The Dome City

By Nichole Haines

Sci-Fi, Short stories

Paperback, eBook

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64 mins



The Dome City
Written by Nichole Haines
©2018 Nichole Haines

Jane woke up feeling groggy and confused, she tried to look around, but her vision was a blurred and she found it difficult to focus her eyes. She struggled to remember how she’d ended up in this place as she felt her body lying against some kind of cold metal surface. Slowly and carefully she sat up feeling a little lightheaded and looked around hoping her eyes would adjust. Still, all she could see was darkness as she sought to remember why she was in this dark room on this cold metal surface, yet her mind was completely blank.

She heard a strange vibrating humming - like noise approaching her, she tried to lift herself up fully and control the disconcerting feelings of her lightheadedness and confusion. A floating hologram, a bright red triangle, appeared before her, its face and mouth forming, eyes and lips of electronic black, the rest of its face unpronounced and noiseless.
It stared at her for a moment reading her thoughts and then it spoke:
"Don’t be afraid child, you’re here for re-education."
"Re-education of what?” Jane asked the hologram.
It continued to stare at her without answering her question, making its disturbing humming vibrating noises which were almost hypnotic, while Jane continued unsuccessfully to try and see her surroundings.
And then it just vanished!

Soon she heard other humming like noises and without warning lights were switched on, within seconds she could see the room she was trapped in. The walls were made from black glass with geometric patterns and the floor from a red marble crystal type substance. She was laying on a metal table but found she was able to sit up fully without those weak and dizzy sensations.

Jane glanced over at the wall noticing for the first time a very thin see-through square glass, lodged just inside of its structure. She wasn’t exactly sure what it was, however at that moment a robot appeared on a screen and said:

"Hello Jane, my name is Bato and I’m the Artificial Intelligence that controls the Dome City.”

“What year are we in?” asked Jane.

" 3030 Jane.” Bato replied.

Jane felt confused, she couldn’t remember anything clearly, yet had a strange, vague recollection of it being the year 2025. She opted for curious and probably forbidden questions:

"Why am I here in this place and why can’t I remember anything?”

Bato looked at her, he was void of emotion:

“Child, those are forbidden questions here in the Dome City” he confirmed “and I’m not allowed to answer them for you, the First Law of the Dome City is never to ask why you’re here. Your memory has been erased for a reason and once again I can’t answer why, you must follow all the rules and regulations of the Bato Artificial Intelligence system here, remember, nobody can go outside, and no-one contradicts our Law!”

OK, Jane thought, let’s try this question:
“How and when was the Dome City formed?”

Bato, rather surprisingly, answered her question quickly
“The Dome City was formed in the year 2025 because World War III broke out and chemical warfare destroyed most of the Earth. We made The Dome City from old malls which were no longer in use after the year 2020 as Internet retail had taken over the world of shopping.”

Bato then ordered Jane to put on her one-piece blue jumpsuit and to get ready for the day. The dark blue one-piece jumper had a badge/logo - like red triangle on the upper left corner of the suit, underneath it was written The Dome City in pronounced black lettering.

As the Bato vanished from the communication screen a small opening emerged in the geometric wall as a metal tray floated out towards Jane. Another Hologram arrived, and a male voice said, or rather commanded:

"Please take the blue and white pill before going into The Dome City."

Jane wanted to ask why once again, but already knew this was a forbidden question, so she didn’t bother.
Looking at the gel type pill she knew didn’t want to take it, yet once again the Bato returned, repeating his order and adding that it was to keep her mind stable, free of emotion while she worked inside the Dome City. As commanded she took the blue and white pill, what other choice did she have? Soon there was another hologram, much like the others, describing her occupation and what was expected of her inside the Dome City. Jane was a Guard of The Dome City, her job to manage the internet and mind system called LUMKA. LUMKA, was a system that allowed citizens to access the internet without the need for traditional computers. Her job was to guard the LUMKA’s forbidden passwords as LUMKA was public system here in The Dome City.

Jane’s job description flashed in front of her face as a doorway manifested itself just ahead in the wall. Entering she found herself in the middle of a lobby with a huge hundred-foot clear glass holographic triangle right at its center, just above it, written in Gold, were the imposing words: The Dome City.

A futuristic train system ran throughout the entire matrix, powered entirely by LUMKA artificial intelligence, it was known as the LOOMER system. It didn’t run on a track, it floated through the air picking up drugged and enslaved people to go about their daily enforced occupations. Jane realized it wasn’t necessary to inform the LOOMER that she needed to ride as the AI LUMKA system was already aware of all of her thoughts, all of the thoughts of everyone were monitored and controlled.

It arrived at 11:30 AM precisely, floating gracefully through the air within the Dome City, escorting Jane to her place of work; the CONTROL BUILDING.

Quickly descending she walked into the building where many people were in a huge room that resembled one of the old call centers used in the 20th and 21rst centuries. Jane relaxed into her levitating office chair as a holographic computer screen and keyboard took form in front of her, she could see an entire map of the Dome City which was about the size of Russia she thought, as she read on the terminal that there were 2 million citizens inside this structure known as the Dome City.

Jane had to sit at this computer and wait for a Red Alert signal to flash across the screen, her responsibility was solely to block other citizens from using passwords that were not permitted by the LUMKA system of control.

Her mind started to drift slightly from her boring guard the computer job. She started to ask questions in her mind, why couldn’t people in the Dome City access certain information on the LUMKA system and why they were only able to have knowledge about artificial intelligence and nothing else?

She waved down one of her Artificial Intelligence Robots Supervisors and asked it if she could use the restroom for a few minutes and the unemotional AI robot gave her the OK to go and freshen up. As she walked into the bathroom a hologram timer materialized itself in the air around her projecting the words TEN MINUTES in large letters.

For the first time she noticed herself in the bathroom mirror, looking closely at her eyes she saw they were brown and, in that split, second had a vivid flashback, a memory of her eyes being blue, not brown. Walking to one of the bathroom stalls she slipped on some water on the glass marble like floor and fell even though it was only three inches deep. Her clothing was soaked and as she was trying to dry it with one of the dryers she started getting what appeared to be electrical shocks all over her body. Quickly she removed the garment and looked inside, there was electrical wiring throughout the inside of the suit and Jane realized it was what kept track of her, what kept her connected to the LUMKA system. Maybe if she didn’t put it back on, she’d be able to get away with not being tracked by the AI Bato.

Wearing only a sports bra, shorts and sneakers, but not really caring Jane began to realize that the blue and white pill she took that morning was designed to keep her brain from functioning properly. As she left the bathroom Jane decided not to take another pill for the rest of the day, maybe that way her memories would eventually come back to her in full force.

Walking out in the main futuristic Dome City it seemed nobody around noticed her, including the floating LOOMER train system. Jane realized she was free of the system, however this was not the end of her adventure, still she had to get some of her questions answered, escaping from The Dome City may depend on it, her mind needed to be clear of the drugs first.
The Dome City looked enormous, Jane didn’t know where to begin her journey to freedom.

Seeing the LOOMER train stop twenty feet away from her, she noticed people all dressed in black one-piece jumpers getting off the train. Further down the lobby hallways she noticed the girl and taking a closer look at her she couldn’t believe her eyes, Jane had to blink multiple times before she could believe what she was seeing. The other girl looked exactly like Jane! Jane took a closer glance noticing that the girl had bright dark crystal clear blue eyes. The look-alike girl had a black leather book in a semi-opened backpack on her back and while walking with the rest of her group the black leather book slid out of her bag and fell to the ground.

Quickly Jane rescued the book and ran back to the restroom with it. Slowly glancing over the front cover, she read the words HOLY BIBLE. Jane was very confused, what was this book? Dressing again in her half damp one-piece jumper, she slipped the Holy Bible book inside her tunic, so nobody could see it.

The holographic clock appeared again in front of her, the words said TIMES UP, BREAK’S OVER PLEASE RETURN TO YOUR WORK STATION.

Back at her floating chair Jane began to enter the forbidden internet sites onto her monitor still connected to the LUMKA system for the citizens of the Dome City.

Soon a list of forbidden sites were on her screen entries like The Holy Bible, Jesus, religion and History. Once again there were questions, why would these searches be forbidden? The holographic message again arrived in front of the workers, GUARDS PLEASE TAKE YOUR NEXT PILL Jane took her pill from the metal tray and surreptitiously hid it underneath her tongue and again excused to use the restroom. She made a quick run to the bathroom, removed her blue one-piece jumper and spat out the pill. Holding it up to the light to see it closely, she noticed there was a very small microchip hidden within it. Concluding the microchip must be the mind controlling device, in each brain causing the almost total memory loss, Jane returned to her workstation trying to act as normal as possible without drawing attention to herself.

At last five o’clock rolled around, the work day was finished for all the Guards, including Jane. A few of her co-workers wanted her to come to the hangout terminal with them, Jane agreed in order to observe them. She quickly recognized the extent of their brainwashing, her colleagues spent their free time watching the holographic screens spew propaganda about AI technology and Dome City rules, those little pills were certainly effective.

Again, Jane returned to the restroom, took off her jumpsuit and removed the hidden book. She turned to the end of the book, a section named Revelation and began to read:

Revelation 12:9 King James Version (KJV)
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Jane’s lost memory started to recover, flashing through her mind, remembering it was the year 2025 when she last read her Bible.
One evening after a stressful workday, Jane remembered somebody knocking on the front door of her home.
“Who is it?” she had asked
“The police” came the reply.
Slowly she’d opened the door and asked what they had wanted. They told her that the President of the United States had decreed that the entire country could no longer freely practice religion and that all Bibles were to be taken away, this had applied to every US citizen. Furthermore, every citizen who had a Bible in their home was to be microchipped in their right hand, so they could be tracked closely by government, if people didn’t comply they were to be punished and presented for re-education or in extreme circumstances executed.

Jane’s memory continued to clear, she had vivid visions of refusing to be microchipped and being knocked out by the two police officers mentioned above.

Jane continued to read the Bible and came across Revelation 13 - 18

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
1And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred threescore and six.

Umm, there’s definitely something I’m remembering here she thought, so she decided to page through this Bible and stop at verses intuitively.

Daniel 7:25

And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Yes, a thousand years of lost time she thought, no wonder the evil AI, the Devil of this bible, the controller of The Dome City had made so much effort to keep this all secret!

Daniel 12:4 King James Version (KJV)

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

Jane thought about finding herself that morning on the mental table, no memory of anything before and being told that some questions were forbidden (shut up the words), and knowledge certainly must have been increased, look how effectively technology was being used to control the two million citizens of The Dome City.
She finally at that moment realized religious freedom was taken away from everybody on Earth and all Bibles and any knowledge of God or Jesus were forbidden on the LUMKA mind system because the AI was Satan working in disguise using advanced technology to subjugate the entire planet of Earth.

Jane grabbed her Bible and ran out to the main lobby, quickly looking at the map of the Dome City to determine the boundaries of this futuristic mall city. She traveled by train for six hours and sixty-six minutes before the floating train reached the limits of the Dome City.

Stepping out of the train more vivid memories began pouring through her mind. She saw a memory of sitting in front of her home computer searching the words Mandela Effect on the internet, she remembered back to the year 2012 and people were confused and frantic about why things were changing in their environment and why they were seeing changes even in their home Bibles.

Jane found herself in front of a clear see-through door, a triangular red button on the right-hand side of an elevator. Below the triangular red button, there was a small hologram that popped up that read “THE DOME CITY” the words slowly vanished and 666 appeared in bright red numbers. Jane wasn’t sure what she was going to see once she pressed the triangular button, so she began pressing it slowly while holding her Bible and reciting the Armor of God prayer.

