Jellyfish, the Only Fish

By J. G. Remeng

Comedy & satire, Environment & nature, Poetry, Sci-Fi | Paperback, eBook

The Honorable Species Human of the Early 22nd Century, Out of Your free will, You chose us. You gave us this planet. After such a long quest for Conquest & Control, we assumed that You would do anything to keep the planet to Yourselves or at least that You would leave it to those cute furry ones You liked to cuddle, so this truly was a delightful surprise. Many consider You cruel and selfish. We do not. You put our babies ahead of Your own. You put Your own kind through tremendous suffering to bring about a world where we can thrive. Our sincere condolences and never-ending gratitude, The Jellyfish (P.S. Those Opposed to Chemi-Bliss, you can **** it, you lost.)

J. G. Remeng writes environmental science fiction, black comedy, and urban nature poetry. She makes some music, too. She enjoys improvisation, physical humor, Bollywood music, photography, dancing, and each moment she can spend in nature with her allergic nose.




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