End of a Girl

By Nia Sinjorina

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Young adult | Paperback, eBook

2020 and humanity is making its last stand: its armies have been destroyed, its weapons made irrelevant; its remaining population hiding underground as the moon burns and the sun grows smaller. All that remains is to recording everything that has happened to it since The Lady was blessed ten years earlier. History, philosophy, science and learning: all are being entrusted to the discredited mechanism called language in a project called the Folion, with the hope that someone in the future may read it and understand. Of them all, Folio 55 is the most important, for in it will be the tale of the life of The Lady herself. in 2010, Molly Peterson was just a normal teenage girl, hating school, bullied by the cool kids ... and then it all changed: for her, for us, for the course of history itself.

A life lived in the world of the physical and the virtual, the facts of science and the fiction of SciFi and Fantasy, have led me to bring all of my experiences together in a tale that started off as short story written for my daughter. I love Twilight, she said. Twilight is pants, I replied. Write something better then, she countered. Okay, I promised. Say hello to my effort.


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