By Alexander BusyBrain

Paranormal | eBook

The compound was graveyard quiet as the people watched Ndubisi struggle for his last breath and failed to get it. Okemmiri went closer, touched some vital parts of his body and confirmed him as dead as a door nail. The people shouted in joy and celebrated; the evil one is gone to be with his ancestors. Amidst the jubilating crowd was Obinwa. He wasn’t sharing in the exultation; he had a different opinion of the man. He saw him in a different light, from another angle unlike the rest. He turned to Akidi who was standing next to him shouting in joy and asked “Why are you jubilating?” Akidi turned, looked at him in unbelief “Really? Is it not obvious why everyone is happy?” “I know why everyone is celebrating. But I’m particular about you, why are you happy?”

Alexander BusyBrain is a graduate of Educational Management and Economics. He is an entrepreneur, a model, a motivational speaker, and a lover of the paranormal. He believes there is more to this life than what meets the eyes. He makes sure to explore the paranormal and mysteries of this world in all his works.




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