Hawk Shaman audiobook

By K.C. & Al Collier

Action & adventure, Romance, Historical fiction, Fantasy | Paperback, eBook, Audiobook

Tia and her brother have been asked to leave their village to find their father’s long lost friend, TaTisho. As they near the village of TaLequa, they are trapped on a dangerous island where death awaits them. A young man, Ky, seeks to be the next shaman for the village but must risk a life of secrets and betrayal. He reaches out with both a helping hand and an open heart to save Tia and her brother. He needs a wife to become the shaman, but as he returns to the village, he learns another young leader has decided he, too, wants Tia for his wife. A third youth makes it clear he is willing to kill Ky and Tia to become the next shaman. Only a lifelong secret of a great truth can save them, yet TaTisho seems to block Ky at every turn.

K.C. and Al Collier are a unique writing team. Al experiences severe epileptic seizures and ‘blackouts.’ During these blackouts he sees visions or mental movies, which he later describes to K.C., who then helps him convert these stories into novels. Al’s seizures cause dyslexia and other reading problems as well as writing difficulties. K.C. translates and weaves his ramblings into a magical tale.


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