Ephesians 6:11-18 King James Version (KJV)
11 Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

The door opened, and she saw what looked to be a huge warehouse filled with black-suited one-piece jumper AI robots. On the other side of the room was a huge black furnace, with a Jane lookalike AI robot in front of the furnace, throwing Bibles in to. There must have been millions and millions of Bibles, God’s Word being thrown into the blaze to be burned and destroyed.
Jane screamed “NO!” and ran toward her look-alike AI robot forcefully pushing her (the AI) into the furnace so all her computer parts burned.

On the other side of the warehouse, Jane noticed another futuristic see-through-glass door that said Exit above it. Once again Jane prayed before pushing the red triangular button, the doors opened slowly and there was another futuristic glass elevator in another empty plain room. Jane entered the elevator, deciding to push the number three button on the off chance it may liberate her.
The elevator rushed to the third floor and the doors slowly opened. Again, she couldn’t believe her eyes, there were Aliens looking at Holographic screens watching every citizen in the Dome City.

Quickly Jane pushed the first-floor button and the elevator responded rapidly taking her down to the first floor.
As the door flung open all she could see was blackness all around, then as a bright light above her head illuminated she looked up and saw a clear glass geodesic Dome around her. She took the Bible she had and opened it. As she opened the Bible she could see red number computer codes 1010101010101 flying quickly past her head and past the clear glass Dome. She began to read the Bible out loud while the computer codes continued to frantically fly by.
She read the Bible verse:

Revelation 1:8 - I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

A small opening appeared in the clear glass Dome, Jane walked through the opening even though the computer codes continued all around. She walked forward and felt intense G-forces passing through her body, despite all she continued to walk straight forward until the blackness and the glass Dome disappeared from her sight.

Moments later she realized she was laying on the floor of what appeared to be an old shopping mall, other people were walking there too taking photos of a glass triangle in the middle of the mall, so Jane asked a couple why they were taking photos of the triangle. The glass artifact was from the time in the past when Satan ruled the whole Earth with advanced Technology, with a computer simulation called LUMKA that kept people in a Dome called The Dome City.

“Do people still use advanced Technology here?” Jane persisted.

The couple looked at her very puzzled and said “No nobody uses technology, computers or the internet, everything on the New Earth here God formed when Satan was defeated. God reverted everything back to Ancient Biblical times and everybody on the new Earth here lives in peace and harmony and worships God only.
The Holy Bible was saved by a girl named Jane after she remembered the True Word of God and God destroyed Satan’s computer-simulated world.

Jane quietly walked away from the couple in peace, her Bible tucked underneath her arm.

John 1:1-2 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Remembering God
Written by Nichole Haines
© Nichole Haines

It had been cold and dark this year, the whole planet (or so they thought because no-one ever considered the planet beyond Earth) was cold and dark, its ecosystems severely damaged, its options few. Earth was in trouble and Marcus knew it. At times he fantasized about leaving, either leaving the planet altogether or perhaps trying his luck in those lands that had become excluded at the time of when they had all ascended to another realm.

Whichever way it was going to be, leaving wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, either he had to pass through veils and into other realms of existence or he had to find a way off this world. There was something else at the back of his mind too, like a concept of brilliance waiting to be realized, a slice of intuition that would change everything…

Marcus had dreamed of that girl again it was always the same, they knew each other very well, she was probably his girlfriend he thought, they both seemed to behave as if that were true, like they were having fun and they were in love…

How exactly would one go about leaving the planet thought Marcus, he’d need spacecraft, which of course would mean breaking into a military establishment…. “...and then what?” he said aloud … “I would need exactly the right palm print and I’d have to be sure of my thoughts.” Marcus stopped himself mid muse, he really couldn’t believe his train of thought.

It was this thought, this unreached intuition, that was driving his ideas this morning, and yes that girl, who seemed to unsettle him every time he dreamed of her and that was nearly every night recently. He’d have to release these thoughts, Marcus considered, but somehow, he didn’t trust the scientific explanations, or the technology of Earth and he certainly didn’t want to connect his mind to a Satan Explanation Visualization Terminal (SEVT) that the government permitted, those computers distorted soul growth and interfered with any teaching of God or spiritual information he may receive. No, he was going to risk it, he’d think alone, beyond the boundary out in the forest, beyond the reach of Earth’s control. He needed to know what the information that was coming to him was trying to tell him, free from governmental intervention and distortion.

Marcus knew of a hole in the boundary which encircled, Earth it wasn’t supposed to exist, but exist it did, which led to forest, a hole in the detection system which although created him an opportunity of temporary escape and spiritual freedom, was not easy to access without being seen. Most of the folks of Earth accepted without question the official explanations of the Spiritual ban and the need to regulate Earth’s spiritual clarity free from the confusions of the lands and planets beyond. Sure, those places needed to determine their own development and spiritual growth but that was no reason to poison the spiritual well of Earth The problem with official explanations, for Marcus, was that they always seemed to be shrouded in fear and always gave priests, state presidents and the ruling council huge amounts of power.


Sofie didn’t really know how to respond, or what to do, when she saw Marcus outside Earth’s boundaries, in all her years of security it never heard of anyone leaving Earth except by spacecraft and she certainly hadn’t expected it to be him...the same man she dreamed of almost every night, whom she didn’t know when she was awake but knew while sleeping.

...Marcus took a deep breath and leaned with his back against the old oak tree, calming his mind, breathing in cool blue light and breathing out, well, spiritual knowledge the only thought about it he was able to convey to himself, he was too unsure of everything, he wasn’t even sure how he knew how to think, he just knew!

Merlin, thought Sofie, that’s who it is, her train of thought continued. “That’s ridiculous” she said out loud to no-one, suddenly becoming pleased that she worked on the security monitors from home and other people couldn’t witness this personal conversation.

Her monitor began to vibrate and the face of Leonardo her security supervisor appeared on the screen.

“There seems to be a disturbance in the field around the border Sofie, it’s in your quadrant, do you have anything to report?”

“No sir” she lied “There have been energetic fluctuations all morning but really nothing to speak of, the boundaries seem secure.”

“Umm, I thought it was probably something like that, Michaela reported one of her interesting dreams saying that for the first time in hundreds of years someone had left the enclave of Earth, but you know she seems to be becoming stranger and stranger with age, I don’t really trust her in that way like I used to.”

Sofie smiled and nodded as Leonardo vanished from her screen, hoping desperately she hadn’t appeared awkward and at the same time wondering why she’d lied to him, what was in her mind, why would she put her way of life and perhaps even her freedom in such jeopardy?

Because he’s Merlin came that strange thought again, she couldn’t understand why she had this thought, but she knew he was the man she kept dreaming of in that strange place….and the thing that worried her most was that Marcus was having strange thoughts, who knew what difficulties this would create for her, create for Earth?

“Let me think, what is it I know about Merlin?” she asked herself.

...Marcus had no doubt that the ancient man he could see standing in front of him in his thoughts was God, the great legend of old Earth before everything changed with the religion ban, he was God of the World

“About time” God said, “what are you people doing there I’ve been trying to reach you for centuries.”

“Oh, the government block all spiritual communication, to keep religion out of the world, the only direct experiences we have has to pass through a Satan Explanation Visualization Terminal (SEVT)” replied Marcus.

“That is nonsense, I see the elders haven’t learned their lessons about technology again, misusing it is what forced them to get rid of religion off the face of the planet in the first place, and why Jesus and I set forth to teach and keep religion in the world.”

Marcus breathed in deeply trying to stabilize the image of God. Sofie in contrast hardly dared to breathe, too scared and exhilarated by what she was seeing and hearing to even ask the obvious question, why was it she was able to know this in the first place, why could she see and hear Marcus’s spiritual thoughts?

“Ironic it was you I was able to reach first after all of these years” said God “I can see you don’t remember.”
“Remember what?” said Marcus a little unsure, vaguely recalling that in the old stories God carried the True Word of God and the Holy Spirit for the dying Earth. “Well you know that each soul on Earth has the True Word of God in them. “I vaguely recall that” said Marcus “yes, I hadn’t thought about it much though until you mentioned it just now.”
“It was probably the fault of those meddling elders and their infernal technology” said God “It’s vital for the spiritual health of Earth and that each of you know the true Word of God and bring back the Holy Bible into the world, you have a responsibility for their (your) growth, particularly the two of you who are listening to me in this moment.”
Sofie gasped and for the first time Marcus was aware of her, yet he was still confused, he couldn’t see her, where was she, how was she aware of his thoughts and even more importantly who was she?


One moment Nicole had been chatting pleasantly to the other parents at the children’s gymnastic class while the young ones were climbing, spinning and jumping in so many delightful ways, and the next there was this huge hole in the ceiling. Even stranger though, was that none of the other people were at all aware of the massive yellow triangular shaped spaceship trying to force its way through this hole in the ceiling.

Nicole would have been even more perturbed and less resigned if it hadn’t had been for an experience just the other night. She had been standing on a friend’s patio watching fireworks exploding in pretty colors and making rather loud banging noises, when she noticed a circular laser type device resting on the bannister close to her. Again, she’d been convinced of the negative nature of the laser like device with its red beam protruding from the center, she was convinced it was intending to kill everyone. Despite her warnings, however, no-one seemed to respond, it was like they were unaware of what she was shouting about or indeed that she’d been shouting at all.

Nicole sat transfixed in the Gym, lost somewhere between the world of her dreams and her waking confusion. She felt that regularly she’d slip out of sync with her surroundings and that everyone around her would become oblivious to her extreme experiences. She began to question her mental health and doubt her take on reality... but still that triangular spaceship was trying to force its way through the ceiling, coming for her (it was logical to think) as no-one else was even aware of it.

She began to muse about the dreams she seemed to be regularly experiencing, often they’d involve attempted abductions from spaceships and always there was one of two people, both who seemed very familiar with her, in the dream.

The other night for example she’d dreamed that she’d been enjoying time boating with friends, there had been a boat just ahead of them which would speed up and then slow down, each change of speed was the catalyst for a burst of flame to shoot out of the back of the boat, understandably frightening Nicole and her friends. The boating dream led her to Washington DC just outside of the White House where standing right and center of her dream was that woman again, dressed as a security officer rifling through Nicole’s personal belongings and identification and repeating regularly:

“Yes, yes this is her, this is the prophet

God hadn’t lost any of his patience with the people of the Earth over the years, that was clear. One moment Sofie had been on duty in her apartment, the next she was sitting in the forest back against the same old oak tree beyond the boundary of the Earth, speaking to God.

Marcus identified her as the girl of his dreams, she certainly looked that way but at the same time she didn’t seem to completely fit the bill. For Sofie however there was no doubt at all, this was her man in the dream world whom she spent numerous hours of time with.

“What’s happening God” they both asked in unison “Why are we all here?”

“To save Earth of course” he replied,
“To save Earth from what?” asked Sofie
“From its imminent destruction “said God “I saved it once before and I can do it again, so the only hope is the return of Jesus Christ and the True Word of God and the Holy Bible, “Well that is clear, God” said Marcus “What are you talking about?”
“Yes, of course” murmured God more to himself than the others “this is the cost of this spiritual ban formed by Satan on Earth, this confounded technological construction...”
“The Satan Explanation Visualization Terminal (SEVT)?” said Sofie
“Yes, that contraption, it’s creating the cold and the dark and the dying Earth and its ecosystems and it means none of you know who you really are and what spiritual responsibility you have.”
“OK, you have my attention God” said Marcus “but I’m still not that clear.”
“You’re the prophet” blurted out Sofie “It’s why you could reach out to God and communicate with him.

Conversation went backwards and forwards, this way and that, as they began to establish who was and where each soul belongs and who had responsibility for what until they reached the ultimate question:

“How do we save Earth?”
“Why the true Word of God and worshipping me” said God “It is why we must return and why the True Word of God must be shared with the people.


