By Bryan Costales

Paranormal, Literary fiction, Sci-Fi | eBook

Jo Bailey believed himself cursed because he could foresee, but never prevent death. Eventually he discovered how to make money using his curse, and used that money to found the Church of Jo. Each chapter in this book is a story about a period in Jo's life as told by the people who loved him, as well as by the people who hated and tried to kill him. From his first girlfriend who became his ghost, to his eventual death in Wyoming and the aftermath that followed his death, such as the daughter he never knew. Jo makes millions publishing a book, was shot in the Mojave Desert, kidnapped while on a walk, shot at in the Berkeley Greek Theater, was disqualified by the draft, and arrested as part of a sit-in during the Berkeley Free Speech Movement. This book is a fiction in the guise of reality.

Bryan Costales wrote the very successful "sendmail" (the bat book) for O'Reilly Media, recently published his novel "Jo", his short story collection "Gosling Collective," and lives in the sunny South Beach area of San Francisco where he dabbles in photography and earns a living as an email expert.




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