Horror Heroes 2

By Nicholas Ahlhelm

Hybrid & other, Fantasy, Horror

Paperback, eBook

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4 mins

Scene from The Beach House

“Come on, girl. You know you want this. I can see it in your eyes.”

“I—please, not like this. You’re pushing too hard. I—”

“I know your type,” Sid said. “You play hard to get but you just want us to take it.”

“No, stop. I—”

His left hand covered my mouth as he forced me on to my back. His other hand tugged at my top. I struggled, hit him, scratched him, but he just smiled down at me. He liked my fight. I wasn’t sure if he thought it was part of some game or if he just didn’t care whether his conquest was really rape.

I pushed at him, but it was futile. He was a hundred pounds heavier than me and all of it was muscle. I struggled and whimpered beneath his hand as my top came free and he groped his hands across my bare breasts.

Something streaked out of the night, a gray-green shadow in the dim light. It struck Sid hard from the side. As suddenly as he pushed me down, Sid was off of me. Something was atop him now, growling and swinging heavy hands down upon him.

“Please.” I pulled myself to a sitting position, my hands over my breasts. “Please don’t kill him. He’s horrible, but he doesn’t deserve to die.”

My rescuer’s face flashed towards me. But he stopped pummeling Sid. His eyes were blue-green and almost glowed even in the dim light. His hair was cut close to his head, so blond it was almost gray. His build wasn’t unlike Sid’s, but his muscles were a bit less toned, though I could still feel the strength behind each swing of his fist.

“He would have hurt you.” His voice was deep, almost a bark. “He would have taken from you that which should never be taken.”

“I know. But I can’t watch you take his life.”

My rescuer nodded. With one hand, he lifted Sid up by his throat. Planting Sid back on his feet, my rescuer leaned in close. “You have twenty minutes to get your things and never come back here. If you return, I will know. And nothing on this Earth, not your police or your army, will stop me from killing you. Do you understand?”

Sid nodded.


The strange man padded over to me on bare feet. I hooked my top back on as he offered me a hand. As he pulled me up, I stumbled forward. He caught me as though I was light as a feather.

He smelled of the sea, but his skin was dry to the touch. I felt no hair on his arms, nor could see any on his body outside the fine fuzz on his head. His face was a bit long, perhaps a bit too angular for a beauty magazine, but to me he was the most attractive man in the world. I knew the feeling was foolish. It was just my endorphins settling from the attack. But still I felt an instant bond with him.

“Are you alright? Do you need the help of your healers?” He paused as if searching for a word. “Doctors. Do you need a doctor?”

I shook my head. The shock was already fading and outside a few scratches on my back from the sand and Sid’s clumsy attempts to open my swimsuit, I wasn’t physically hurt.

“Who are you?” I asked.

He looked down at me as he still held me in his arms. He stood like that for several long lost seconds. I wasn’t sure if he just didn’t want me to know or if he honestly forgot it in the moment. “Ben. Ben Browning.”

“Are you sure?”

He smiled. “Sorry. I guess it just wasn’t on my mind. I was too concerned with you. I was out and I saw you in the dark and I had to stop him.”

“Thank you. If you hadn’t came by—well, I don’t really want to think about what Sid would have done, Ben. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.”

“It was nothing. I did what anyone should have done.”

“I guess. I just don’t even know how you saw us in this light. It’s so dark out here.”

“I’m used to it. I take a lot of night walks.”

“Do you live around here?”

He paused again seeming unsure of how to answer. I didn’t know what to make of this Ben Browning, but nothing about him told me he was lying. Just that he wasn’t really sure of his answers. At any other time, I would have questioned it. Looking back, I should have questioned it. But in that moment, in his arms, it didn’t seem so odd.

“Yes. Not really far at all.” He looked down the beach, back at the houses. “Is there somewhere I can take you, Miss—?”

“Adams. Lynda Adams. Sorry, didn’t even realize I hadn’t introduced myself.”

“It’s alright. You have a rental here?”

I pointed back towards the bonfire and the house. “That’s it, but Sid was there too. I’m a bit scared to go back to be honest.”

“Would you be more comfortable if I escorted you? Even in this area, it is not always wise to be out in the night all by yourself.”

“Yeah? Then why were you out here alone?”

His eyes caught mine. “Maybe I’m what everyone should be scared of.”

That brought a smile to my face. “Well, that’s true for Sid.”

He nodded.

“Okay, I would like it very much if you would escort me to my home, Ben Browning.”

“I would be delighted to, Lynda Adams.”

I took his arm and we started a slow walk back to the beach house. I wasn’t sure why everything felt so right and so comfortable with his skin against my own. But I felt completely safe with Ben, as if he was a knight in anything but shining armor. As I walked with him, all thought of the attack and of Sid faded from my mind. I just wanted to stay here, holding his arm, clinging to him and never letting go.

But it wasn’t to last. Even moving slow, as though the walk was nothing but a romantic trail across the sand, the walk didn’t take much more than the twenty minutes Ben gave Sid to leave. And as we approached, my apprehension creeped back into me.

Ben took me first towards the backdoor, but I shook my head and pulled him back around to the front. As I reached it, I saw the jeep gone from the six vehicle pad. I hadn’t been sure of which of the cars there had been Sid’s, but it was the only one missing. I felt slightly more comfortable as I brought Ben up to the front door. I entered the unlock code and slowly pushed it open.

The house was silent and dark. Only a single light shone from beneath a door at the top of the stairs—Omar’s room.


I shook my head. “No, another roommate. Don’t worry about him.”

I went to the wall and found the light panel. I flipped on every light it controlled, illuminating the entryway, foyer, living room and dining area. My eyes instantly went crazy with the sudden dazzling light. Ben threw an arm over his own eyes. He acted as though he stared directly into the sun.

“Sorry,” I said. “Should have warned you?”

“It’s okay. I’m just not used to a lot of light.”

Not used to a lot of light? I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the mystery of this man.
He took in the opulence of the house for a few seconds before he turned his attention back to me. “Come on. Let’s have a look around. We will make sure this Sid is gone.”

I nodded.

We checked every room outside Omar’s. I felt a little bad about invading Naomi and Brad’s privacy, but not so bad that I would risk my safety. A knock on Omar’s door gave only a sharp “Go away! I’m busy!” in response.

I sighed in relief as Ben walked me into my bedroom. “He’s gone. He’s really gone.”

“His kind do not like to risk too much trouble. Those who bring fear are often those most easily made afraid.”

“I suppose so.”

“You have had a harrowing night, Lynda. Perhaps it is time for you to sleep.”

I sat down in my bed and nodded in agreement. “Maybe you’re right.”

“I can see myself out.”

“No,” I said a bit too quickly. “I—I would like you to stay.”

He took my hand and slowly sat me down on the side of the bed. “That’s very sweet of you, Lynda. But I would be no better than he was if I took advantage of you while you’re vulnerable tonight. Whether it is something you would like or not. But I would like to see you again. Tonight—I haven’t had a lot of friends. It was wonderful to spend time with you tonight.”

“I would like that too. Would you meet me here tomorrow?”

“Yes. Tomorrow night. Meet me on the beach, right in the surf.”

“Sounds wonderful.”

Ben bent forward and planted a simple kiss on my forehead. My exhaustion suddenly felt overwhelming. He tucked me in as I fell back and seconds later, I was asleep.



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