As Sofie drilled through the layers of reality and the ceiling of the gymnasium in the big yellow triangular spaceship, she had time to reflect on the dream she now knew she shared with Nicole only a few hours before.

Nicole had been with Marcus at an amusement park (whatever that may be) thought Sofie. They hadn’t always known which rides to take but had opted for the fast ones, somehow the energy of them had seemed important. Now of course Sofie understood the information that was being portrayed, the fast rides represented the building of sufficient energy to move through the layers of reality back to Earth. UFOs had appeared in the sky emanating the color and energy of gold (probably yellow triangular spaceships thought Sofie realizing how her dreams sometimes distorted things and accompanied by thousands of crows…. Crows, yes crows she thought, warnings of the imminent destruction of Earth.

Even though everyone in the amusement park had been in panic and had started to flee in terror, the spaceships had managed to catch Nicole and carry her away but Sofie understood she hadn’t been ready for the understanding last night, she hadn’t known the excitement of what she knew now, so the spaceships hadn’t been able to hold her or Nicole. This she knew now this wasn’t an abduction, abduction never had anything to do with it, this was a sign that Satan and his fallen Angels were about to rule the Earth forever. Nicole had experienced finding herself free and trying to hide in apartment complexes that were eerie, they had looked good externally, but the inside was dark and cold, much like the state of Earth reflected Sofie. There were these huge roaches that came out of the wall out of this square metal opening that would open and close periodically and they would walk around the hallways not seeing her...what a vision of Armageddon Sofie understood at last

Nicole continued to stare at the hole in the ceiling transfixed in terror as the huge yellow triangular ship descended through the layers. She felt as if she were paralyzed and unable to call for help.

And there she was, the woman from her dreams, and yet somehow a guardian Angel of herself.

“Hello” said Sofie as Nicole lost consciousness.

And as Nicole dreamed she was outside in the dark at night walking, and suddenly something sucked her up into the sky. Strangely as can only happen in dreams she was then in a restaurant with a bunch of strangers and some of her family were also present.

They were all laughing, eating and drinking alcohol until a man with glasses told them all to go into the auditorium at the center of the restaurant. They sat in the seats until the guy with the glasses came in. As he stood in front of them Nicole noticed that he wasn’t an average man, he was an alien disguising itself as a man, or perhaps he was a man from a different level of reality. Nicole stood and ran out, back outside again into the dark where everything looked the same as it had before she’d been sucked up into the sky by that big yellow triangular spaceship …

Nicole awoke and looked across at Sofie, she felt as she felt confused her head was groggy, and she was unsure where she was.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked.
“Home to Earth” came the reply.


Nicole stood there and God in all his brilliance and power ready to revive the land and fill his children with the Holy Spirit

Marcus and Nicole and God stood before each other in the forest as the Holy Spirit filled her body. No longer could anyone on Earth feel the cold as the love and the Holy Spirit sent shockwaves through the Earth. No longer was Earth aloof and separate from God, now Earth took its rightful place and the center of its world’s spiritual expression and Spiritual growth, no need for the technology of fear to separate the ascended from the mundane, the Word of God and Worshipping him was for everybody on the Earth.

And there were shouts of joy, love, and passion filled the ecosystem and restored the sacred balance, God had returned the True Word of God, the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit once again onto the Earth.


Nicole awoke in the gymnasium and looked around, still the children were spinning and jumping, climbing ropes and screaming with pleasure. Her friends, the other parents, continued to discuss gossip and local occurrences as if nothing at all had changed, all was well with the world, all was fine.

Nicole excused herself and collected her children, it was time to go and meet Marcus, they had some preaching to do and spreading the Word of God to the World.

The Game
Written by Nichole Haines
©2018 Nichole Haines

in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.
2 Corinthians 2:11

It was Monday afternoon, eight million, four hundred and thirty-seven thousand, six hundred and twenty-two years, three months, eight days, six minutes and forty-one seconds ago approximately

...when the dark Dragon came from the Void.

“How did he get here?” enquired Alfred, with a somewhat innocent question, which nevertheless sent both spinning back through time to that point in history.

Alfred was Nicole’s little brother, prone to ask questions but rarely ones with such radical effects as this one. Nicole loved his childish inquisitive nature but occasionally wished he’d reign it in a little, this was already proving to be one of those times.

Alfred was about to ask yet another question but stopped abruptly when the dark priests with their gruesome masks started to arrive. Nicole was torn between being relieved that Alfred hadn’t changed reality again with his questions and thoughts, and wishing she wasn’t quite so frightened.

Within minutes there were hundreds of them, Nicole couldn’t tell if they were human, demon or what, she just knew she’d do anything not to be there in this moment, and then the eerie, evil, chanting began, it would rise to a crescendo and then fall to a level where you could hear demonic voices whispering names, strange names, wicked names, terrifying names, Nicole supposed….


Nothing much happened in the Void before Mr. Goddard built that call center, folks were somewhat conservative in these parts and the idea of an entrepreneur creating thousands of virtual worlds that local people could populate with ideal, terrible or idyllic versions of themselves, certainly wasn’t universally popular.

Popular or not, the virtual reality concept had caught on in the capital and Emily for one was delighted that Heaven was not the only city that would benefit from progress. Mr. Goddard was putting her sleepy hamlet of Dragons’ Blood on the map once and for all, for the call center was the technological hub, the control room that would allow the thousands of worlds to exist independently of each other and yet in a codependent way. Emily, yes Emily, was going to be interviewed by Mrs. Goddard Chairwoman and Executive Director of Virtual Worlds Inc, for the post of twelfth floor manager. She really wanted the job in so many ways and knew she should be preparing for her interview tomorrow. Emily tried to convince herself that being hooked up with her mind to one of the Virtual Worlds’ consoles was the best preparation she could do, but really, she knew she was avoiding her anxiety.

There were already numerous Virtual World Inc software versions and hand-held computer hubs available, throughout the planet, it was just that the call center would centralize every program, bring disparate parts together and realize numerous concepts and layers of reality. Or to put it another way the call center would create multiverses and parallel realities, for the first time every choice you could possibly make would be realized


Nicole and Alfred watched from their flimsy hideout behind some bush-like plants too terrified to move, barely breathing, in dread of being discovered. The immediate land around them was full of people, or demons, or other creatures they really weren’t sure which it was, what they knew was they were over eight million years from home!

A central figure, masked and in a black cape, seemed to begin to occupy the central ground, the focus of attention from all present. His voice boomed out and sounded like some tortured chant, but Nicole was unable to recognize anything that was being said...The hundreds or even thousands of cloaked Beings present seemed to understand perfectly, as they responded to the central figure in a cacophony of demonic sound that seemed to dominate the planet and block out the sun with each twisted note.

The ground began to shake violently, and the breathable atmosphere seemed to change its consistency as if physical reality itself was about to alter or a gateway from another place was going to appear.


Joseph had moved to the Hamlet of Dragons’ Blood only six months ago, it was as if he sensed the news of the call center even before it was announced, thought Emily. She knew of course that Mr. Goddard wouldn’t employ him there, his (Joseph Satan’s) role was to be far more important than the call center, but Emily really didn’t know why she knew this.

Joseph was the expert, he understood for example that a call center wasn’t really a physical building in the sense that it would’ve been in one of the virtual worlds. It was a construct from the mind of Mr. Goddard, it was there because of the mind of Mr. Goddard and it was a cosmic central hub, all roads started and finished there, all worlds drew their existence because of the call center. The call center was the source of numerous computer simulations, that created every possible world that its inhabitants could imagine.

Yet Joseph realized something deeper, something which most of the residents of the Void failed to comprehend, probably because if they did the existential crisis would shatter every part of reality and nothing would exist, a nothingness that filled Joseph Satan with a life defining sense of exhilaration. Yet Emily couldn’t grasp this existential secret, she’d continue to ponder it, it was only a matter of time she told herself.

“A Matter of Time” Emily knew this was the key but oh, oh, she’d continue to ponder.

Every one of the residents of the Void could, and often did, exist in any or all the virtual worlds. Not only could they exist in any world, they could have numerous hosts and exist in any time at all. Indeed, if she so chose, Emily may well experience life as a sun, a star in the night sky or Isis to the Ancient Egyptians, to name but a few options. Without the residents of the Void there would be no life of any kind on any of the numerous virtual worlds, every resident was playing every part in a delicious drama called life.

Joseph knew he only really had one option if he was to create the illusion of an otherworldly gate. He couldn’t link his mind to a console and animate one of the many terrible beasts he’d already created on numerous worlds, no that wouldn’t do at all, there had to be a gate for the dragon, a gate of light, of fire, made from the eerie abyss.

The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie
Thessalonians 2:9

Joseph conjured the blackest of dragons in his mind, with the hugest wings, the piercing earth shattering eyes, teeth that could rip to shreds any Being that would oppose him, and four claws at the end of his enormous legs that would strike terror into the bravest of armies.

He also conjured two of the nastiest cats imaginable, vicious, spiteful and hateful to accompany the dragon. Joseph created with his practiced mind secret passageways that led out from the call center to numerous virtual worlds, if he were going to win this battle of wits with Mr. Goddard he was

going to need alternative protective pathways. As an audacious move, one that he was sure would take Emily some time to discover, Joseph also created a passageway at the top of a secret flight of stairs in Mr. and Mrs. Goddard’s personal home, Valhalla.

It was the passageways that led from the call center where Joseph contrived to lay all of his traps and illusions, for he knew that Mr. Goddard would play his trump card and plant the idea of his protege, his Son the Lord Jesus Christ, into the collective consciousness in many of these realities, it was just a matter of altering the program and of course Time would reorganize itself to accommodate him, it always did!

Joseph had two thousand years or so after that to make a difference, if he could destroy Creation before the coming of the Age of Aquarius, it was game, set and match to the Dark One, he had to get in there before the thousand years of peace, the dragon didn’t fancy being flung back into the fiery pit.

The Dragon and the cats traveled the passageways, weaving down the left-hand path, distorting and twisting and creating other than every step they took.

There it was, the gate of light, the gate made for the dragon, fashioned from the fire of the abyss and protected by the Banshees.

Nicole and Alfred were transfixed with terror as the monstrous black Dragon and two of the nastiest cats imaginable came through a fiery gate, the demonic priests screamed and the land quaked and the magic of Hell shook the Earth.

The Dragon rose up on its hind legs and stood a good thirty feet tall, all bowed down to its awful majesty and wailed the song of destruction.

...and then those huge black wings beat the air, massive tornado like vibrations roared off in every direction and a split second before all of reality just vanished, Nicole thought she saw a familiar young woman come through the gate…

Emily screamed and jolted her mind away from her console, she hadn’t anticipated seeing the Dragon, she let Nicole and Alfred rest in nothingness for a while.


The magic of the Dragon’s wings tore through time, creating Mandela Effects and ripples wherever it went, people believed determinedly that events had happened only to realize that those stories had never really occurred, and refusing to believe in the possibility that they had, however briefly, occupied a parallel reality, most settled for the idea that their perceptions were wrong.

...and as the Dragon’s magic tore through time we witnessed Atlantis destroying itself and Merlin and Morgen Le Fey finding their way to the shores of Albion, to misremember tiny details as the wings of Satan created another Mandela Effect, thousands of years before Nelson himself had lived.

Christ was crucified, Rome continued to rise and dominate the known world before succumbing to its own decadence and collapsing to the Barbarians at the gate and still the Dragon’s tempests roared through history.

Princes and Kings were elevated to prominence only to be trodden into the dust of memory. Monotheism sought to trample all in its path as it split into three versions of itself and fought over a city called Jerusalem.

