Energize Your Coffee

By Elizabeth Smith

Food & drink | eBook

Pure Energizing Awesomeness! Ah, coffee… It makes such an important part of our routine; be it with its awesome, energizing aroma in the morning or with its incomparable taste that makes us company when sharing with our loved ones. After a while we may grow tired of having the same energizing (you get the contradiction!) cup of coffee every single day. With these 35 easy to follow coffee recipes (most can be prepared with instant coffee!) you will find something to boost your mind or to impress the ones you love for a long time. While many of us drink coffee more than once every day, we tend to prepare it the same way over and over again. With this book I want to show you how awesome and unique every single cup of coffee you drink can be.

When you read my books I want to portray even at least a small glimpse of love, and American tradition that I am so blessed to have in my life. My husband, children and I open our home, and invite you to our table to enjoy the same recipes and meals that we have come to love, as well as some new recipes that I have developed over the years. I dedicate these books to my parents, Steve and Cathryn, who made me the parent and wife I am today.



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