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Consider: Prologue

Day and night Soretoe searched for strong willed, innocent, Futures and the most vulnerable adventure seekers of them all. From birth to twenty-one, he pitted them against one another. Soretoe wanted them weakened and divided before the Nephilim, in Tartarus, faced off in a spiritual battle of warfare in the field of Megiddo, a battle they knew they could not win.
One day, while roaming the earth and walking about in it, Soretoe encountered an overly zealous seventh grader, named Evie Eversoul, trying to do good deeds, helping her friends, and warning the world about Nephilim. She really aroused great anger in Soretoe, and he desperately wanted to destroy her and all her good intentions, but Jah wouldn't let him.
Fully awarePopular and fiercely independent, thanks to her dad and Gran Muffin’s influence, Evie Eversoul was not your typical Christian girl. In fact Evie wasn’t even a Christian yet, but she was in search of the truth - whatever that was. If she had been a thirteen year old Jewish girl, she would have celebrated her Bat Mitzvah, the rites of passage, when a girl takes responsibility for her moral and religious conduct, only Evie wasn’t thirteen yet, either. She was a twelve year old black girl with slanted eyes, nice full lips, and beautiful, golden, caramel skin. People thought she looked Chinese.
For some strange reason, Evie Eversoul was excited about going to a new school. This was the seventh day of school at the Arts and Science Junior Academy in the city of Faith, and when she grew up, and went off to college, Evie planned on becoming a Pediatrician, specializing in the treatment of childhood diseases like asthma, obesity, allergies, and skin disorders like eczema, and acne. These pesky ailments were high on her list of things to eradicate from the world, especially for kids, because lots of her friends had allergies, eating disorders, and skin conditions caused by stress, hormones, polluted air, and nervous energy - including members of her family.
Evie’s favorite subjects were Biology, English, and lunch, and her nickname was the Ripper, because everything she made or tried to make, a dress, a skirt, or an apron, in Home Economics class, at some point, had to be ripped out - a hem, a seam, or the whole thing. You see, Evie Eversoul was not very good at following other people’s patterns.
You see, Evie had a gift...a gift beyond what was normal, and someday soon she would become Crystal Clear. On that unique day, she’d come to understand the purpose, and wisdom behind her special gift, and the meaning behind the last and seventh eclipse.



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