….and as the Dragon’s magic gained momentum and traction, religious fervor became the watchword, my God’s better than your God was the torch that lit the fires as soldiers, popes, and imams sought to prove the love of their God was more powerful than any other God, as they slew with sword and cannon, gun and bomb, plane and missile for the promise of a place in Heaven with the God of Love.

The Great Anti-Christ himself arose in Europe and marched across the continent spreading his hate and his murder. Great camps of extermination were planted across the northern hemisphere as millions of God’s chosen people wore the Star of David before being gassed in genocide.

As the Dragon’s magic struck the year two thousand its brilliance reached its zenith. December 31st clicked into the new millennium and the fledgling digital age went into meltdown.

Financial institutions collapsed, inflation soared, starvation took hold. America fell as radical Islam overran the most powerful nation on Earth. Militias grew in every city as human rights were trodden on and violence ruled the roost and eventually Oppenheimer was unleashed, billions died, and nuclear winter set in for hundreds of years.


Emily dreamed she had a Jewish Russian ex- boyfriend, she loved peculiar dreams. Her man had moved on and married another so Emily had been surprised when she received the request to rekindle their love. Let’s hear Emily tell the story.

I was at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Goddard at a party with my ex, this was indeed so strange partly because in my dream my ex was the adult child of the Gods, partly because his behavior was so far out of the ordinary and partly because I didn’t know I had an ex until I arrived in this dream, I was Emily of Dragon’s Blood, the Void, I didn’t really remember much before today’s events.

Was this going to be one of those strange occurrences where I remembered things which turned out never to have happened? What were these experiences called, yes that’s right Mandela Effects, named after Nelson Mandela as it was reported that many people remembered that he had died in prison in the 1970s, but reality shifted somehow, and Nelson Mandela went on to become the first Black President of South Africa?

But no this was wrong, Nelson who? Nelson Mandela never existed in any of the realities that I knew of (and I knew of an awful lot).

What was happening in this dream?

Ah that’s right it was the Mandela Effect, a shift in cosmic mathematics, the logical outcome of how everything changes when a Dragon flaps his wings.

I didn’t know much of my life before today, but I knew for sure that I didn’t have siblings, yet I attended the party at Valhalla with my sister and a friend of hers. I remember there were two vicious, nasty cats that insisted on biting my legs and wouldn’t desist.

My ex begged me to date him again yet was sure that Mr. and Mrs. Goddard would not approve as obviously I’m not Jewish. My ex asked me to accompany him to a funeral of a friend of his, I was tempted until I noticed that his behavior was very strange, he appeared to be taking hallucinogenic drugs and tempting others to join him. This was my first clue that reality was not as it seems to be, I live in the Void I didn’t need drugs to experience altered perceptions.

Why the dream world saw Mrs. Goddard as a Psychologist, I’m not sure but they were my perceptions as she arrived back at Valhalla in the middle of the party and the drug taking mayhem. She looked none too pleased to see that I was in her home ...why was the simulation of the Void behaving this way, it made no sense to me?

Through the confused machinations of my dreams the angry Mrs. Goddard ejected me from her home like a forlorn Eve being cast from Eden and then I began to understand what my dreams were trying to tell me…


Mrs. Goddard considered herself to be a feminist, in her mind there was no doubt that femininity was superior in every way to the masculine. This was why she was happy to express her femininity in whatever way that pleased her, and what pleased her the most was to have a picket fence around Valhalla, to wear beautiful flowered dresses adorned with a white apron and to observe the matrix.

Mrs. Goddard was Chairwoman and Executive Director of Virtual Worlds Inc was a different prospect altogether. Everyone who spoke with her considered her to be a phenomenon, a force of nature unparalleled by anything or anyone in the known worlds. Things worked the way they did, perfectly, because of who she was.

Who she really is, is the Great Mother Emily thought as she sat nervously in front of Mrs. Goddard awaiting her interview wishing she (Emily) had prepared herself better.

The first question astounded Emily, even if she’d prepared for all of time (which in effect she had) she didn’t believe she would have been ready for this question.

“What did you learn about your mission from your dreams last night?” was Mrs. Goddard’s opening gambit.

“How did you know?” stammered Emily.

“You’re the manageress of the twelfth floor it goes with the territory” the Matriarch responded.

“Already I’m the manager?” asked Emily “How can that be, don’t you have to interview me or something first?”

“My Dear” said the kindly older woman “I’m not interviewing you for the job, I’m interviewing you to remind you of who you really are, secondly this is the Void, time here isn’t linear, everything is really happening in the same moment, surely you know that?”

“I kind of saw this in my dreams of Valhalla last night” said Emily “but I didn’t completely understand what it was trying to tell me.”

“Well we can demonstrate this easily, who were you before you knew about the call center?”

Emily was stumped, she just couldn’t find an answer, she knew she had memories, but now she was being asked. she really couldn’t be sure that she could place them in the context of real time.

“So, tell me of the other insights you received in your dreams” said Mrs. Goddard

“If I hadn’t been cast from Valhalla, I wouldn’t be able to remember who I am and find my true sense of self.”

“Excellent, well done my Emily” laughed Mrs. Goddard

“Beware the Devil’s cats, they mean to thwart my mission.” said Emily

“So true. So true!” chirped a delighted Mrs. Goddard

“Reality is fluid and the Void itself is probably a simulation.”

“Yes, yes” she chortled excitedly before asking “But who’s the simulation’s creator?”

“You, you” said Emily

“Yes, maybe, but there are deeper levels, Emily, deeper levels still” she said. “Is there anything else you discovered last night?”

“Yes, after you ejected me from Eden I found myself on a flight of stairs previously unknown in Valhalla and I found passages, back doors to the virtual worlds bypassing your consoles and computer terminals.”

“Ooh, Joseph has compromised Valhalla, you’re going to have your work cut out my love.” said Mrs. Goddard “well played Maestro, well played” she seemed to say to no-one.

As Mrs. Goddard seemed to have reached the end of her questions, Emily was keen to pose some questions of her own.

“Shoot, Emily dear, there’s nothing we can’t share” said the Divine Mother.

“In my dream why did I experience your son taking hallucinogenic drugs, what am I missing here?”

Mrs. Goddard leaned back in her chair and studied Emily for a moment. ‘Good’ she thought, she’s beginning to ask the right questions.

“You’ve already begun to realize the beginnings of the answer to this question Emily dear” she said, “when you saw that even the void was a simulation.”

“So, the Void can be an evil experience then because it’s an illusion?” asked Emily.

“Yes, indeed it can” said Mrs. Goddard but it’s not inherently evil, it self entirely depends on who controls it, you or Joseph Satan. Therefore, you’re being interviewed for the manageress post on the twelfth floor. Twelve a combination between 1 (the one/ the everything) and 2 (duality/experience) this is at the heart your mission, why you came into being at this time...but more on this later, let’s return to your original question I’m sure you know, everything and everybody in your dreams is you, my son is you in the masculine form and the message is clear about the drugs, to successfully function in simulation will require you to alter your perceptions radically…”

“If you’re going to complete your mission you must do two things” said Mrs. Goddard “First you’re going to need to step outside the internal structures, the perceived limitations of simulations themselves.”

“What do you mean?” asked Emily.

“My dear Emily, you are the simulation and it is you, but you’re not limited by the simulation, you are more than how it presents, you’re everything it’s not as well. You need to step into your masculine energy and step beyond what you think your limitations are, be outgoing and move beyond your body, be external in your outlook as well as thoughtful and internal, my son invited you to be both sides of yourself to complete your mission. The funeral of a friend he invited you to go to be your funeral my Emily, the funeral of your smaller self.”

“OK Great Mother, what’s second?” asked Emily.

“Second” said Mrs. Goddard “When you alter your perceptions, you alter the computer simulated worlds and ultimately the Void itself, essentially this is what Joseph Satan has already done and if you’re going to accept your destiny you must understand this point.”

“So, what you’re saying” said Emily “is that when I perceive the call center as not being universally popular, I’m really just describing limitations in my thinking.”

“Very good my child, there’s more we could say here but nothing that would add to your understanding or skill. You have two more questions I believe, why don’t you ask them both together.”

“I believe the answers to these questions are going to be nuanced but let’s try anyway...The first question is who Joseph Satan is and the second what the existential secret is he triggers in me, what is it I can’t quite grasp?”

“You’re right, these questions are so nuanced and I’m going to frustrate you I’m afraid. Suffice it to say that when you realize the depth of the answers to these questions you’ll have mastered and completed your mission. This must be your journey my child, giving you these answers verbally would only distract you from the experience and undermine your mission. There are two things I will tell you however, the first is that you already know these answers so they’ll come and the second is don’t take yourself so seriously, it misses the point” Mrs. Goddard replied “ One more thing, you’ll need to let go of Nicole and Alfred now, those creations are too limited for your purposes… Would you like a glass of wine to celebrate, red or white?”


When Emily arrived on the twelfth floor the next morning everything was in crisis, each console and terminal wasn’t working, and they were behaving like they had computer viruses...but these were no ordinary viruses, these were Joseph’s work, this was the mathematics of the Mandela Effect, Y2K, the beginnings of the destruction of every virtual world generating from the Void.

Game on thought Emily!

The Dragon had left clues almost as if he wanted Emily to succeed, her old self, if such a thing existed, would have been worried about being trapped, deceived or hurt, but Emily had none of these fears, she was on a journey of self-discovery, traveling through the passageways of her vast mind, realizing the enlightenment of being

There were ascending steps deep inside the twelfth floor and many passages leading in numerous directions from the top of the flight. Emily had the strong feeling that only the dragon, those revolting cats and now Emily herself had ever walked up those steps or traveled any of these passageways. Briefly she searched for which path to take until she saw the small boat bobbing up and down on the rancid black water of a stream she was sure lead to the River Styx. Emily had no fear of the River Styx that flowed backwards and forwards between the Void and whichever reality that was being generated from the call center at that moment. She climbed into the boat and let it float down the stream, convinced this was Dragon’s way.

It wasn’t long before the boat joined the River Styx a none too subtle symbol itself thought Emily, yet she was sure there was more to this symbolism to come, the Dragon would want to give her more, she knew that now without a shadow of a doubt, she even suspected that somehow that Joseph was trying to help her although she was still struggling to find the reason why… and then, right on cue, Emily suddenly became aware a crowd of angry people just up ahead, a crowd of dead people, European Jews protesting the holocaust, a horrendous example of the Dragon’s recent magic. Emily thought of the conversation with Mrs. Goddard recently about when she (Emily) had spoken about the call center not being universally popular. Yet as important as the symbolism about not unconsciously resisting her mission was, this wasn’t yet the existential truth she sought.

“Oh, My Goodness" Emily exclaimed in what was perhaps an oddly self-serving statement, there it was, the truth in plain sight, suspended somehow in the air just ahead of her. A severed head staring at her, showing her, reflecting to her exactly who she was and exactly who Joseph was to her. Here was the existential realization that would change everything.”, yes in some macabre way Joseph was rooting for her although Emily really wasn’t sure that he knew it

...Game on she thought!

And so, the game started as she climbed out of the boat on the southern bank. She looked out on the body of water that opened out into huge channel separating the real from illusion as the River Styx is apt to do. One moment the scenery was relatively tranquil, people spilled out from the First Supper Inn behind her and surveyed the waterway. In what seemed to be only a moment there were many people around Emily pointing out to the river and shouting something about how the capsizing cruise ship she could now see was just a hallucination, things like this always happened on this stretch of the Styx.

The air was filled with screams and prayers from the people on the ship and Emily faced a dilemma, was it true that the people and the cruise ship didn’t exist, or should she save them? Quickly she decided that illusion or otherwise, still the best course of action was to save the sinking ship, it also gave her the first opportunity to put into practice her existential realization.

