To the Wolves

By Evan Bond

Action & adventure, Thriller

Paperback, eBook

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A late night storm had passed over the city of Miami leaving the streets drenched. Puddles formed in the roads slowly draining as the night went on. It left behind a smooth shine to the black asphalt. The rain had ceased, but the clouds remained which cloaked the city in a dark and moonless night. A mixture of oil and rain covered the roads making them slick and dangerous. It was late and Miami Beach bustled with nightlife as always. The bright neon colors of hotels and bars cascaded out towards the ocean. Tourists roamed free looking for the best nightclubs. As usual the city was dark and quiet. Most people were home after a long day’s work. Others had migrated to the night scene at the beach.
Officer Ethan McCormick slowed his cruiser to a stop. The traffic light flashed its neon red glow across the white paint of his squad car. Normally he would run the license plates of the vehicles around him. With no other cars around he decided to just relax. Despite popular belief most cops did not run red lights just because they had the power to do so. Every time the lights flicked on it was logged into an internal database. Later when the officer is dropping off the cruiser at the station he would have to account for every single use. If the battery was dead at the end of the day and there had not been a good reason to use them that officer would be in hot water. Luckily Ethan was not the type of officer to do so.
He was a patient man. Ever since he could remember things seemed to roll right off of him. Girlfriends in his past had always asked how he could always be so calm. Even when facing what seemed to be the most stressful situations. He would only shrug. It was just how he was. Staring at the bright red traffic light his eye lids began to feel heavy. He was on his way back to the station to drop off his cruiser then head home. With the few extra hours he had worked he could not wait to get some rest.
As the light clicked green Ethan began to go over the details of his day. It had been rather dull. Most days consisted of domestic disputes, drunken fist fights, traffic violations, and more naked people than one could imagine. It surprised Ethan how many times he would show up and someone would be naked, even in the most simplest of situations. Once he had arrested a man for breaking into his ex-wife’s home. When Ethan arrived the trespasser was naked. He had asked how that had happened, but never received a straight answer. That was during his first year on the force. He was happy to have those times behind him.
Ethan’s official job was as a detective for the Miami Police Department homicide division. He responded to homicide reports, inspected the scene, and took notes from witnesses. When there was not a homicide Ethan made his rounds just like every other officer. It was nowhere near as exciting as the crime scene shows on television made it look. There was much more paperwork in real life. Still, Ethan loved what he did and tried to do his best every day. The best perk of being a detective was wearing plain clothes. He no longer had to wear the standard blue uniform. Somehow it felt absolutely liberating.
As he rounded a corner he came to another red light. Skidding to a stop Ethan glanced around the intersection. A pearl white Chevrolet Aveo with nearly limousine dark tint rolled slowly through the green light. He was not sure quite what caught his attention, but when Ethan’s light changed he stuck close behind the car.
Getting close enough he began to run the plate. A moment later an advisory blinked on screen. The vehicle had been reported stolen the day before. Immediately Ethan flicked on the red and blue lights and increased his speed. The Aveo coasted to the shoulder and came to an abrupt stop. Ethan stopped short just behind the Aveo and shifted the cruiser into park. With the blinding spot light pointed directly towards the vehicle he could see two silhouettes bouncing nervously back and forth.
Ethan had gathered everything he needed to approach the vehicle and opened his door. As he did the brake lights dimmed and the vehicle tore away. The tires squealed across the pavement. His heart thumped wildly in his chest as he slammed the door shut. Adrenaline coursed fiercely through his veins. Within seconds Ethan was in pursuit.
With his left hand on the wheel he reached out with his right. Grabbing the receiver he called for backup. He quickly shouted his position and briefly described the situation. Once he received a response he dropped the receiver and placed both hands firmly on the wheel. Above him the siren wailed nosily through the empty streets. It echoed off the nearby buildings.
The Aveo screeched around a corner with Ethan close on its tail. They would not lose him that easy. They began to swerve back and forth on the slippery road. With each slide it looked as if they might lose control of the vehicle. Ethan knew they had to bring this chase to a stop before it ended in injury.
