Windmaster Legend

By Helen Henderson

Romance, Fantasy

Paperback, eBook

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Loud voices, one angry, the other raised in protest reached the group. Conall ran towards the noise with the council member just a step behind. Hampered by the tray and unable to jump the low hedge row, Iol had to follow the path and fell farther behind. He finally reached a gap in the hedges. Those he followed were ten feet away, but he focused on the movement at the other side of the clearing.

Two figures grappled.

Cszabo Three cleared his throat in warning. “Excuse me, Lady Pelra. A word.”

The taller of the pair that had been struggling turned.

Whether the councilman meant it or not, the woman Iol now knew as Pelra took advantage of the distraction to break free. A step widened the space between her and the apparent attacker.

“Go away,” the man growled. “I am Leod, seated member of the House of Pirri. You’re interfering in things not of your business.” After a dismissive scan, he turned and reached for the watching woman

Iol’s neck burned at the other man’s actions. The weight of the tray and the rules against junior officers fighting held him in place.

“I think not,” Cszabo Three said. His soft tone showed no hint of the real power behind it. “Lady Pelra and I have business to discuss.”

Iol fought down a shudder. The council member’s mild tone and smile were deceptive as too many junior officers had discovered, just before being called to task.

A branch moved behind Leod, revealing Latrell’s face. The servant waved and the branch returned to its previous spot without even a whisper of leaves to reveal its visitor. Iol let out his held breath. Knowledge the headman knew of the trouble reassured Iol reinforcements would be there shortly. But would they arrive in time?

Despite the order for all weapons to be left aboard ship or at the gate with the king’s servants, he felt Leod was armed—ready to attack. All I have is the tray. He judged the metal disk as a potential weapon. All weight shifted onto his front foot in preparation of the defense of his senior officer. His grip tightened on the tray ready to toss its contents into the intruder’s face.



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