Señorita Rani

By Aditi Chopra

Short stories, Romance

eBook, Audiobook

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2 mins

First Chapter

“I can’t do a lap dance,” said Rani as she looked up at a tall, overbearing guy.

Rani came out ahead of the other two volunteers during the first round of adult games and was brought backstage to perform one more time. While she was thrilled to have won over the others, she now regretted having volunteered at all. She couldn’t agree with the cruise show director to do a lap dance. Even if she agreed, what would her friend think? And her parents, they would die of shame if they came to know about it.

Carlos placed his right hand on his forehead and looked her in the eye.

“Look, whatever your name is,….I am not asking you to have sex with the guy. Just a casual lap dance. You don’t even touch him while you perform,” said Carlos.

“Rani Nene.”

Carlos looked perplexed. “What?”

“You asked me my name. It’s Rani Nene.”

“Oh, thanks. So are you okay to do a quick lap dance? My assistant will show you how to do it,” said Carlos.

“You can’t pressure me like this. I am Indian, …I mean I have never done this before. Is there anything else I can do instead? I wouldn’t want to spoil the show or make a fool of myself in there,” said Rani.

Carlos sighed and turned toward his assistant.

“Carla, can you please come here and talk to this girl. We have only a few minutes left before we need to take her back to the stage.”

He left Rani with his assistant and moved over to speak to a troop member.

Carla came up to her. “Look, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with Carlos. Please ignore him. He can be a little demanding sometimes.” She sat down next to Rani. “As you can see, he is a bit tense trying to get the show together.”

Rani nodded.

“You look lovely in that dress,” said Carla.


Rani wore a plain red dress that was fitted at her waist. Her friend had told her that the color red suited her skin. She had almost forgotten about the dress and how she looked with all this tension about the silly lap dance.

“It is not as big deal as you may think. Let me show you how it is done. If you like it, you can go and perform. Otherwise we won’t force you. Sound good?”

Carla pulled up a chair and Rani watched Carla show her a couple of moves. When she saw how easy it was, she gathered the courage to try it herself.

Carla smiled at her. “So, what do you think?”

Rani shifted in her chair, “It is not so bad. It’s kind of like belly dancing. I could give it a try, I guess. Are you sure there is nothing more that I need to do?”

“No, Rani, this is it. And it will be over before you know it,” said Carla.

Rani walked back to the stage with the troop member that she was supposed to perform with. When she got her cue, she performed the steps that she had been taught. It was over in a jiffy, and all she remembered was people shouting “Go, Rani. Go, Rani” in the background.

Rani let out a huge breath and walked back to Sally. She was glad she had come on this cruise with Sally and not with her parents. Sally was her childhood friend, and they’d pretty much grown up together. Although Sally and Rani had taken many local trips together, this was their first cruise.



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