Court Jester of the Castle

By Al Shield

Comedy & satire | eBook

Al bought a house. Al bought a house that started to attract some very weird people like the local sheriff, an ex-criminal, charity collectors and a screaming banshee. Al bought a house that was full of things that didn't make any sense, like the possible swingers party/ opium den back shed and the mystery under house speaker. Al bought a house and with his budget of not much at all, attempted to patch things up with his next to zero skills in DIY often making things hilariously worse. Al bought a house and along the way created an undead mower, fought against diarrhetic sparrows, waged war against mafia roses and glued himself together with liquid nails. And then Al had to sell the house in a hurry..

Al Shield is a radio announcer by day and pretty tired by night. But he still finds time to write away when he's not destroying music on his guitar or destroying roads in his wagon. In high school he wasn't voted 'most likely to do' anything as they forgot to put that question in the yearbook.


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