Reno, The Jinn Cycle - Book Two

By Nini Church

Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy | eBook

Since laying eyes on her for the first time in his life, Reno admitted something big had changed for him. He knew in his heart that for Aili - he would move heaven and earth and then shift the Milky Way a mile or two. It was hers to command. He worked hard not to reveal his true thoughts. Aili was gorgeous and beautiful, but he didn’t mistake that for any kind of weakness. He sensed that his Aili was anything but weak. Always around others and still alone, he’d occasionally wondered what it would be like to mate. Have someone dedicated to him and only him. He had no idea it would be so intense - the attraction. To Aili, that is. Reno always assumed he would remain in complete control. Now, he suspected he had it backwards. Cause whatever she wanted was hers.

Writer paranormal romance. The Jinn Cycle Series.


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