Fire's Love

By Alex E Carey

Fantasy, New adult fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Young adult, General fiction, Thriller

Paperback, Hardback, eBook

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Chapter 1 - A New Beginning

Chapter 1
A New Beginning

"Now, Kira, you be careful." Mrs. Bay said. "Russellville isn't as big as Nashville but it's still not as safe as you think it is." Mrs. Bay has been helping me pack my stuff all week. Mrs. Bay is the mother of a girl that I have been friends with since I was five, until something went wrong between us. She has been taking care of me since my mom and brother died in a car accident. My dad... well, he travels all the time so he was never really there but I don't want to think about that right now.
"I will." I said. "You know I'm always careful, Mrs. Bay."
"Kira Phoenix, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Juniper?"
"Only a few hundred." We laughed. I looked up at the sky.
"Are you still scared to fly?" Juniper asked.
"Scared? No." I replied. "Terrified." I've lived in Nashville, Tennessee all my life. I am moving to Russellville, Arkansas. Why? Because I need to get away from a few painful memories. Plus I am starting school at Arkansas Tech University.
"It will be okay. It won't be that long of a flight." She reminded me. "I see you are wearing your favorite outfit." I looked down at my clothes. I was wearing my favorite black t-shirt with a silver dragon on the front, some blue jeans and my favorite black ankle boots. I had my hair half up with it pinned in the back with the dragon hairpin my mother had bought me for my thirteenth birthday.
"You bet." I turned to look at Mrs. Bay's little two story blue house with its white windows. While I stared at the little home, I couldn't help but remember the fun times I had in it. I'm really going to miss this little old house. I thought. I looked up at a window on the top floor of Juniper's house. I could see my friend Crystal watching me. I felt really bad about leaving her after all these years. "I should say good bye before I go."
"Are you sure you want to? It will be okay if you don't."
"No, I should. She has been my friend for eleven years. She deserves a good bye." I walked up to the door. I took in a deep breath and opened the door. I looked into the living room and noticed that the couch still had the stain from when I accidentally spilled my coffee all over it. I'll never forget how mad Juniper got over that stain. My hands hurt for a week after all of the scrubbing I had to do to get most of the coffee out. I walked over to the stairs that were in the middle of the room. Maybe I should have listened to Juniper. I thought. No, if I don't say good bye, she will hate me more than she already does. I walked up the steps to a room that I usually try to stay away from. I knocked. "Crystal, I came to say good bye." I opened the door. I saw her standing at the window. She was wearing her usual all black outfit. "I'm going to miss you." I walked over to her. "Crystal?"
"Kira Phoenix is coming to say good bye to her old friend?" Crystal asked sarcastically. "She would leave me here to rot while she goes to Arkansas to achieve fame and glory." She turned towards me.
"Crystal, what are you talking about?" I said.
"You want to get as far away from me as possible, don't you?" She was twirling a knife around.
"No, Crystal." I started to back away. "I'm just going to college."
"YOU WOULD DARE LIE TO ME?" She lunged at me with the knife. The knife cut my arm. I screamed in pain.
"CRYSTAL, STOP!" Juniper yelled. Juniper got behind Crystal and pulled her off of me. "KIRA, GO TO THE TAXI AND GET TO THE AIRPORT!"
"But-" I said.
"JUST GO!" I ran out the door and got in the taxi.
"Nashville Airport." I told the driver. The driver looked at my arm and got nervous. "GO!" The driver took off. While in the cab, I took out my first aid kit and took care of my arm. We arrived at the airport in no time.
"Do you want to stop by a hospital first?" The driver asked.
"No, it's not that bad." I said. "It didn't go too deep." I was very happy that it didn't take too long to get to the airport. The cab smelled awful. I got out of the cab and started to get my luggage out.
"Here, I'll get that." The driver said.
"Thank you." I said. He pulled out my luggage and put it on the curb for me.
"Take care of yourself and good luck." He walked back to the driver's seat of the cab. "Also remember that there are worse things out there than whoever did that to you. So be wary of other dangers." When he looked at me, I thought I saw his eyes flash a different color and back again.



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