If I Were You

By Carla Godfrey

New adult fiction, Young adult


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4 mins

Chapter One


Normally the bright sun lifted her spirits, but today, it may as well be raining, she sat in the park and stared down at her takeaway hot chocolate, willing herself not to cry again. She still hadn’t told anyone, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to bear the sympathetic glances and the patronising reassurances that she’d find someone else, no, she needed to deal with this by herself.

‘Is this seat taken?’

She jumped and suddenly glanced up to see a handsome, dark haired man looking down at her.

‘Err... No, not all - please!’


Feeling a little uneasy - Celine tried to focus on her drink.



‘Your drink.’

‘It’s alright!’ She looked at him, uneasily. ‘Look, if this is some sort of chat up line, I must tell you, I’m not interested.’

He smiled. ‘Oh really? I’ll bare that in mind.’

‘Hey! Did I say you could sit down?’

‘No, sorry, do you own the bench?’

‘You’re harassing me!’

He grinned. ‘Give me a chance -we’ve only just met!’

‘Oh - you really are...just clear off before I report you for harassment!’

‘Okay! Fine! I’m going! I just thought you looked a bit down that’s all.’

‘Well maybe that’s because I’m sick of being let down by two-timing, worthless, sick, pathetic, arrogant little toads like you!’

‘Wow! That’s - that’s a lot of adjectives!’

‘Oh just-just go away!’

He grinned and folded his arms. ‘Are you sure that I can’t get you a proper drink?’

‘No thank you!’

‘Wow! Ice-maiden!’

‘Look, I’m not in the mood alright??!!!’

‘Okay! Okay! Sorry!’

She glared at him. ‘I suppose you’ve just come fresh from some poor unsuspecting woman’s bed without a care in the world!’

‘Not that my sex life is any of your business but... near enough!’

‘Oh glad you find it so funny!’

‘Look I didn’t mean-’

‘Look! I don’t know you, you don’t know me; I’ve had it up to here with men betraying me, just leave me alone!!’

He paused then nodded. ‘Tough day?’

‘You could say that!’

‘Anything I can do?’

She laughed. ‘Look mate. I don’t even know your name!’



‘Oh come on! Play fair!’

‘Oh alright! Alright! Celine.’

‘Celine? Nice name, French!’


‘Are you French?’

‘About as French as a Yorkshire pudding! My parents just liked the name!’

‘Oh! Fair enough!’

‘So...What’s up?’


‘Well, you just mentioned something about men betraying you.’

‘Oh...ignore me...’

‘No, come on!’

‘Oh well, I just-I was just walking past my favourite restaurant and I happened to see my boyfriend in there...with another woman.’

‘Oh she-she could have been...’

‘He was showing her an engagement ring.’


‘Yes! “Ah!”’


‘What about you?’


‘Yes, you!’

‘Oh...well...you know!’

‘No, that’s why I’m asking!’

He sighed. ‘A little misunderstanding between myself and an ex-girlfriend.’

She smiled for the first time. “Misunderstanding?”

‘Well...You know.’

‘No, that’s why I’m asking.’

‘Yes you do.’

She smiled. ‘Sorry.’

‘Well, I’m afraid to tell you in case you judge me, given your own experience.’

‘Well - tell you what, I’ll listen and reserve the right to throw my drink over you.’

‘Which is hot I may add...’

‘Well, there you go!’

Jake paused. ‘My ex caught me in bed with someone else.’

Celine felt her guard go back up. ‘Figures!’

‘Oh thanks! Judge, jury and executioner.’

‘Look, I am in no mood to be harassed by a stranger.’

‘But we’re not strangers! We just introduced each other, remember?’

‘Vividly! But I know your type.’

‘Well, yes, obviously!’

‘Oh thanks!’

Jake faltered. ‘No, sorry! Look, can we just start over?’


‘Come on! I’m sorry, look let’s start over - I’m Jake.’

She smiled. ‘Nice to meet you Jake, I’m Celine.

‘So, now we’ve got that out of the way, maybe I could buy you a drink sometime?’

‘Oh no! I’ve sworn off men.’

‘For life?’

‘For life!’

‘Is that decision final?’


‘Fair enough!’

‘Anyway! Wouldn’t expect me to go out with someone with you reputation would you?’

He laughed warmly. ‘Very wise! Although, forgive me, I know it’s cliché, but he’s an idiot.’

Celine smiled. ‘...And ironically, your jilted girlfriend’s friends must be saying the same thing to her!’

‘No doubt, you’re very astute.’

‘Yes, well...’ She drained her coffee. ‘I must be off.’

‘Oh, that’s a shame! We were just getting to know each other!’

‘Yes, it is, well bye! Bye!’

‘Oh wait!’

‘What now!’

‘Here’s my number!’

‘What would I want that for?’

‘Look, I like you.’

‘Not interested!’

‘Okay! Fine! But look, take my number anyway.’

‘And I want this for..?’

‘Well, you might just fancy a moan sometime.’

‘I have literally never been so insulted in all my life!’

‘Oh I’m sure that’s not true.’

‘No, well...’


‘Well what?’

‘Would you fancy a moan sometime?’

‘I do have my own friends you know.’

He laughed and stood up. ‘Very well - ice queen- point taken. It was...interesting meeting you.’



‘Hi! Celine?’

‘Oh, hi Geri.’

‘I just heard - I wanted to know if you were Okay?’

‘How did you- oh of course! You’re his sister-in-law!’

‘If it helps, Luke and I are absolutely disgusted with him!’

‘Oh it doesn’t matter, I’m fine.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes - I actually met someone else today.’

‘Oh great!’

‘Oh it’s not like that!’

‘Well, why not?’

‘Look, I understandably don’t feel like dating at the moment.’

‘No, Okay, fine! What’s he like though?’

‘Cocky, a bit like your brother in a way.’ She bit her lip. ‘I’m sorry Geri, it’s not your fault.’

‘No, don’t be! I’m going to give him a piece of my mind I can assure you.’

‘Oh no, look Geri, I-I don’t want to cause any trouble...’

‘You’re not, trust me, I just hope that we can still be friends?’

‘Yes- yes of course we can.’

When she got home, all she wanted was a hot cup of tea. Slowly, she reached into her pocket and brought out his number, she went to throw it in the bin but then hesitated and, without quite knowing why, she put it on the side.


Jake smiled as he got in, it had been an interesting day, that Celine was an interesting person, he found her intriguing, she was different from other girls he had met, he was looking forward to finding out more about her, this was going to be interesting, it was certainly a challenge.



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