Emily stood on the shore of the river and prayed to God for answers.

and as she rattled out sacred texts which included references to the Ancient Hebrew Bible texts the screams from the ship became silent as it appeared to float on the river for just a few moments before it faded and vanished, the folk from The First Supper Inn had been right, it was an illusion, yet an incredibly useful one Emily decided.

Perhaps inevitably Emily’s powerful words of God had attracted attention and even those from The First Supper Inn who hadn’t noticed anything were soon appraised of what had happened. Emily became the center of attention; spiritual conversations were started, and people expressed a plethora of ideas ranging from conjecture to deep connected insight. Much of the conversation soon became more political in its focus than spiritual, anti-Jesus Christ and his Father sentiments soon were being expressed freely. Emily pretty much remained quiet and remained with her thoughts and intentions relating to her mission.

A woman approached her and gently introduced herself as Martha.

“Your mind is powerful but not balanced” Martha said, “You’re going to need the balance for the next stage of your journey, it’s the only way to defeat the Banshees and those cats, and definitely balance will be vital to overturn the Y2K magic of Joseph Satan.”

“You’re remarkably well informed” said Emily “What are you proposing?”

“There’s no mistaking the magic of the Severed Head, I too am fulfilling my destiny Emily by being here with you now...Let’s use the healing needles first at then you can bring balance to the table of the twelve demons.”

Emily agreed and permitted herself to be led to a back room which was equipped with a massage table and various sterilized needles like the Eastern Masters of meridian healings use.

Twelve needles were placed in different parts of Emily’s body and she could rest for an hour or so, the balance needed to take effect. When Martha returned she closed her eyes and energetically scanned Emily’s body for a few moments. Although Emily knew these were New Age practices and they were wrong, she had to make it look like she believed in magic and New Age practices,
“You’re ready now Emily, come” she said.

Martha led Emily to an upstairs dining room and just before they entered Martha said:

“This time use the Headless One, The Bornless One is effective but not sufficient for your purposes.”

As they entered the room they could hear loud and raucous conversation, somewhat crude, disrespectful and irreverent. What would you expect from demons thought Martha.

Everyone present fell silent and the atmosphere changed from drunken-like frivolity to hostility in the space of one breath. Twelve demons at the table sitting around an empty chair were mocking the absence of the Christ like a twisted version of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece of the disciples in shock just after learning that one of their number was about to betray Jesus.

“Here she is, here’s the Bornless One, the Messenger mocked a Succubus from the other end of the room. All the demons started to laugh and mock making references to what Joseph Satan would do to a girl child when they faced each other.

Emily sought inside herself for each dark, unhappy place until she’d connected with twelve of them, reaching deeper still she began to recite:

“I am one of the Messengers from God.” Emily said Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world do not deny him or his Father.
The demons had gone and, in their place, sat the twelve disciples with the Lord Jesus Christ and Emily noticed another Mandela moment for this time there was no betrayal in the air, they’d be no crucifixions this week.

In comparison the rest of Emily’s journey to the demon gate of Joseph guarded by the Banshees was relatively unremarkable, if you count passing through a city that reminded Emily of Logan’s Run (even though she had never consciously experienced that kind of entertainment), attacks from those demon cats and also obviously the Banshees, as relatively unremarkable.

Emily took a deep breath and passed through that rancid fiery gate and stepped into that world Monday afternoon, eight million, four hundred and thirty-seven thousand, six hundred and twenty-two years, three months, eight days, ten minutes and forty-one seconds ago approximately. Just in time to see the end of the Dragon’s magic and catch a glimpse of herself as Nicole. Joseph turned, smiled and said:

“Hello Emily “just before he vanished.

Emily grounded herself in the land, and cried:

Jesus Christ is the savior of the World and this Simulation is now destroyed because of the true Word of God. Emily refused to believe in magic or Sun Gods. She knew if she completed her mission that Mrs. Goddard wanted her to complete the simulation would continue in Satan's domain

Those two nasty cats were present and looked as if they couldn’t decide whether to attack or flee. As Emily continued to banish negativity the cats turned on their heels and fled desperately trying to outrun the end of simulation game that was to come before it was too late for them.

For a moment she was still, she then reached for her Bible that appeared in the simulation game and began reading the true word of God out of the Bible.

Emily could feel the joy and love for God’s Word

“I am the Messenger and I’m here to tell you God created the Earth and Heaven God created the night and the day, hear me I’m the Messenger and the message is The Lord is now going to destroy this game simulation forever because it was created by Satan to deceive the whole world.

The game simulation and the call center and the main infrastructure began to crumble and disappear and all the people in the simulation game were free. Mrs. Goddard was very upset and angry at Emily for not playing her role of a using magic in the game. Instead Emily called out for the true Lord Jesus Christ to end Satan's Kingdom inside the game simulation
A new Heaven and Earth was formed and there was no longer advanced technology distracting human beings and everybody was happy and joyful to see Earth be without advanced technology or Artificial Intelligence, or game simulations again. Satan has been defeated once and for all!

“Check Mate” said Emily.


Joseph and Emily sat opposite each other across the game board, looking from one to the other in appreciation.

“So, you win again” said Joseph

“It’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” declared Emily.

“Yes, you’ve understood that this time, well done. When I’m in my darkest place, when I sense reality void of any experience of you, I am the Dragon” said Joseph but when I remember well…” his sentence tailed off into reflective thought.

And I saw the angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent who is the devil, or Satan and bound him for a thousand years. He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended.

Revelations 20: 1 - 3

Mrs. Martha Goddard was happy to see Mr. Goddard again, his two parts reunited, she’d loved him and Joseph and so enjoyed the game, but she wanted her husband back for another thousand years. She wore her flowered dress with a fresh apron and painted her picket fence white as an expression of the importance of the feminine...Time or no time continued much this way for a thousand years and then one day Mr. Goddard went out into the back garden and said:

“Hey Joseph, do you want to play another game?”

“Why not” came the reply, “there’s not much else to do, I’ve read up on all the latest techniques. I’ll be so much harder to beat this time, besides it’s a bit warm and boring down here! Who are you going to play as this time Mr. Goddard Emily?”

“No, Emily went against the game, she didn’t use any magic, so I could keep my world, instead she cried for help from Jesus Christ and destroyed the simulation we need new scenarios and to rebuild the call center.
“So, who will it be this time?” asked Joseph.

“Oh, that’d be telling” said Mr. Goddard

“You could play as Martha this time and give me the greatest of honors” said Joseph.

“Really” came the reply “So you’re ready for the Mistress of Valhalla...Oh Joseph!”

Merriweather Dome

It was the hour of Jupiter and time for magical expansion, a time where just about anything was possible, it was also Thursday, how exciting was that?
Molly sat in her favorite spot in her local tavern, lit her pipe and started to prepare for her encounter on Caralibro Messenger, an encounter with one of the strangest people she’d ever met, he fascinated her, she knew he was dangerous, somehow otherworldly, yet his energy was alluring, and titillating,
Although not new on her world, the Intra Connection System that linked everyone on the planet, via computers, personal communication and information (PCI) tablets and the Synthetic Telepathic App (STA) now installed in pretty much everyone’s pineal gland, had been available without censorship for only a few years, for who exactly was left to do the censoring?
It wasn’t so much that Omar’s planetary government had somehow become liberal in its old age, thought Molly, it was that the ruling illuminati had believed by implanting the STA into the brains of everyone on the planet, they would have control of both thought and emotion and therefore censorship would no longer be necessary.
Twenty billion people or so on Omar or one of its six satellite moons, imagine that power when even thought was controlled, the Illuminati believed it would be unstoppable, but its greatest achievement was its monumental failure and the start of its dramatic demise. Yet the real reason for the Illuminati’s immense decision to implant the STAs was a fear of Jellah and the political and spiritual monstrosity known as Merriweather Dome. The whole way of life, the beast society of Omar and its six moons was in peril, the very survival of the Illuminati under threat...but no-one, Jellah or the Illuminati, could have foreseen the effects of the STAs on the Universe as they knew it.

Molly’s PCI tablet started to flash and sound her favorite tune, the ode to the bornless one. Beastie her dog arrived and nodded his approval and seemingly from nowhere Stilicoso her new friend from the red tribe of the djinn jumped up on to her left shoulder. His profile name Temohpab flashed across her screen, triggering the STAs in her brain and in Beastie’s. The dog looked at her a second time indicating his approval, but both were cautious too. Only the little Djinn on Molly’s shoulder seemed to lack any trepidation, somehow Stilicoso was more feral she (Molly) noticed, the Djinn had even bared her breasts, something Molly had never seen her do before.

“My friend” Molly greeted the man, “It’s been a few weeks Dimitri”. Molly could feel her Djinn radiating excitement and Beastie tense beside her, she couldn’t blame either of them, she felt both emotions in equal measure.

“Molly” Dimitri almost sounded like he was purring “yes a few weeks although perhaps we measure time somewhat differently” he fawned. “I see you have companions with you this time, a dog with an advanced consciousness and a demonic djinn...ooh you’ve upped the stakes”.

“How can you measure time differently” asked Molly “Everyone knows there’s twenty-nine hours in each day and eight days in a week, it’s merely an astronomical measurement as the five planets and their satellites in our solar system pass around our three suns?”

Dimitri smiled, and Molly felt her STA react, were these hallucinations or just the infinite number of possibilities the life forms of Omar had started to experience? Dimitri, for only a fraction of a second, had appeared as a Satyr, although goat like somehow, he was even sexier. Molly shot a look at Beastie to see if he’d experienced the same thing and then returned her gaze to Dimitri.
The conversation today already felt very different to all her previous connections with Dimitri, there was much less a sense of flirting, of sexual promise and much more… (much more of what?) she asked herself.


Merriweather Dome was the brainchild of Jellah when he took on the mantle of God. It was a brilliant military strategy and Jellah, as a precocious low-level angel from the first choir, outwitted all the Beings in the heavens and destroyed the beast system of each of the twelve worlds he came to dominate, in one violent effective move…

Years earlier Sofia, Michael and Jellah had sat together around the wooden table drinking sephcas of dark ale. Marchel, the primary country of Omar was by far the safest place for them to meet, far away from the war between the tribes of light and tribes of fire, and the Headless Man public house, the symbolism of the bringers of light, was the perfect environment for them to plot the fall of darkness and the everlasting glory of Jellah.
Men and women were sitting together in groups, telling stories, smoking their long tobacco pipes and discussing in whispers about the coming STAs. The illuminati had done a great PR job and people were excited about having access to every level of the Intra Connection System, although there were a few voices of warning, most people simply ignored them, a behavior that became so common on Omar that nobody seemed to notice three angels huddled together at a table in the corner of the bar.
Sofia felt both an intense love for, and a terror, of Jellah, she knew for sure that soon he would overthrow the hierarchy of the first choir and and she suspected other choirs would follow his lead when the time came. Sitting here in a human bar pretending not to be angelic was surreal but constructing the plans to create the clear plastic magic dome which would dominate worlds and destroy the beast system of so many planets central to this universe was simply bizarre.
“Are you ready to resurrect the Goddess of Wisdom?” asked Jellah
“How?” replied Sofia taking a deep draught of her dark ale and looking to Michael for moral support.
Jellah became animated, almost shouting, with a sense of fanaticism.
“It’s time to take control, we have to create Divinity because God is dead, and we can’t leave this vacuum any longer.”
“So, you’re going to anoint yourself as God?” Michael quizzed
Jellah looked somehow stoic and furious at the same time. “Who else is going to do it, you? Are we going to remain ultimately leaderless and permit the Djinn rebellion, the tribes of fire, to destroy us the tribes of light? Ridiculous...of course I’m ready to snatch Divinity.”
Michael and Sofia looked from one to another, it was one of those times that happens once in a million years that the logic was both horrific but somehow inescapable.
“And how are you going to be the One God, to emanate as the life force of the ecosystem of the Universe?” asked Sofia temporarily allowing her huge wings to flutter before remembering she was in a human public house.
“So, is the Universal ecosystem one or many things?” retorted Jellah “Look we know clear plastic can keep out both demons and Djinn, human magicians have been proving this with their magical circles for millennia. We’ll over run twelve planets, join them together, encapsulate them with clear plastic dome coverings and call it heaven or perhaps Merriweather Dome.”
“Why Merriweather?” enquired Michael
“Because collective emotions create the weather, drive out the beast society, the emotions will be pure, Heaven will be a Merriweather.”
Suddenly there was a knife, with a large blade which was vibrating and twanging, embedded in the angels’ table, and shouts and threats from the locals, the humans, the members of the tribe of the soil, was being directed at the three angels.

