Practical Way to Master Your Emotions

By Kamil Olszak

Personal growth | eBook

Emotions are tricky things. They unconsciously dictate all our behaviours, and as long as we don’t understand what emotions are and how they work, we will be controlled by them like puppets. Despite emotions being so unpredictable, there is a way to gain conscious control over them. Emotions control everything, but once you control emotions, YOU control everything. Are limiting beliefs and a poor self-image preventing you from achieving your dreams? This book will show you how to distance yourself from all the drama and pettiness surrounding you on a daily basis, how to deal with the past, and through healthy psychology, to take the first empowering steps towards fulfilment and success.

Kamil began his personal development journey at the age of seventeen. Ever since, he's learnt and embodied the most powerful concepts and ideas available out there. Right now, Kamil is putting all his wisdom and insights into books that will help others deal with similar problems and obstacles he once had to face himself. In his free time, Kamil loves to read, meditate and write short-stories.




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