Friendship Love and Killer Escapades - FLAKE

By Pankaj Giri

General fiction

Paperback, eBook

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4 mins

A Turbulent Start

Prakash Bharti was glancing out of the window. He'd specifically beseeched for an aisle seat. He was travelling to Bangalore to enroll in an engineering course. It was pitch-dark outside, so Prakash wasn't certain whether the flight would encounter any thunderstorms, at least whilst taking off. He always preferred to check for peace of mind. People were still boarding the aircraft. Prakash used to inwardly wish that he be blessed with the companionship of a charming girl in his adjacent seat. He could somehow manage to strike a conversation with her and obtain her contact number, or at least get to brush her elbows or arms - inadvertently - for momentary pleasure. However, life ain't a paradise! One by one, every gorgeous girl passed by. He knew it was inevitable; ultimately, an elderly uncle or aunty would perch beside him.
Prakash fidgeted in his seat; he used to absolutely despise travelling by flight. Ever since the gloomy, stormy night in Mumbai when his flight had experienced fierce turbulence, a deep-rooted phobia had developed within him. He'd invariably get metamorphosed into a bloody hysterical freak with his flight encountering even minor turbulence. He twiddled a water bottle in his hand; it slipped from his grasp and plummeted to the floor. Whilst crouching to pick it up, he caught a glimpse of a female sandal before him. As he peered up, he observed that a young lady was standing in front of him, donning a chic pair of denims and a white, crew-neck t-shirt. She was fair-skinned and immensely pretty. He gaped at her momentarily.
“Hello,” she interrupted, waving her hands at Prakash.
“Y. yes,” he mumbled, finally startled out of his reverie.
“My seat is E4. It turns out to be beside you. Will you excuse me?” she asked coldly.
“Oh yes, sure,” Prakash said and arose from his place, allowing her to squeeze inside.

Prakash was delighted as his fantasy had finally become a reality; a ravishing young lady was perched beside him. However, this wasn't the moment to get exhilarated. The aircraft had started trudging along the runway and could lift off any instant, so he intentionally refrained from touching her in any way till the flight had become airborne. He started meditating to compose himself. In two shakes, the aircraft halted abruptly. Now, it was time for the take off, so he got twitchy again.
An indubitable, vexing distraction was a bugger, perched one row in front, in the diagonally opposite column of seats. The pervert was unabashedly leering at semi-nude lasses in his copy of 'Playboy' magazine. It's incredibly strenuous to meditate when you discern such distracting visuals right in front of you. The aircraft roared and galloped at extreme velocity. The pervert, eventually, granted Prakash a smidgen of respite and plunked the magazine down. Ere long, the flight blasted off. Prakash clasped the side bars as firmly as possible as the aircraft gained altitude. Mercifully, they had a smooth take off. He heaved a massive sigh of relief as the plane stabilized. He loosened up and terminated his meditation session momentarily. The seat belt sign was off, but Prakash had his fingers crossed, withal. He was conscientiously trying to desist from gazing out of the window.
The flight attendants started serving refreshments. The young lady beside him was tranquilly flipping through the in-flight magazine. Suddenly, Prakash spied a bolt of lightning in the distance. His heart skipped a beat; he shut his eyes tout de suite and recommenced his meditation session. The flight lost a trifle of altitude, the feeling that he most dreaded. He clutched the side bars stiffly; his countenance flushed as the terrifying seat-belt sign got turned on again.
Prakash audibly discerned someone uttering this indistinctly from afar. He didn't care anent other's opinion, their emotions were beyond his jurisdiction. Everyone appeared compos mentis. The young lady was still serenely skimming through the magazine. He'd observed girls in other flights heretofore and had seldom encountered the timid, frenzied variety. They were downright bold nowadays.
"Hi," she greeted Prakash, glancing over her magazine.
"Hello," Prakash acknowledged, quivering and pleasantly surprised simultaneously.
"You seem very tense. Try to calm down," she soothed, with a tranquil expression on her countenance.
"I simply can't. My emotions get the better of me always," Prakash elucidated, straining his face with the flight making a ridiculously steep descent.
"Turbulence is quite a normal phenomenon. Don't worry!" she plunked her paw on his shoulder. Regrettably, her affectionate gesture was inefficacious. He simply couldn't feel better right now.
However, this wasn't mild turbulence; it had persisted for several minutes already. The flight attendants were ordered to return to their seats. Multiple bolts of lightning were perceptible in the vicinity. It was raining cats and dogs, and numerous altitude adjustments ensued. A lady screamed somewhere in front. The pilot, suddenly, announced from the cockpit.
"Dear passengers, we’re encountering heavy turbulence. We insist that you fasten your seat belts. It might get uncomfortable for some time. We request you to kindly bear with us!"
Prakash ejaculated a muffled wimp as the flight made a precipitous descent. A handful of passengers in the vicinity were also looking a touch apprehensive now.
Prakash perceived this indistinct voice again but couldn't fathom where it was emanating from. As the flight made another vertiginous descent, he inadvertently caught hold of the girl's hands. She glared at him but perhaps, forgave him, witnessing the sheer plight of her neighbor. The situation became frightful as the flight swerved in all directions. Prakash's eyes were shut; his heart was in his mouth. It was getting unbearable. If this had persisted any longer, he might have suffered from a heart attack. Suddenly, he sensed someone waggling him forcefully.
Darkness enveloped him, and the flight was still descending.
Prakash unclosed his eyes wearily. He was literally drenched in sweat, and his face mantled with trepidation. He wasn't in the flight anymore; he was in his hostel room, and Tenzing and Amish were goggling at him. It was a dream, a bloody nightmare! He heaved a massive sigh of relief.
"Didn't you hear us? We were observing and commenting on you since a long time," Amish inquired, knitting his brows on witnessing Prakash's condition.
"Oh, it was you! Yes, I could hear some indistinct voices, but you know, a dream feels so real sometimes!" Prakash huffed and puffed, wiping off perspiration from his forehead.
"Yeah, bhai, I understand," Tenzing concurred.
Barely a week had elapsed since Prakash enrolled in Ranganatha Iyengar Parthasarathy College of Engineering for pursuing a Bachelor’s degree course in Computer Science & Engineering. The institute was popularly dubbed "RIP College of Engineering", the place where all engineering souls stopped evolving and eventually Rested in Peace.
Amish and Tenzing were his room-partners in Room No. 301 of the boy's hostel, the first room adjacent to the 2nd floor restroom. Prakash relished the fact; he invariably preferred to be in close proximity to a restroom. Owing to chronic tummy issues, he'd habitually be confined to restrooms, so he regarded it as his second home.



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