The Chicagoua Cafe

By Joe DiBuduo

Action & adventure, Short stories

Paperback, eBook

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3 mins


: Write a story inspired by the dream you had last night
(OR if your dreams didn't cooperate: Write a story where something is finished)
“I had this weird dream last night about Maria,” I told my Suzzy-Q.
“Yeah, how weird?”
It went like this: Maria's Mom was in the kitchen making tortillas. Ricardo sat on Maria's living room couch, “Darling, you never have to worry. I’ll always stick by you,” he told Maria.
“You will never sleep with me, you lying sack of shit,” Maria said
“Baby, baby, how can you say that?” Ricardo asked. “I’m in love with you and I’ll do anything you want.”
“Bullshit. If I put out for you, you’d be long gone five minutes after you finished,” she said.
Ricardo walked away shaking his head.
“Why’d you send that handsome boy away so fast?” her mother asked.
“He didn’t care about me.”
“How do ya know?”
“Mom, you know what I can do.”
“Sometimes I forget.”
It turned out that Maria’s talent was for picking people's thoughts from the air, and it increased daily. Every guy who asked her out had only one thing on his mind, until she met Harry down at the docks. She liked him right away because he didn't give her any lewd looks like most other guys did. But she had a problem, and it bothered her, so she said, “Harry, I can’t see your thoughts, good or bad."
"I don't have any," he said.
Maria laid her hands on his head as though they’d conduct his thoughts. “This is the first time I couldn't see what someone is thinking,” Maria said. “What are you thinking about right now?”
“Nothing.” Harry glanced at the text on his phone.
“Come on, you’ve got to be thinking about something.”
“Okay, I’m thinking how great technology is.” He scanned through his email on the phone while talking to Maria.
“Do you ever see me naked in your mind?” Maria didn’t like to have her tuned body with her creamy complexion, and extra large breasts ignored.
“I’ve never imagined you nude. Why would I?” Harry looked past her without staring at her half exposed boobs. In my dream, I salivated at the mouth when she pranced around with her breasts exposed, but not Harry. He didn’t seem to notice anything but the screen on his phone.
She leaned forward to be sure Harry got a good view. “You’re a man and all men love watching these.” She cupped her breasts, and they popped out of her bra. Harry saw it happen, but he acted as though he hadn’t.
“Since I turned fourteen, five years ago, I’ve never met a man who didn’t want to have sex with me. I can’t understand why you aren’t drooling like all the other guys did when they got close to me. Do you like boys better than girls?”
“No.” Harry pulled a game up on his phone and played it.
I was inside her mind and saw that Maria felt there had to be something wrong with Harry for not responding to her advances. All she wanted was to get him to think about sex so she could read his mind and reject him. Since she first bled, her power to read minds of people in proximity grew stronger over the seven years she’s had it.
“Do you think I’m ugly?” Maria pushed her breasts close to Harry and stared into his shining eyes.
“No. Ugliness is relative. I believe all humans are beautiful,” Harry said as he measured the circumference of his iphone.
Maria wrapped her arms around Harry, kissed him on the lips to arouse him
He broke away. “I’d rather you didn’t do that.” He took out a handkerchief and patted his lips dry. “It’s dangerous.”
She couldn’t read his mind, but when he said that, Maria thought; now I’ve got him. “A little danger excites me.”
“You’re very fragile, so you should be careful.” Harry glued his eyes to the screen on his phone.
Maria surveyed the area to see if anyone else was near. They weren’t. She peeled her dress off, dropped it to the ground and said, “Harry, look at me.”
“Oh, I see you’re wearing matching bra and panties. That’s nice.” Harry returned to playing Angry Birds.
Maria stripped off her undergarments. “Look again, Harry.”
He raised his head, glanced at her and said, “You’re violating the law. Put your clothes back on.”
No man had ever turned her down before. “What’s the matter with me? Why don’t you like me?” Maria asked as she dressed.
“I like you as much as I do anyone else.”
“You’re a cold-blooded bastard.”
“You’re wrong; Harry said. “I can’t be cold blooded because robots don’t run on blood.”
“Weird fucking dream,” Suzzy-Q said. “But it’s true, robots don’t run on blood. We all use hydraulic fluids. I wish you’d remember that every time you want to have sex with me.”



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