destiny Calls - Chapter 4 - Excerpt

He held up a large hand halting her questions. “There is a traveler’s hut another five minutes down this trail. The night is growing colder, I am feeling a few drops of rain, and 'tis a perfect night for dragons on the hunt, so I suggest we make haste, as the trees will thin considerably leaving us little cover.”
“Dragons? Really? Is this some kind of Anandrian pick-up line? Can’t you do better than that?”
He pointed up, and she followed his gesture. An enormous black shadow swooped silently across the night sky. Holy smokes! It had to be twenty, thirty feet long!
“Let me take you there, where we will find shelter, warmth, and nourishment. Then, when we are comfortable, you can ask me anything – and I will answer honestly. If, after our discussion, you still wish to find your portal, I will take you back. But, I sincerely
hope you will make the right choice.”
She was still watching the sky. “Choice? Doesn’t seem like I have had any choice, so far.”
“Maybe there is no choice, Lauren. Maybe this is your destiny.”
“Not you too,” she said, as he picked her up again. “Dience mentioned destiny when he asked my name – and it’s Laura, not Lauren – why do you guys think I’m this Lauren, person? Dience suggested it involved reincarnation – can you believe him?” She was babbling, but she couldn’t get that shadow in the sky out of her mind – heck, she couldn’t stop searching for it.
“Not now,” he said, as he jogged down the path. “Later at the hut I will explain, love. But the name, Laura, does make perfect sense here in Anandria!”
Laura shifted her gaze back to the man carrying her. “Love! Did you just call me love? I don’t like being patronized by the big commanding man. Knock it off! Whoever you are.”
His hand shifted to cup the back of her head and pull her face back to his leather clad chest just as an evergreen branch swatted his body. “Whatever you say...Laura. And the name is Vaaron. I am Vaaron, the Protector.”
If she had been able to look up, she would have seen a grin on his face and a wicked twinkle in his blue eyes. Interesting, he mused, as his grin broadened.



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