The Undecided Woman

By P. J. Churchill

New adult fiction, Romance, Women's fiction, General fiction, Literary fiction, Young adult


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2 mins


"So is this going to happen again?" She asks him.

"I hope not, love."

"With how many times you have gone away on business trips at weekends in the past, I am not sure," says Susan.

"I'm sorry, that we had to cancel our time away together this weekend, but work is work, when a person is trying to climb up the ladder in a company they work for," he says.

With that, Tim gets up and gets ready to have a bath while she makes the dinner.

Once dinner was done and a relaxing time watching television during the evening was taken.

"I am going to have an early night to get a good night sleep, ready for work in the morning," says Tim.

"OK then, I think I will do the same," she replies.

And both eventually call it a day, at around ten o-clock.


An Unexpected Person

Monday morning, and after Tim had gone to work, Susan begins to prepare herself for doing her home job of a Chiropractor and puts her white coat on, with her first patient due at 9.00am.

But with her mind still on the events over the weekend, she was not feeling her usual happy self.

Later, during that morning, looking at her list, one of her patients for the morning was someone that she recognized the name. 'I wonder if that's them or just someone with the same name,' she wondered to herself.

Eventually, it was time for that persons appointment and as they arrived, the gentleman was sitting in the waiting area before Susan open the door to the room and called them in.

"Hello Susan, long while no see," says the patient whose name was Steve, as he was stunned to see who he was seeing in front of him.

"Hi there Steve, it is you, would you like to come through?" She says, and he walks in.

"How have you been?" Steve asks her.

"Not too bad, how about yourself?” She replies in an exciting way.

"Doing a bit of this and that," he says, while taking his shirt off to prepare to have some treatment done to him.

"What is the problem?" Susan asks as she begins to feel more happier than she did.

"I have got a strain in my lower back," he replies.

"Can you bend forward for me please," she asks him, and Steve does so.

And he does so again for her.

“You certainly still have that slim fit body, don't you Susan?” Steve says.

“I like to keep fit plus slim and always have done at my height of 5ft 10ins,” she replies.

"Now bend backwards for me please Steve, then bend your top half sideways, to the left, then your right," she says.

“It does feel a bit tight on your back,” she says.

"Now get onto the bench please," she says to him.

"So what has life been like for you then?" Steve asks Susan.

"Not too bad, but could be better," she says.

"When we were last together, we were just very good friends, wasn't we, before I moved away to another town?” He says.
"Yes I know," she says while doing work on his strained back as he lays on his front.

"I noticed you look a bit down, anything the matter?" He asks her.

"I just had a bit of a bad weekend," she says and told him about her husband Tim going away, when he said that he was suppose to of been taking her away somewhere.

"But it is not the first time that he has done that," she says to him.

She started to do work on his neck and shoulders while telling him all about things.

"That feels nice and relaxing," says Steve while laying on the bench.

She begins to feel a bit horny for some reason, but tried not to show it while treating his back and neck.

"You are a good listener, I notice," Susan says.

"You needed a bit of cheering up by the sounds of things," he says.

"That's it, your done Steve," after finishing the work to sort his strain in his back and neck out.

"Am I your last patient for the day?" He asks.

"Yes, why?" She replies.

And he puts his arms round her; "I am still single you know," he says with a smile.

"What are you doing?" She asks.

"Well, as I said, you need cheering up," he replies while still undressed with his shirt off, and starts kissing her, then softly stroking the back of her neck.



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