By Spundan D.G

Action & adventure, Sci-Fi | Paperback, eBook

Out of nowhere, an unknown enemy arises, threatens to carve out a draconian world and disrupt the peace and harmony of a nation. Can the will of four brave soldiers stop this, or will they also be consumed by this enemy?

This is my first attempt at writing which has always been my passion and I will need all the support to keep my passion active. If your reviews are good, I will be happy. If they are bad, then please tell me and I will do whatever it takes to improve myself. Thank You.

Jemma Bush

Jemma Bush

9 November at 16:41

Actually, I preferred your first book cover (the sky-themed one), Spundan. Crisper; sharper.

Spundan Dasgupta

Spundan Dasgupta

9 November at 21:11

Thanks... It was my preference, however, my mom felt this to be better. I thought of listening to my mom... Just for some time.

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