Jodie Spring

By Adam Llewellyn

Horror | eBook

Jodie Spring has a secret, Jodie Spring has a shame. Three years ago, she fell so far, she has never recovered and every day since has been a living hell. She tries her best to get on with her life, but the spectre of her past self will not let her go. She fights it as best she can, but it is a fight she is on the verge of losing. Her monumental shame, however, could prove to be the only thing that stands between this city and a devilish new terror loose on the streets. It is no mere drug and its true purpose is so dark and insidious it threatens to destroy everyone she cares about. Will she be able to overcome her demons in time to become the fight back they all need? After all, it never matters how someone became a hero, what truly counts is what they do after they pay the price for being one.

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