Quantum Lace

By Leigh St. John

Sci-Fi | Paperback, eBook

Imagine going to sleep in 1895 England, and waking up in 2017 Charleston, South Carolina... In this first novella of the fascinating 'Quantum Lace' series, Lady Bridgit Darnell's life in 1895 in England is interrupted with what she initially thought was merely a strange dream - a dream in which she meets present-day Markus in South Carolina who tells her not only that quantum physics has shown time-travel is possible, but he outlines how he himself has already been able to travel through time.

Living the life of a Luxurious Nomad, travelling the world with eight suitcases that her luggage concierge service picks up and delivers to her next exotic location, #author Leigh (Bella) St John is a lover of all things Victorian, RedWine, LuxuryTravel, Inspiring Others & the FREEDOM to live the Luxury GOODLIFE!




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