Shadows Of Guta

By StorySmitten

Paranormal, Romance, New adult fiction, Thriller


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It should not be a happy occasion; death usually brings about the most heartbreaking feelings in people. Yet today, there is laughter and a sense of relief to the friends and family members gathered here. After what Stephen’s great-uncle had been through, everyone was overjoyed in hearing of his passing.

The walls of this small house look dreary compared to their once warm and inviting color. The single candle at the end of the hall is burning bright as its unwavering light reflects in the dusty tattered mirror. The discoloration of age on the glass gives it an eerie appearance as if someone had once tried to scrub the reflection from it.

Stephen Pap has only been to this small town in Hungary once before and under the same circumstances but at that time, he was a boy of only nine years of age. Fifteen years have now passed but to him, the memories of that visit still haunt his thoughts and nightmares.

Glancing around at the individuals assembled here, Stephen looks at the many faces he has never known and slowly steps away from the loud conversations. He finds himself alone in the long dark hall and his eyes fixed on the burning flame of the candle. Taking long deliberate steps, he gradually approaches the deep stained wooden table where the candle sits.

The heavy fragrance of roses fill the space around him invoking his memory once again as he dare not look into the room on the right. The gloom from its shadowy doorway seems to grow even darker the more he attempts to avoid turning in that direction. His hands begin to tremble as he stares at his reflection in the tainted glass and his spine becomes stiff as the adrenaline in his body begins to spike.

“Istvan!” His great-aunt yells from the other end of the hall.
Her voice is shrill yet somehow pleasant as she uses his name of origin. This sudden announcement of his name startles Stephen and he knows she must have seen him jump, much like a little child would if caught doing something they were not suppose to. He hears her heading in his direction as he begins to turn around.

“Istvan,” she repeats again as she reaches out in a soft manner rubbing her hand up and down on his arm in a motherly way. “Oh no,” she says shaking her head back and forth. “Stephen, I must get used to calling you Stephen.” She grins.

“Why don’t you come back to the room, there is nothing down here for you.” With her right hand, she pushes him slightly on his back and they walk down the hall toward the group of people who are now putting on their coats and gloves. “Everyone is getting ready to go home and they want to say goodbye.” She mutters as she leaves him standing alone near the front door.



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