Forty Degrees of Latitude: A Journey of Extremes

By Howard M Beck

Travel, Biography & memoir, Environment & nature | Paperback, eBook

This is a land of smoking volcanoes, dramatic fjords, temperate rain forests, the world’s driest desert and the loftiest mountain range outside the Himalaya. It is a preposterously skinny land, wedged incongruously between the high Andes and the Pacific, embracing some stunning landscapes and inhabited by a strange and wonderful bestiary. With its head sweltering within the Tropic of Capricorn and a toe tickling Antarctica, that same geographical circumstance has also given birth to a culture unique in South America. This is not just any land. This is Chile. Join me now on my travels through almost forty degrees of latitude, and share with me the stunning landscapes and wild places, my moments of euphoria, the disappointments and the unexpected encounters that made my time here such an unforgettable experience.

Howard Beck has been an explorer, adventurer and traveller for over forty years, having gained experience of wilderness areas in the Arctic, equatorial jungles and the world’s deserts. He is no ordinary travel writer. When visiting a country he immerses himself totally in the experience, taking his readers to new heights of awareness.




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