Applying more pressure to the accelerator Ethan began to close in on the fleeing vehicle. He was going to try what was known as a P.I.T. maneuver, precision immobilization technique. An officer would attempt to end a dangerous chase by forcing the driver to lose control of the vehicle and stop. This could be accomplished by bumping the suspect’s car in the rear bumper slightly off center. If done correctly it would cause the vehicle to slide sideways bringing it to a halt.
Their bumpers collided, but the suspect remained in control of his vehicle. Dropping back Ethan prepared to ram again this time he would apply more force. Before Ethan could try again the car rounded another corner. This time it slid into the opposite lane. If there had been any traffic on the road they would have collided.
Ethan followed closely behind gaining distance. Up ahead on the long stretch of road Ethan spotted several flashing lights. His backup had finally arrived. In a matter of minutes the fleeing suspects would be cut off and placed in handcuffs. The Aveo slid sideways and skidded to a stop spraying murky brown water across the road.
As two men emerged from the vehicle the other police cruisers slid to a halt. The driver bolted across the street while the passenger dashed to the right down an alley way. Ethan quickly turned right and ran after the passenger. The other two officers chased after the driver.
Up ahead Ethan could hear the man panting. His shallow breaths echoed through the tight space. His footfalls were loud and accompanied by a splash from the wet concrete. Ethan was forced to push himself faster as the man jut-ted around a corner. Not wanting to lose the suspect he threw himself around the corner as fast as his legs would allow.
The suspect was several feet ahead of him and gaining distance. The slippery ground was making it difficult for Ethan to keep up. Regardless he pushed himself harder feeling his calves burn. “Stop, now!” He panted when he was only a few feet behind the suspect.
Darting left the man aimed himself toward another alley. Ethan cursed and followed closely behind. His right hand gripped the butt of his Taser as he sprinted. Once he was close enough to the suspect he would take him down.
Ahead of the perpetrator stood a tall wire fence. As the man attempted to climb up Ethan caught up to him. He had only climbed a few feet before Ethan grabbed him by the back of his pants and yanked him back down. As he tum-bled to the ground Ethan put himself between the entrance of the alley and the suspect blocking his only escape.
Drawing his Glock Ethan stared down at the man and ordered him to the ground. “Place both hands on the back of your head and get down on your knees, do it now!” The man looked nervous, but did not comply. “I am warning you, get down on the ground now.”
After the second warning the man quickly pulled a gun of his own. The reaction had been so fast it startled Ethan. Taking two steps back Ethan began to bark more orders. “Drop the weapon and get on the ground. I won’t warn you again.”
The man’s eyes shifted back and forth nervously. Ethan mentally prepared himself to fire. It was not something he wanted to do, but would if left no choice. “He’ll kill me if I give up,” the perpetrator said as he turned the gun on him-self. “It’ll be quicker this way.” Ethan cried out for him to stop to no avail.
The man squeezed the trigger and for a moment Ethan’s ears rang. The smell of gunpowder was thick in the air. Small pieces of skull and brain clung to the chain link fence. A large splatter had erupted onto the side wall. Holstering his weapon Ethan covered his mouth. “Jesus Christ,” he cried as the situation sank in. The scene was gruesome. Ethan had never seen so much blood. Even now the man’s body was slumped over lying in a puddle, blood gushing from the wound.
Fighting the urge to vomit he spun around and grabbed the radio from his belt. “This is Detective McCormick re-questing immediate assistance.” He rattled off his general location. Within minutes the two other officers had arrived followed shortly by an ambulance. The paramedics looked at the body and shook their heads. Moments later a coroner was on his way.
One of the other officers turned to Ethan as the coroner scooped up the body and placed it in a black bag. “What the hell happened, Ethan?” At first, Ethan was too shocked to respond. Catching his nerve he turned towards him.
“I had him cornered and he just shot himself. He said it would be quicker. I don’t know.” A look of horror and disgust spread across the other officer’s face.
“Well, at least he didn’t try and take you with him, McCormick.” Ethan nodded, counting himself lucky.
As the officer patted him on the back he turned and headed back towards his squad car. Ethan did the same. Once behind the wheel he placed his head back against the head rest. An image of the man’s eyes staring into his as he pulled the trigger flashed in his head. It would be near impossible to erase that image from his mind.
Shaking it off the best he could, Ethan put the car in drive. Heading back towards the police department he tried to push the thought of the man out. The image of his lifeless eyes staring back at him seemed to be burned into his reti-nas.



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