Further Tales of Nonagon (Nonagon Series Book 3)

By Olive Winterleaf

Comedy & satire, Horror, Magical realism | Paperback, eBook

ANCIENT WISDOM MEETS FUTURE STUPIDITY AND THE TWO ARE MADE WHOLE. Professor Quadrillion Bit - driven mad by the nodules - is treated in a psychiatric hospital. A psychiatrist finds a new hobby. Carbon looks for a repulsive book. Mind-bending drugs, plastic food and arson - all feature in this occult spoof, the final instalment of Tales of Nonagon... Olive Winterleaf's comic confection now kindlised by Amazon. This is the third part of a trilogy. So make sure you read the other two parts first or nothing will make any sense... "Two-dimensional characters on a flat surface. Awful." C. R. Ease, FOLDED PAPER DAILY... "The sink was hairy and the bed had a lump." TRIPPING VISOR... Read Further Tales of Nonagon. Enjoy the fuchsia contemplation room.

From an early age, Olive Winterleaf has been blessed with the ability to mangle the English language. Then, she discovered a microscopic lesion in the shape of a nonagon had lodged under one of her fingernails. A closer inspection revealed that this 'nonagon' harboured a population of biscuit crumbs. This inspired her to write complete nonsense in the form of the 'Tales of Nonagon' series.


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Olive Winterleaf

Olive Winterleaf

3 September at 14:35

Laboratoire Winterleaf introduces new formula. Never worry about wrinkling your Kindle again! This astonishing compendium of illiterate drivel comes surrounded by a luxury imitation plasticated container via the Amazonian kindling place

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