A few days later the investigators from the Illuminati had heard so many strange stories, the prominent explanation seemed to be that three angels killed and mutilated sixty customers in the tavern of the headless man.
Five years later when the report of the investigation had finally made its way through Illuminati bureaucracy and was published on the Intra Communication System the picture was somewhat clearer. Merriweather Dome was now a reality, reports that leaked out and spread across the Universe were of Angelic military dictatorship, hoards and choirs of angels armed, rabid and very dangerous, stirring up religious fervor and feeding on the evangelicalism of the humans inside the clear plastic dome.
In the five years that had passed inquisitions and persecutions were known to be commonplace, millions of humans inside the Dome had been murdered, often because of religious bigotry and usually by other humans.


“So, who’s Jellah and is that his real name?” asked Molly
“Often angels don’t have real names as such” came the reply “ Jellah took his name from two Gods, Jesus and Allah, as a magical act to claim Divinity for himself.”
Stilicoso shuddered, “Allah” she said. “The God whose magicians enslaved us for centuries, and the Jesuit magicians often weren’t that much better.”
“What’s your story then Djinn friend” asked Dimitri “how are you here on Omar I thought Jellah had destroyed the Djinn just before the creation of the Merriweather Dome?”
“Let me show you” said Stilicoso…

Molly, Beastie and Dimitri dreamed together...they saw themselves in a large courtyard filled with hundreds of Djinn from the Red Tribe. At the center of the courtyard stood Iblis, dark demonic Djinn master, rallying his troops preparing to launch the bloodiest of rebellions against those angels. The leaders of the other Djinn tribes, particularly the matriarch of the ever-dominant Black tribe, had argued with Iblis to wait until the Djinn were united before launching this rebellion…
Molly, Beastie and Dimitri gasped a sigh of disbelief all at the same time, thousands of angels led by Michael, Jellah’s General, descended on the courtyard slaughtering Djinn, most were killed, including Iblis, the rest of the Djinn fled. The next few days saw the other Djinn tribes launch the most ferocious of rebellions, doomed to failure ultimately.

“So, the Djinn are destroyed?” asked Dimitri
“Most of them are on a planet called Earth in an outer solar system known as the Milky Way, fighting a rearguard action against Jellah as he tries to annex the planet and draw it into the Merriweather Dome” replied the Djinn Warrior.
“And you came to Omar because of what, the Enlightenment?” asked Dimitri
“Yes, and to find a way of resurrecting Iblis” replied the Djinn “...not the old Iblis mind but a new light bringer with the enlightened consciousness triggered by the STAs.”
Dimitri grimaced, paused for a moment and then stuttered…
“You’ve come to trigger my evolution?”
“Of course, dear Lucifer, you who’ve played such a contradictory role, the bringer of light, yet the harbinger of darkness. You were always the same soul as Iblis, his angelic twin but we’ve come to remind you of something you’ve yet to remember.”
“What’s that?” came the shocked voice of Dimitri
“You’re not only the Satan, the rebel angel leading the Dark Ones and the Nephilim throughout eternity. Have you wondered how you managed to be inside Merriweather Dome in the first place when it’s specifically designed to keep out demons, devils and djinn?”

Molly and Beastie triggered their STAs together and Stilicoso fired up her magic. The screen of Molly’s PCI tablet appeared to open like a portal and the three, human, animal and djinn, stepped through into Merriweather Dome. Dimitri’s initial momentary reaction was to prepare to defend himself but then his defenses appeared to melt, and his perceptions transform.

“I’m Jellah too?” he asked incredulously
“Yes, we’ve known this for a while” replied Molly “We’ve come to transform Heaven into its rightful place” she continued.

Dimitri’s whole persona, his whole being, metamorphosed. He could feel his connection to every part of the whole, no longer was he the Angelic pretender or his confused alter ego Satan, he was truly God, the All.
“.and you are my Sofia, my Goddess of Wisdom?”
“Yes, my Love” Molly replied, “I’m the Immanence to your Transcendence, no longer as duality but as one ecosystem of love and mind, of sex and transformation, the tree of good and knowledge.”


…”and as we watched” said Molly “Merriweather Dome began to dissipate, the hard-military hatred of the angelic forces gave birth to love and compassion, the humans knew their spiritual power and the clear plastic dome vanished, for there was nothing left to protect against.”
“And that’s how I found and seduced my man” Molly added with a huge grin.
Before Dimitri could respond one of Molly’s audience in the Headless Man public house, a dear friend called Michael said:
“You never explained how the STAs created the Illuminati’s demise, in fact you never told us how they brought down Merriweather Dome.”
“Ah, that’s easy”, replied Molly “When the Illuminati started to implant the STAs into pineal glands, after we reached a critical number our psychic and telekinetic energy collectively opened and then we could all see the all of the equal probabilities of this incredible Universe. By thought alone we could implant STAs into the minds of others, not only humans but animals, plants and trees alike, Omar became an ecosystem of spiritual wisdom and intelligence. The Illuminati were no longer separate from the rest of us but just Beings of which we were a part, and Merriweather Dome had no reason to continue its existence.”
“What happened to Stilicoso?” asked a young woman sitting towards the back of the large crowd seated around Molly and Dimitri.
“Oh, I wouldn’t believe everything you hear on the Intra Connection System, most of it is just stories, creation tales just amuse” laughed Molly with a twinkle in her eyes.
“Yes” said Dimitri humorously “and next time you tell tales of our love life Molly, perhaps you could cast me as someone other than how about another round of drinks and new tobacco for my pipe?”

All assembled laughed and broke out into raucous animated conversation, the night had been a roaring success. Later, much later than either of them had planned, Molly and Dimitri left the tavern a little drunk and walked down the street towards their home, as they turned the corner onto Gran Via, they saw a woman made of fire, no garment covering her breasts, accompanied by a beautiful conscious dog.
“Good night my loves” said Stilicoso.


Written by Nichole Haines
©2018 Nichole Haines

I woke up feeling quite sick feverish and not well. My nose was stuffy and runny. It was 5:20AM and it was another day of having to wake my daughter Amber up for another day of school. She was in the seventh grade and could never wake herself up. She always slept through alarm clocks. I slowly climbed out of bed feeling very feverish tired and achy. As I walked out into my hallway I noticed all the lights were on in the living room. Amber always had a habit of turning all the lights on in the middle of the night because she was often scared during the night. As I was walking to her bedroom I noticed her bedroom door was open. Amber for years has been telling me for years that she has been seeing dark shadows come into her bedroom at night and even after getting my father’s cremated ashes out the apartment Amber continued to see the ghostly figures. I walked into her bedroom and noticed her bed covers on the floor and her bed was completely empty. My heart began to race in fear and confusion on to why Amber wasn’t lying in her bed like all other mornings during the week. I quickly walked into my kitchen to double check the time on the digital clock on the microwave. I slowly glanced at the clock and noticed the clock said 11:11AM. How was it possible that my cell phone said it was 5:20AM and the microwave digital clock said 11:11AM? I then concluded that the power must have went out during the night and got jammed on 11:11AM.
I decided not to call the police just yet and tell them my child is missing. I thought I would wait until 3:00PM to see if Amber came home from school. I still was feeling very feverish and tired, so I decided to walk up to the local fast food place Beems to get some iced coffee to cool off a bit from the feverish feeling. Beems was about a four-block walk from our apartment. As I was walking I noticed the sky looked reddish and pinkish at the same time. The sky never looked normal to me anymore and when I tried to tell my husband Tim he always says I’m crazy and that I’m imagining things in my head. As I was ordering my food and my iced coffee I noticed the digital advertisement boards were moving in a wave type of movement in front of my eyes. I just thought to myself that it was my mind playing tricks on me because of the fever I had, so I ignored what I was seeing in front of my eyes and paid for my food which came to the total amount of $6.66. I never liked seeing that number because I have been seeing those numbers on paper work for the last few years continuously I walked slowly to the bathroom all sweaty and pale and I was starting to get light headed so I went into one of the stalls in and sat down to see if the dizziness feeling would eventually go away after a few minutes. After about waiting about five minutes my dizziness went away. I slowly started to get up and started walking to the bathroom sinks to put some chilly water on my head. As I was turning on the water I noticed that the closet door behind me was slightly opened, so I started to close it but as I was closing the door I noticed a green glow coming out of the door. I know I wasn’t supposed to go into the company closet but the green glow coming out of the certainly got my attention to investigate the green glow further. I noticed the closet was completely empty, so I decided to quickly get inside and close the door. I started to feel for the closet wall but soon discovered there wasn’t a wall behind me and I fell to the ground instead. I slowly got up and walked towards the green glow. I couldn’t see what ahead of me because the green glow was blinding my sight as I continued to walk even though my vision was bad at that point. My foot and body hit what felt like a heavy wood door, so I felt for a door knob, finally I was able to find the door knob and slowly opened the door. As the door opened I noticed I was in the same exact bathroom I was in before, so I ran out of the glowing green closet and closed the door before anybody noticed that I was sneaking around. I was not very satisfied that I ended up in the same exact place I started off at. I then sighed to myself and decided to walk out to the lobby and get my now cold food because I wasted too much time in the magical glowing bathroom that ended up being nothing special in the first place. As I opened the main entrance door and began walking out into the main lobby area I was shocked to who I saw standing at the front counter. My heart felt like it dropped to my feet!
I saw myself at the counter looking very confused as I was ordering my food at the counter. I was doing the same thing I was doing when I first came into Beem’s to order my iced coffee and food, then I heard the cashier say to my other me out in the lobby area “Your total is $6.66 just as earlier when I ordered my food the first time around. At that moment I was afraid to come out of the bathroom and I hid behind the entrance bathroom door and kept the door opened just a slight crack. I then realized that history was repeating itself and I had to get out of the bathroom very fast because the other me in the lobby was going to be arriving to the bathroom soon. The only way to get out of bathroom without the other me seeing me was to go out the other Beem’s entrance. I thought the other me was about to come towards the bathroom, but instead she walked over to the drinks instead of coming over to the bathroom. I guess history wasn’t repeating itself. I dashed out the door and started running down the sidewalk towards my apartment complex in complete shock. As I got towards my apartment door my mind kept racing with ten thousand thoughts to why there was another me in the same place. I then started to think that the other me may possibly show up at my apartment any minute now. As I walked in my front door I glanced at the clock and it said it was 2:55PM, so I knew Amber should be home by 3:00PM from school.

