Earth's Embrace

By Alex E Carey

Fantasy, General fiction, Young adult, Paranormal, New adult fiction, Romance, Thriller

Paperback, Hardback, eBook

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4 mins

Chapter 14 - Special Days Bring

My readers have been asking me for hints of what Pyre and Kira did for Valentine’s Day. As it turns out, they do have a celebration in Earth’s Embrace. For your enjoyment, I am posting the chapter excerpt here.

An excerpt from Earth’s Embrace: We join Kira in Chapter 14 as she wonders what to do for Pyre for Valentine’s Day. She’s a little tense because she’s never had good experiences on Valentine’s Day and she has no idea what to do for Pyre. She finally asks Pyre about his plans, and he admits he hadn’t figured it out yet. They decide to celebrate, but to make it about them and their love for each other, not about a day on the calendar. As she gets ready to go to work, they decide to have a romantic dinner that night. We pick up the scene as she exits the restaurant to meet Pyre. She finds him waiting for her, holding a single red rose.

“Hello, my lovely lady.”
“Hello yourself, but I shouldn’t be seen speaking to you.”
“Why not?” Pyre looked confused.
“I’m spoken for, and my boyfriend wouldn’t like it.”
“Oh, I see. Perhaps I could fight him for you.”
“No, I think not.”
“And why is that?”
“My boyfriend is strong and powerful. You could not defeat him.”
“Perhaps I should try anyway. Your love would be worth the risk.”
“But you see, it isn’t simply that I’m spoken for, but that my love belongs to him. Even if you managed to defeat him, my love would not be yours.”
“I could try to win you over.”
“No, it simply wouldn’t work. My love is not a prize to be won. It is only mine to give, and I have given it to another.”
“In that case, would you grant me a kiss, a token to remember you by as I wile away my lonely hours.”
“While I may sympathize with your plight, my kisses are for my love alone.”
“And if I tried to give you a kiss instead?”
“That would require permission, which I do not grant. The consequences would be severe.”
“This boyfriend of yours is quite a fortunate man.”
“I feel I am the fortunate one.”
“Then perchance you might favor this lonely fellow with...” Pyre paused to push a button on a music player he brought with him. “One slow dance.” He bowed slightly and held his hand out to me as he’d done on New Year’s Eve.
“I’m terrible at slow dances, but my boyfriend did teach me. One dance would be permissible.” I placed my hand in his, and he twirled me once and pulled me close. We stared into each other’s eyes as we moved to the music. We might have been in any other place in any other time. For that moment, there was only the two of us, and our love for each other. When the song ended, we kissed each other, softly and sweetly. I breathed in his subtle scent that invariably soothed me and made me feel like I was home.
“My Kira.”
“I love you, Pyre.”
“I love you. Let’s go home.”
When I walked in the door of the apartment, I was amazed at how wonderful the place looked. Pyre strung white lights along the ceiling to give the room a subtle glow. Soft music played in the background. The table was set beautifully with a white cover and matching cloth napkins, and full place settings and glassware. In the center of the table was a bouquet of lavender, rosemary and white roses, with two lavender candles in silver holders on each side. More candles were placed in various niches around the room. Small flames appeared on his hand as he walked around the room lighting the candles. When he pulled out my chair for me, I walked over to him. I touched my palm to his cheek and kissed him lightly before taking my seat.
“I’m surprised you did all this. The apartment is beautiful. Whatever you’re cooking smells delicious. But didn’t we say we weren’t celebrating Valentine’s Day?”
“This isn’t for Valentine’s Day. This is our day, to celebrate us and our love for each other, as we agreed. I hope you’re hungry.”
“I’m starving.”
“Eccelente! Because tonight, as I feast my eyes on my lovely lady, we will be feasting on a full course of Italian cuisine, or cucina italiana.”
“When you decide to be romantic, you pull out all the stops, don’t you?”
“You inspire me.” He bowed at the hip and raised my hand to his lips. I raised my face to his, in a silent request. He responded by kissing me so deeply, I grew light-headed, and was fortunate to be sitting. “We begin our meal with the antipasto, which is a caprese salad of tomato and mozzarella slices, with basil, drizzled lightly with olive oil and balsamic dressing, served with warm fresh bread.”
The appetizer was so mouth-watering, I could have dined on that alone. But Pyre wasn’t finished.
“The primo, our first course, is tagliolini con tartufo or tagliolini pasta with truffles and a butter and parmigiano cheese sauce.”
I was hesitant about the truffles, since I hadn’t eaten them before, but the pasta dish was superb. My hunger became satiated by that time, which was unfortunate, since there was more to come.
“The secondo, our second course, is spezzatino di manzo, basically a beef stew. This is served with the contorno, a vegetable side dish. Tonight’s contorno is patate al forno, baked potatoes, with a garnish of grilled red peppers and black olives.”
It looked too pretty to eat, but all the food was so delectable.
“Pyre, this meal was exceptional. I am thoroughly impressed with what a marvelous cook you are. Thank you for all of this.”
“The meal isn’t over yet.”
“No? Pyre, honey, I’m so full, I can’t eat anymore.”
“A meal like this cannot end without the final course, the dolce. We conclude our meal with a wonderful dessert, tiramisu.”
“But you can’t eat dessert.”
“That just means I can watch you enjoy it.”
“Uh, no. I don’t think so.”
“Why not?”
“You are not going to sit there and watch me eat. I would be too self-conscious.”
“I won’t watch you eat in that case; instead, give me just one bite.” He picked up a spoon and dipped a small bite of the creamy dessert. He held the spoon up in front of my mouth and I took the bite. When I tasted the light coffee dessert, I closed my eyes and savored it fully.
“Oh, my gosh, where has this been all my life?”
“You’ve never eaten tiramisu before tonight?”
“No, never. And you made the dessert, this whole meal, yourself?”
“Yes, for my Kira.”
“You are a true romantic, much more than you ever admit to anyone.”
“It’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone.”
“Are you kidding? If I tell the other girls, I’ll be forced to fight them in the yard every day to keep them away from you.” He laughed.
“Somehow I doubt that. Are you finished eating?”
“Yes, I am so finished. I may not be able to eat again for a week. But everything was exquisite. You must have worked particularly hard on this dinner. Thank you so much for the wonderful meal.”
“While I put everything away, why don’t you pick out the movie you want to watch?”
“I could help you.”
“No, I’ve got this. Go pick our movie, as sappy as you want.” He flashed me his familiar smile.
I browsed through movies, but had a hard time deciding. Should I choose the vampire-loves-human movie? No, that’s too close to home. Maybe a romantic drama? No, those always make me cry. A romantic comedy? That has potential. I came across “Grumpy Old Men.” No, that’s too close to Pyre. We needed a movie with romance, humor and action all in one. One of my favorite movies fit all three, “Romancing the Stone.” We snuggled up on the couch to watch the movie. We laughed and kissed, and held each other close. At some point, the movie ended, the candles burned themselves out, and Pyre and I fell fast asleep.
While I slept in his arms, I had the most wonderful dream.

But that is where this excerpt ends. For the rest of the story, you must read the book. I hope you enjoyed Pyre and Kira’s romantic evening.



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