Helen James & The Yunkery Problem

By J.J. Maxwell

Sci-Fi, Children's | Paperback, eBook

7 year Old Helen James has been selected by the Visitants to be their 5th 'Good'. The Visitants roam the universe. When they find Galaxies, Star Systems or planets nearing destruction they assign a 'Good' to retrieve the situation. Helen is on the Naughty Step for not eating her dinner when she is engulfed by a blue haze which is Hyming, a Visitant. He takes her across the universe to the Visitants home cloud so she can be briefed about the problem. What concerns Helen is she will be in trouble when her mother can not find her, she is assured that she will be home before her mother realises she is gone.

JJ Maxwell is the pen name for Bob Looker so as to separate his writing of children's books from his grown up writing. He was born in Winchester but grew up in a small village in Sussex. At 16 years old he joined the army and for the next 23 years travelled the world. Now retired he devotes his time to writing, his allotment and his family.

Latest news

Helen James Series

8 October

To add to the 3 Helen James books already available at the end of November 2016, 3 more books in the series are to be published: "Helen James & Family Feud" (Even the Visitants have family problems), "Helen James & To Catch a Thief" (Someone is stealing Oxygn from a planet; Helen has to find out who before they all die), "Helen James & Crash" (A Galaxies monetary system is failing and causing destruction of Star systems. With her little knowledge of money how can she help?)




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