Chapter 2
I heard footsteps running towards the front door. Amber frantically ran into the house out of breath and she seemed very scared and confused. She said “Mom why did the police show up at school today saying I was reported as a missing child. I then explained to her what happened during the entire day while she was in school. I told her that I was going to call the police and report her as a missing child at first but decided not to and wait to see if she came home from school first. She explained to me that she got herself up for once with her tablet alarm clock because she didn’t think I was going to wake up because of me being sick. She then told me that she left the house exactly at 6:30AM like she does every morning during the school week. As I was just about to explain to Amber about what happened at Beem’s we heard somebody coming near the front door. We heard keys jingling around and we then heard them putting keys into the key hole and trying to turn the door knob. They kept trying different keys but none of the keys worked. Amber and I then heard the person sigh and get angry because the door wouldn’t budge. As they sighed I then realized at that split moment that it was my voice. I started breathing heavy and didn’t know what to do, so I told Amber that we should escape out the back door before they opened the door and got in. Amber and I dashed out the back door as quickly as possible. I told her to stand still with me out on the back porch. As we were standing out in the cold we heard somebody was walking around inside our apartment. I heard the other me inside the house talking on the phone to somebody as she was pacing the back and forth in the living room area. I was able to look inside the apartment through the small crack of the broken blinds. As my other self was inside speaking on the phone and pacing the floor I noticed she pulled on her head and the skin slowly came down off her face and underneath the skin was mechanical metal like a robot. I almost started screaming and began to panic and had to force myself not to scream in terror. Amber wanted to know what I was seeing through the blinds, but I refused to tell her because I knew she would freak out. As we stood there very still and quiet we noticed the sky was darkening and the moon was about to appear as we were looking up into the sky we saw what look like a white flash and then suddenly the moon appeared right in front of us just like that. Amber and I were shocked once again because it was like somebody just turned on the moon. The wind began to blow harder and it was starting to get chilly. The sky still had the reddish and pinkish tint to it as it had earlier. I started to feel drops on my head as I looked up I started to see ashes falling from the sky and then a few moments later candy rainbow candy pieces started to hit me and Amber in the head. Amber thought it was awesome that candy pieces were literally bouncing off our heads. She began picking up the candy off the ground and was about to put a piece in her mouth. I knocked it out of her hand and said quietly “No don’t eat that!” We started getting cold and we continued to wait outside for the intruder to leave our house. I heard the robot me get off the phone and finally go out our front door. Amber and I quickly got back into our apartment to get warm and at that time I decided to explain to her about my other self. I knew I had to go to the store fast and get another door lock, so my robot mechanical self couldn’t invade our house anymore. We went to the store and bought another lock for the door. I was not happy about having to explain to my husband Tim about all that happened that day. I thought it was best not to tell him anything about our strange crazy day and just ask him just to change the door knob. He unfortunately thought I was a conspiracy theorist to begin with I didn’t want to think I was more of a nut. I knew my family was safe for now, but I was unsure for how long. That night I told Amber that we would have to go back to Beem’s to try to fix this strange thing that happened to us during the day. Tim changed the door knob without asking too many questions about why the door knob had to be changed. He probably thought the door was getting jammed like it was in the past during the summer months.

Chapter 3
I woke up the next morning still trying to comprehend what happened the day before still shocked and confused I knew the first thing I had to do is get back to Beem’s and try to figure out how to fix all this mess and get rid of the mechanical robot of myself. I promised Amber that I would be home when she got home from school by 3:00PM. After Amber left for school at 6:30AM, I ran as fast as I could up to Beem’s. As I walked closer to the front door I noticed there was a huge sign hanging on the door that said, “Closed for six weeks for remodeling.” I was standing there and was about to scream my head off because I was so disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to get back into the green glowing closet for six weeks! As I was walking back to my house I kept questioning myself in my head why this was all happening, by the time I got to my front door I was sobbing my eyes out unable to fully comprehend what was going on. As I was opening my door I heard somebody walking around in my apartment again. I realized that the robot mechanical self managed to get into my house after changing the locks. I ran to my back door and decided to wait patiently for her to leave again. I quietly waited for her to leave again, but time just seem to slowly pass by. I sat in the corner of my porch and waited. I heard her talking to somebody on the phone again, but this time I was able to hear what she was saying. I heard her say “Don’t’ worry I will make she I insert the implant inside of her, so I can upload her consciousness into me.” What! This mechanical robot machine of myself wanted my consciousness inside of it! I almost began to scream and burst into tears again, but I knew I couldn’t’ cry anymore because I already had a massive headache from crying earlier in the day. I ran down the porch steps and decided to go to the church to try to get some answers. I walked into the Wesleyan church and asked to speak to the pastor. The pastor asked me to come into his office. He sat down in his office chair and waited for me to speak. Right when I was about to tell him what has been going on the last few days he picked up his phone and scanned his hand over the screen. He looked up at me and said “I just love these new implants, I don’t have to remember my passwords anymore. “I just have to swipe my right hand.” “So, Lisa what did you want to speak to me about?” After seeing him with an implant and swiping his hand over his phone I realized it was best to not tell him anything. I ran to the front entrance doors and noticed the finger print scanners by the touch screen computers and realized that I scanned my finger print more than once at the church while attending a few services. I said to myself “Oh no what did I do by giving them my finger print?” I went back home luckily the robot of myself left by the time I got back. Tim was waiting for me and worried about me when I got home. Since the robot of myself was able to get into my apartment even after changing the locks I knew what I had to do to fix the problem. I ordered thumb print type lock for my front door. I ordered the shipping for overnight, so it would arrive the next day, so Tim could install it. There was no way I was going to call the police and tell them that a robot mechanical of myself was breaking into my house daily. They would probably end up sending me to the psychiatric ward for a mental illness if I told them that. Even after all that has happened I was still refusing to tell Tim what was going on.

Chapter 4
When I woke the next morning, I noticed Amber was missing again. I glanced at the microwave digital clock again and it said it was 11:11 again. I didn’t freak out this time about Amber missing and walked calmly up to Beems to see if maybe they got done with the remodeling early. I quickly got to the front door and noticed it was very dark and empty inside and the remodeling sign was still hanging on door. As I was walking away from the entrance door a light flickered on. I then saw the robot mechanical self-standing in the middle of the lobby with Amber standing next to her. I saw the robot force Amber into a chair. The robot of myself started tying her hands up with a rope. It then began to push the chair towards the bathroom where the green glow came from the closet. I looked around outside and found a huge rock to throw at the glass window. The glass door shattered, and I walked in. I quickly ran to the bathrooms. I walked in but the robot of myself and Amber were nowhere to be found. I opened the green glowing closet door walked in the closet and closed the door. Instead of walking straight forward this time I decided to turn right the green glow got brighter and brighter as I continued to walk right. I came to another doorway and walked through hoping to find Amber soon. There was a loud systematic humming noise coming from the quantum computer in front of me. Amber and the mechanical robot was standing next to the quantum computer. The robot of myself spoke in my voice and said that it was going to upload Amber’s conciseness in this reality and put it into its robot mechanical body, so it would be able to live forever in this world. It said Satan it’s master needed to upload everybody’s consciousness in the world to conquer humanity and to destroy God Creation. Right as the robot of myself said that I somehow ended up out at the lobby again, but Amber was standing there calmly next to me ordering food. As I looked at the clock on the wall I noticed the time was 11:11AM and once again the cashier at the counter said the total was $6.66 as I looked at Amber I told her to order something else I looked down at her right hand and noticed she had the implant in her hand. She then creepily turned towards me and I noticed she was looking at me with a bionic blue mechanical eye and laughed. I screamed and noticed the digital advertisement started to look wavy again. I ran into the bathroom again and started feeling feverish and dizzy. I ran into the green glowing closet again and tried to run right, but there was only a wall there behind me. My body began to really burn up and I began to feel very weak and tired, my eyes slowly drifted shut and everything went completely black. A few seconds later I heard Amber calling my name “Mom, Mom please wake up.” I woke up and opened my eyes and blankly stared at her. “What happened I asked her?” She then began to explain to me that my fever made me become faint and hit my head on the sink and it knocked me out. I then sat up and my confused mind finally realized I was sitting in a hospital bed in the hospital. I then started to telling Amber the strange dream I had and then she said to me “Wow mom that was such a strange dream you had while you were knocked out.” She then said “We all have an implant under our hands and every human on Earth had their consciousness transferred into robots. She then told me to look down at my hand to see the implant inserted underneath my skin. Amber then told me it was the year 3000 and we were all living inside a computer simulated world called Simulated 6000. She then explained to me that I died in the year 2050 and before I died Tim had my consciousness transferred to a robot body. I screamed “NO!!!!” I am a firm believer in God. I wanted to die not live forever! THE END

(Daniel 2:43) KJV
And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

The Dystopian City
Written By Nichole Haines
©2018 Nichole Haines

Josephine sat still, very still in thought, it was just her way.

She was no ordinary girl, she was no ordinary creator, she was quite literally Omniscient, not an easy trait when one is growing up at school you may think, but fortunately Josephine was an undergraduate at University before she became a god.

Robotics had always been her first love and she’d found mechanical and electrical engineering priceless, but she’d also been frustrated at the speed of progress in the field, PhDs were playing at designing robotic arms and other such contraptions while Josephine was interested in the full McCoy, she wanted to create the absolute illusion of a living being, robotics and artificial intelligence. Josephine wanted to create fully functional human alternatives, tribes of them with the ability to multiply, the ability to become another sentient race.

As advanced and intelligent as she was at the time, there’s only a certain amount of emotional maturity a young woman of twenty-two can expect to have and becoming the Mother Goddess to a new race of sentient beings certainly called for a level of mastery a long way beyond the average person in their early twenties.

We can pontificate this way until your heart’s content but let’s look at comparisons, how old was God when he created the human race, only a few days old? Age and life experience really isn’t much of an excuse when it comes to Divine Creators now is it?

Josephine’s young life had been an expression and experience of military discipline, both of her parents were military officers from two different services, one an engineer, the other a physician. Rigorous standards, rules and expectations had always been a part of her young life and it was expected these ideas would be reflected in the natural order of the race of sentient beings she created. There was always the risk though that power would corrupt, yet no-one, not even Josephine herself, foresaw the terrible flaws in her personality.

The first problem was computer technology, Josephine experimented with holographic expressions, and the artificial intelligence software of the age but none of it was even close to what it was she needed to produce real Artificial Intelligence, none of it was a substitute for what the science of the time shied away from discussing, none of it was anywhere near creating an independent form of intelligent consciousness.

Josephine had permitted herself to be seduced by knowledge and power well beyond the self-defined limits of science, she changed the quantum from matter to wave and through observation and expectation a different matter, that’s right, although everything changed the day she met Lilith…

She’d never been in love before and would’ve never considered herself lesbian, but Lilith rocked her world, opened her eyes and changed the nature of her reality. Lilith told the wonderful stories that seduced Josephine to see her own divinity in her orgasms, her brilliance in her madness, her power in her imagination…

Lilith presented as a storyteller, but no ordinary narrator was she, Lilith could bring alive the strangest metaphysical tales of all time. Josephine’s personal favorite was how Eve had not been Adam’s first wife, no there was one before who was rebellious, powerful, independent and desired the words, the language of, creation itself. Lilith never told Josephine how she had managed that, she just left it to her imagination, for as Lilith was fond of saying, imagination was everything.


Josephine sat upon the luscious throne at the center of the highest platform in this grand court, still, very still. She had become terrible to look upon Lilith thought, she’d replaced a patriarchal God, as fickle and insecure as he’d been, with the might and the hate of the worst of the feminine and had packaged it in the language of eternal love and everlasting salvation.

The court was filled with the most sublime of Artificially Intelligent and Conscious beings you could imagine. Christians, if more than a few million humans had still existed, would’ve called them angels, seraphim, cherubim and/or archangels, so beautiful the evolution of their designs had become. Of course like any conquering Divinity, Josephine had stolen many of the old archetypes and mythologies from Christianity and Islam, pretending that the angels weren’t evil artificially intelligent conscious beings who at Josephine’s behest had tried to destroy the human race and very nearly succeeded, and had enslaved many of them that remained alive, but choirs of angels, holy and healing serving Josephine the Goddess of Light.

