The Art of Language

By Mo Khalpey

Personal growth

Paperback, eBook

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Table of Contents
Preface xiii
Foreword xvii
Introduction: xix
Chapter 1: The Essence of You 1
Chapter 2: The Impact of “NO” 15
Chapter 3: The Effects of Words 27
Chapter 4: Self-Talk 39
Chapter 5: The Power of Your Words 69
Chapter 6: Being Alert and Aware 97
Chapter 7: Power of Self-Love 113
Chapter 8: Disconnecting from emotional attachments 125
Chapter 9 Visualization: A subconscious language 139
Chapter 10 Accessing Your Theta Level 161
Chapter 11 Handwriting: A Subconscious Language 181
Final Word 209
About the author 217

For many years I have been observing how suggestions placed onto the subconscious mind, through hypnosis, transforms behaviour. I have observed how behaviour can be modified especially if the individual is willing to be persistent with the practice.
I have also observed through the practice of NLP how creating choice can empower a person through the words that they speak and the way they can also transform the way they feel in minutes. I have also had the opportunity to observe how using meditation can help with that transformation.
Meditation is a powerful way of getting the mind clear and the body relaxed. I realised that most people turn away from meditation as they believe it to be something that is for spiritual or religious purposes only.
This is far from the truth. Through my studies of the different form of meditations and knowledge gained through hypnotherapy, I found that meditation can be used for achieving your goals as well. I describe this scientific approach combined with the ancient art of meditation in my book “Aistiq Meditations: A scientific Approach to Achieving Goals”.
Observing those who practiced these meditation techniques, I was also able to put together how language plays an important role in transformation. There have also been many scientific studies around the world on how language actually affects us as human beings.
Through studying this and really listening to how people speak, I realised that people struggled because they were not understanding how the words they were speaking, whether it was to themselves or others, was actually affecting their lives, like a self-fulfilling prophecy.
I wanted to understand why so many people were struggling with this behavioural change despite there being thousands of books and coaches out there all teaching different aspects of self-development. I realised that there was no problems with the techniques being taught, it was resistance that most human beings face either from an unconscious level or the unwillingness to transform oneself because of how difficult it is to deal with oneself.
Through this observation I realised that the most important aspect that was missing in people’s lives was that of unconditional self-love. There is great difficulty in getting to that point of self-love because of what people were dealing with. I wanted to understand this from a non-spiritual or religious perspective.
I am not at any point putting down any religion, spiritual group or culture, and I wanted to understand the importance of self-love from a purely human aspect. I also wanted to understand from a non-religious or spiritual perspective why the art of forgiveness was so powerful in transforming people’s lives.
When I began to experience for myself how kind words to myself was causing a shift in my thinking and helping me create a positive language, my life started to transform in ways that I could not explain at the time. I became interested in how language affects us some years ago and why it is so important for us to be aware of that.
I quickly realised that people did not need new self-help techniques as thousands of really powerful techniques already exist. My aim was to offer a message that would help people understand in a simple way why they were resisting and struggling with transforming and to achieve their goals despite having learnt so many different techniques.
I realised through my observations and coaching that people don’t need to be told what to do, they just need to be guided to understand that they have choice, it is through this choice that they can create the life they want. We don’t need to fix other people’s problems, they have the power to do it themselves, and they have to make that choice for themselves.
When you transform yourself through self-love, forgiveness and the language that you speak, people will automatically transform to accommodate you. When you transform yourself the world transforms for you. It is for this reason why this book has been written in a way where I don’t give you all the answers but lead you to that point of choice and realisation that you have the power and all the answers with you.
Some of the chapters are left open ended so that you can get to those answers through your own internal power which will be more beneficial to you than being told exactly what to do.
However for all of this to happen, we have to let go of our past and detach from it emotionally so that we have the space and power to create the life we really want. It is for this reason I included the chapter with a step by step instruction on how to break those emotions.
I further added techniques that will help you get to the theta level of the subconscious that will help you transform faster. I also had observed how visualization and handwriting is a language of the subconscious mind and added instructional chapters to help you along.
Nothing works until you make it happen by practicing what you learn in the correct way. Only you have the power to create your transformation and until you take that responsibility, you will struggle to achieve those transformations.
To truly help others there has to first be a transformation within yourself. Only then will you have the real power to make a difference in the lives of others. The encouragement to write this book in the way that I did was firstly through the success I experienced from changing my own language, detaching emotionally from my past and most important learning and applying the art of forgiveness and self-love.
Secondly it was through the transformations I observed in others who I have had the privilege to coach. The techniques are so simple, and life can be so simple. It is the exaggerated stories and the unwillingness to let go that makes it so difficult. I hope that the information contained here will encourage you to transform your life into the amazing and powerful life and person you deserve to be. Remember even when working with self-development, you can have fun while doing it, so just enjoy every moment of your journey of self-transformation.
Life is too good to stop now.
Mo Khalpey



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