By Koen Stuyck

Thriller, General fiction | Paperback, eBook

Golem is an energetic but also thoughtful thriller, atmospheric, imaginative and well-paced, and manages to weave its supernatural fiction convincingly into the known reality of the Israel-Palestine conflict. At the same time, it serves to bring out moral strands in the conflict, because, as you will know if you’re conversant with the folklore, a recurring theme of golem tales is hubris: the creator of the beast traditionally ends up being destroyed by it.

Koen Stuyck today works for an environmental NGO. Before he was a journalist and a travel guide, among other trades. He has been following the middle east for twenty years. Golem is his first novel.

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Early review Giveaway on Goodreads

4 December

Member of Goodreads? Sign up for a free early review copy of Golem, an ambitious #faction thriller about the Israel - Palestine conflict. From December 12th... incidently, my birthday :-)


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