Errant Shot

By William Petersen

Horror | eBook

A meteorite falls to Earth, exploding high in the atmosphere and wreaking havoc on the ground. An amateur rock hunter discovers a piece of the interstellar visitor and cashes in on the find, only to learn that it is not a meteorite at all... To think that there are no other sentient beings in the universe borders on vanity. To think that other sentient beings would be any less prone to violence and war than are we, borders on naivety. Collateral damage is a reality with any conflict. What if there is undelivered ordinance...stray bullets...from distant, cosmic conflicts floating through space like wandering asteroids or long-period comets? What if bystander Earth was the victim of one of these...errant shots?

Missouri native and life-long resident. I'm either camping, fishing, sitting outside next to a fire or watching something about history, science or nature right now. I may even be writing... I find endless inspiration within the natural world for science-fiction, horror and fantasy... Every story starts with 'What If ?', and I strive to bring you with me as I attempt to explore that question.


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