The Order of the Sacred Vow: The Green Collars

By Jasmine P. Antwoine

Fantasy, Short stories

Paperback, eBook

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“Amorphya is the last settlement on a deserted Earth.
It is the last chance humans have to make it right.”
~ The Chronicles of Sibum, 52639.6.82.T

Amorphya is a city-state, founded about a thousand years back by the survivors of an apocalyptic event that had left Earth barren and almost lifeless. The knowledge on the nature of the catastrophic event that led to the destruction of the previous civilization is all but lost. The past is surrounded in myths and suppositions and only the memory of the devastation remains.

At the time of our story, Amorphya has around seven million inhabitants, with a steady population rate. The city-state has reached its total capacity in the past hundred years and further development is no longer available. That is because Amorphya depends on Lake Mazur as the only source of drinkable water, a lake which is located in the middle of the city. Amorphya does not mean only the urban settlement around Lake Mazur but also the farmlands that are surrounding the center and provide food for all inhabitants. The city-state is divided into districts and sub-districts and it has a form of centralized government and economy. A Chancellor rules over Amorphya, helped by a council of legislators. The legislators are members of the guilds that were founded hundreds of years ago, representing various trades and colleges.



A Lost Dreams of Amorphya Story

“The world is about to change! To go back to the path
of righteousness. By force, if necessary!”

Portia smiled with pride, as she listened to the Grandmaster delivering his speech. She looked around, at the vast gathering hall; Magna Aula was crowded with her colleagues from The Order of the Sacred Vow. They were dressed in plain two-pieces costumes in tones of gray and blue. To a newcomer, they could pass as any normal students, if not for their grass-green collars. That was their sign of recognition, their uniform.

“People have to be told what to do. They cannot distinguish right from wrong. They are misled by their lack of faith. We have the duty to make sure people do the right thing.”

The men and women present in the hall inhaled every word the Grandmaster spoke. This speech was a moment long waited for. Portia could sense the excitement that filled the hall, while her own hands tingled with anxiety. The air seemed charged with impatience, like movement stopped in mid-action. The current event was a special one, a two-in-one ceremony that marked the graduation of a new generation of Order postulants, as well as a new governmental policy that sent The Order right in the middle of the political struggle.

“As you probably have already heard,” continued the Grandmaster, “the Chancellor had promulgated the law. You all know what it means.”

People held their breaths. Of course they knew. It meant immediate action. War.

Portia had been only fifteen at the time The Order came by her school to recruit the future generation. It was the beginning of spring semester when two men and a woman made their appearance at Offler District Middle School. They entered the headmaster’s office like they owned the place. Soon after that, the secretary, two part-time teachers and the headmaster himself were engaged in frantically searching student’s records, bringing children in for interviews, and classifying documents on behalf of The Order.



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