SAVED IN THE LAST WAVE: A Life of Miracles

By Jennifer Webb

Religion & spirituality, Biography & memoir


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2 mins

The Last Wave

I knew that each spirit is protected during the physical incarnation. Using my spirit eyes, I was shown that the physical realm includes suffering because it is conditional. I prayed that each individual could one day accept their own conditional creation of physical self. True peace only happens through God's unconditional love for each individual, on a purely personal level, within the heart of every one of us. This is where peace is found in conditional, physical worlds, where even earthly love can be conditional.
Doubts and questions of created life were absent. Gloriously, for the first time in my whole life, I had unconditional acceptance for myself, through God. I felt whole and one with all. I felt the presence of ‘I Am’. I could see into the transcending, radiating, bubble of eternal spirit life. I wanted more and needed this feeling for the rest of eternity! I prayed to God to please let me go into that light and to float me in quicker.
I started moving towards my new home. The sparkling light area was glowing and full of souls. Looking into it, the ability to see through it was waning as it became a spot on the blanket of space, becoming more dense and obvious. There was sound coming from inside it and I could tell those whom were in it, were happy and I could hear laughter. They were telling me of their compassion for me and they knew where they were and they loved their home. They had great understanding of my desire to be with them and that I wanted to become part of the place they were exalting.
I began swimming in joy, as I, with all the intent possible, from deep within me, began stretching myself towards the bubble, through space, to get to the brilliant warmth and radiating kindness that was awaiting me. I could hear the voices and I felt comforted. I reached with my spirit to get closer to God's unconditional love realm. I was going to Heaven!
Then the wave hit, unceremoniously forcing my spirit back into my body! Tumbling from space I felt myself break through a dimensional line, or a linear change of direction, as I fell into the sea and into the conditional, physical realm!
In that one moment, I was alive again! I realized I was being body slammed and pummeled underwater when I remembered that this was the last wave! How wonderful it was to know that I would not be making it back up to the surface alive. I remember thinking that all I wanted was to go back to 'the other side' and back into that spirit world I had just visited, before being so rudely blasted back into my body. I was glad I would not live through this wave and I was ready to pass on. I wanted to hurry up and get back to that place I had just been. Heaven was still within reach and I was happy to know that I was leaving the physical realm and my body, again! What was ridiculous was that I was made to come back at all. My last comfort was knowing I would not be living through the last wave.
As I was blasted underwater for the last time, I could not move any part of my body. There was absolutely nothing left, my physical strength beyond the will of my mind and I couldn't even force myself to help myself. I was totally beat up from the washing machine effect of the violent, post-hurricanes, ocean's waves. I had no time to take the sacred last breath that would sustain me for this trip down, because my spirit was slammed back so fast, that I was already being tumbled over and into the waiting, watery darkness below. I was the most alive I had ever been as I slipped into the dark, watery depths to my death.
Then a hand grabbed me! I couldn't believe it! I grabbed back! I was aware that I was feeling a neck. My hand was taken and placed on elastic. Then I died.



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