No One Has Such a Dog, and No One Should: Collected Canine Essays

By Erin Sandlin

General non-fiction, Psychology & philosophy | eBook

My love of canine kind verges on, and sometimes leaps the brink into, the ridiculous. Growing up, my family dogs were always particularly rotten, but also infinitely good. Having them in my life has both enriched and enlivened my days, as well as offered me unique perspectives on a variety of topics. As both a writer and an anthropologist, I have long been fascinated by the dog's role in human cultural evolution. Forming half of this particular commensal dynamic, dogs have changed with us as a species. They have traveled vast distances, endured the hardships of new climates and environmental conditions, and witnessed the birth of agriculture and domestic animal husbandry. Perhaps they even played a crucial role in the success of some ventures, thanks to the unique bond they shared with their humans.

I am a writer, a scientist, and an anthropologist. Through the lens of my craft, I seek to evoke that which is most integral to the human experience, be it silly, scholarly, or poignant. First and foremost, I am human and always seeking new ways to bring the threads of my many selves together into a cohesive whole. Art is life at its most honest, no matter the medium.


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