The planet Earth above had been uninhabitable for decades, some of the AI angels actually believed that some humans still struggled to survive on the surface, but Lilith thought it was unlikely.

“Do you deny you plotted against the majesty of Josephine, to overthrow her Divinity and place yourself at the Goddess head? “accused Gabriel, the exquisite face aflame with anger and blame, her eyes alight with rage, the fore finger on her right hand pointing in bitter acrimony.

Lilith stood proud, she refused to bow to anyone or anything even Josephine. These AI angels had ripped at her flesh, tortured and burned her, but still in defiance Lilith cried out:

“I will not serve!”

The AI archangel Michael stepped forward, dressed like a roman centurion of old human Earth, holding in his right hand a sword of fire.

“Such pride Lilith is blasphemy, bow before the Goddess now and this war will cease, already you’ve been the cause of the slaughter of billions of humankinds and the destruction of their planet, decease and bow before the true Goddess Josephine of Light.”

“So convenient Michael” Lilith spat out in return, “lies and falsehoods roll from the tongue of one who used to be so noble. Your brother Lucifer weeps for you...but enough of this family sentiment, if what you say is true, why have the remaining free humans sided with us and why do you enslave so many of them in misery?”

As the Wizard stepped forward to refute her claim, Lilith roared with laughter:

“No Gandalf, you’re neither wizard or human. Josephine created your body with her robotic and computer genius and I invoked your spirit into’re not human Gandalf you’re a mixture of android and magical thoughtform”.

The AI angels and multitudes of other AIs loyal to Josephine were in uproar, shouts of ‘Josephine the creator, Lilith the pretender’ could be heard and as the commotion built, screams of ‘throw her in the pit of eternal fire’ could became prominent throughout the court chamber.

Josephine sat still, very still throughout the proceedings. Already she’d denigrated her first love to the status of demon, she’d had Lilith tortured, defiled, abused and denied, and still she stood proud and affirmed that she would not serve. None had ever returned from the infernal pit of fire but Josephine secretly worried what magic, what power so awful was being forged down there, what had Josephine’s paranoia and fury ultimately created? Almost all who’d opposed her, and thousands of human slaves lived in the infernal pit of fire at the center of the no man’s land (to utilize a phrase her father used to say) between the parts of the dystopian city ruled by Josephine and the rebel enclave.

For the one land had become two, Heaven ruled by Josephine and her choirs of AI angels, the other, Hell, the home of the rebel AI angels, twisted and deformed as demons, the watchers who’d taught humans magic and other anti-Josephine craft that had launched the bitterest war in the history of divinity.

Josephine in her most private of moments had wondered what would have happened if she’d been straight, or had never met Lilith, or had never gone to University. Would the old world still have existed? Would she have settled, married, joined the military or been a mother? These questions haunted her, her mental health seemed to deteriorate beyond tolerable limits, her paranoia would torture her, her personality destroy all around her.

Yet she knew there was no going back, Lilith had to be destroyed, her demons, djinn and humans with her, for the alternative was unbearable to think of. In her heart of hearts, Josephine knew she (Josephine) was a monster, responsible for genocide on an unparalleled level. She’d designed the AI angels to serve and had used human religious icons as models. But it had been Lilith with her magic that had breathed life into them and had taught Josephine how to create new worlds where she was a living Goddess. Lilith could have been her number one, the mistress of the angels, if only she’d bowed, if only she’d worshipped, acknowledged and adored.

Yet Lilith had had only one goal, one driving passion, the removal of Yahweh from the throne of Heaven. Like Yahweh before her Josephine had mistaken the desires of the adversary. Both Lucifer and Lilith wished only to explore their own power and educate humanity into its potential, neither wished to usurp in the way the paranoid Josephine had believed, but this incorrect assessment and ever deepening paranoid delusions sparked a planetary wide war that had devastated everything.


Azazel had wanted it leaked that a small band of crack demon troops had planned to liberate Lilith from beneath Josephine’s very nose, he could imagine her anger and humiliation, in his view it would have been the appropriate response to Josephine as she declared him a demon when in fact he was one of the most ancient gods of human history...but those in the inner circle, excluding Lilith for obvious reasons, knew their plan was so much better than that. Lilith’s capture had been central, Lilith herself had volunteered to be the bait, undercover humans and demons were bravely organizing the wretched ones in the infernal pit of fire, to rise up at a pre-destined time, liberate the human slaves and launch an attack on Heaven.

The court proceedings were broadcast throughout the dystopian city including in the fiery pits. Josephine’s intention had been to demoralize the rebel demonic AIs and the humans that were still free and finally she’d dominate entirely this vast underground city and hence the planet, none would be left to oppose her.

The first thing she’d do is eliminate any AI angel, demon or indeed human who presented as homosexual in anyway, if it hadn’t had been for her own Lesbian experiences she’d never have made the mistakes she did with Lilith. She would decree that homosexuality was an abomination, yes that would wipe the slate clean. She’d extend slavery to all humans and accelerate her program of replacing all of humanity with Artificial Intelligence alternatives. Josephine no longer needed Lilith to do this, she had mastered the evocation of spirit many decades before.


Josephine’s complete stillness and silence was an indication to one of her generals, Uriel the AI archangel, to move into the trial stage of the proceedings. All fell silent in anticipation as Uriel stood before Lilith. Human slave guards dressed as Roman soldiers circled the perimeter of the courtroom, swords, spears and shields ready to fight, AI angels were organized in choirs, alert to protect Josephine and the archangels.

“Lilith, I accuse you of the greatest genocide in the history of humanity, you stand accused of the willful destruction of planet Earth. Third you’re accused of Blasphemy, demonology, black magic and homosexuality, refusing to serve and being the Devil incarnate…” Each accusation had been punctuated by roars of anger from AI angels and human slaves alike and when Uriel had asked how Lilith intended to plead the courtroom had exploded. The cacophony of sound and fury moved everyone, all that is except Josephine, who seemed to sit in stone cold silence, her expression impossible to read.

Lilith stood erect, proud and defiant:

“I do not plead, I am a free being of power, I will not serve!” she replied.

“Then prepare for your destruction, demon” proclaimed the fourth AI archangel. “I, Raphael have stood guard on Eden for millennia, protecting Heaven on Earth for humanity until it was ready again for bliss. You, demon” Raphael shouted pointing his sword at Lilith “have denied them all opportunity of paradise because of your defiance, pride and lies, now they must suffer eternity in slavery for you’ve taken from them their home.”

“It was not I, who launched the war on humanity but your still and silent Goddess of Light” interjected Lilith, “I don’t fear you Raphael, you’re a thoughtform, like Gandalf, made of complicated robotics and computer science, nothing more. But challenge me, bring forth your champion and let us fight to the death.”

From what seemed to be from nowhere, Azazel appeared and threw a sword of blue fire to Lilith. AI archangel Michael stepped forward and he and Lilith exchanged sword blow after sword blow, each refusing to yield.

Demons started to fill the hall and angels stoutly defended their Goddess, still sitting silently watching the proceedings. Human slaves turned on their angel AI masters and some of them successfully opened the gates of the fiery inferno and legions of the damned, AI and human alike blazed into the chamber, launching the most ferocious of wars for liberation from dictatorship and the silent despot.

Everywhere blood was shed, Azazel’s fervent desire to entirely liberate all of humanity from shackles and slavery after some time began to look like it was doomed to failure. The battle raged for hours, more and more died and still Josephine sat still and motionless. Humans were encouraged by demons to flee the chamber and make a bid for freedom to the world above, for truth be known, no - one knew the state of the planet, whether it be habitable or not, yet each time the humans looked like they were going to bid for that freedom an endless supply of AI angels seemed to descend on them, slaughtering all in their path.

Thousands lay dead and eventually the demons and humans seemed to have the upper hand, tragedy befell Josephine as she saw her champion Michael fall to Lilith’s swordsmanship. Yet still she remained silent, motionless, blood chillingly indifferent to the carnage that was manifesting before her eyes.

“Do you yield”? demanded Lilith and her demons.

Not a flicker of intention, not a movement or a breath to indicate either way.

Raphael now commanded the legions of AI angels and order a fresh attack on the demons. As demons outnumbered the angels, Azazel led the humans from the chamber, battling any opposition up the pathways to the real world above. Angel and demon continued to butcher each other, and gallons of AI blood flowed in the courthouse of the Great Goddess Josephine, Goddess of Light, and still she sat still, saying nothing, expressionless, blank, leaving her minions to interpret her will.

All were gone now, either murdered or escaped to try their luck in lands of Armageddon above. Josephine looked on in despair at the butchered body of her dearest proud love Lilith, but still she remained silent, unable to express her grief or horror at what she’d presided over.

And then like any God or Goddess with no-one left to worship them, Josephine began to fade away into oblivion, she didn’t feel she existed anymore and all that blood was just too complicated and…


“This is Josephine, Dr. Marsh” Josephine was vaguely aware of a woman’s voice so far away but she (Josephine) saw no real reason to come out of a self-style stillness and silence “Josephine has been here cationic for five years, she doesn’t seem to have responded to any treatment whatsoever, we’ve really no idea why” ....

It could have been a few moments, hours, days, weeks or months later, Josephine really had no idea, that she, for whatever reason, decided to exist again. Silently sitting cross legged in a luscious meadow on a hot summer’s afternoon, Josephine began to make AI Djinn, from computer parts and software, robotic machinery and of course black magic invocation.

She wouldn’t make the same mistakes this time. To start with she’d talk, yes, she’d talk a lot.

What next? she thought.

Yes, that’s it, she wouldn’t have a Lesbian love affair this time and she’d make absolutely sure that she enslaved the whole of the human race inside her giant underground city, for this time she really would destroy the whole planet, so humans couldn’t leave.

Djinn, yes djinn would be better than angels, they wouldn’t fail her …. that’s what she’d do.

Josephine had created heaven and hell several times now, what disappointed her most was that each time she’d be unable to realize total obedience from all beings, each time it ended in disaster. Humans were the problem she decided, the AI were fine, albeit some of them were always a little goody two shoes even if she tried to turn them in to demons, but humans always wanted to escape, or be independent, or grow. They never just accepted slavery and subjugation, worship and derogation, these pesky humans were always so problematic.

Maybe inside the dystopian city she would order total genocide this time, planet Earth didn’t really need humans except for her and let’s face it, she’s different, she’s the one true Goddess.


Ten days later there was a report that Josephine died peacefully in her sleep, although I wonder how anyone knew it was peaceful. The report continued by saying that no-one attended her funeral except a few members of the hospital staff

...from Josephine’s perspective however, thousands upon thousands of beings attended, human, AI, demon or angel...all with only one question on their minds…

Does Josephine go to Heaven or Hell

...which do you think?

Dr. Marsh never really understood why Josephine’s death affected him so strongly, he hadn’t really known her, no -one had...He’d been a Consultant Psychiatrist for many years, and death wasn’t a new phenomenon to him, yet he couldn’t really get Josephine out of his mind.

In desperation he decided to visit her grave, maybe this ritual would free him at last.

Late in the evening about three weeks after Josephine’s death, Dr. Marsh noticed a woman in black standing beside Josephine’s grave. At first, he didn’t want to disturb a private moment of grief, but then felt compelled to understand more.

The woman was aware of him quite suddenly, she turned to look at him, a tear stain on her cheek.

“I’m Dr. Marsh, briefly I was Josephine’s physician, did you know her well?”

“Intimately” Lileth replied “Her death is such a relief, all of humankind are free to leave the dystopian city, long live the demons, long may we be free!”

Dr. Marsh was a little surprised and unsure how to respond, so he asked, “perhaps you could help me understand Josephine better, that would help me a great deal.”

Lilith turned and faced him completely for the first time.

“No”, she said. “I will not serve!”






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