Dragon Destiny

By Helen Henderson

Fantasy, Romance

Paperback, eBook

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Branin ignored the throbbing complaints of his muscles. He knew he’d pushed past his limits and would pay for it later. Yet the fear he sensed through his link with Anastasia prevented any rest. Although it was less than a candlemark since he received her panicked call, his slowed reality made the time lapse seem much longer. His dread lessened only slightly at Marsainn’s message that Anastasia was being protected. The seidheirn would not lie, but Branin had to see for himself.

The trees thinned out providing a glimpse of a gray ribbon snaking alongside the hill. He flew along the marker, praying he would not arrive too late. Seeing movement, he dropped lower until the black marks resolved into groups of fighters. Dread tightened his chest until his long vision located Anastasia with her back against a wagon. Uaine and Oran formed a protective line before her.

An anger Branin realized came from his twinned soul added to his own rage.

<Anastasia must be saved,> Llewlyn’s voice boomed in Branin’s mind.

A flashing evaluation later, Branin decided the best way to support the trader caravan. The trail was too narrow for him to maneuver along the road. However the steep drop-off provided the necessary space. And if some of the attackers happened to fall over the edge, so be it.

Screaming his defiance, Branin folded his wings and plummeted earthward. His tail lashed out as he fell past the wagon. It ripped the sword from a burly man about to stab Yunka. Back the tail whipped and wrapped around the attacker’s waist. A tug sent the man, arms flailing, out over the chasm. With great sweeps of his wings, Branin soared upward toward the next group of fighters.



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