Sanatan Gita

By Munindra Misra

Religion & spirituality | eBook

THE ETERNAL SONG - ‘If stuck in any religious path or pit fully, Climb out with the ladder of spirituality’. ~ Om From education to wisdom – see the height, With wisdom may life’s path see true light; May that light radiate - shinning so white, Show Atma and Parmatma – energy bright; Parmatma - supreme form, true pure energy, Infinite, unending, the source of all certainly; To create, convert Parmatma has the ability, It origin, vigour, force, light, the final destiny; It energy - Creator, Preserver, Destroyer be, Indestructible, boundless, originator certainly. Om Peace! Peace! Peace!

Munindra Misra has the rare unique distinction of authoring numerous books/ebooks on Sanatan Dharma / Hinduism in English rhyme, providing the reader with the pleasure of easily comprehending the elusive wisdom of the ancient Hindu renowned classical writings. He was honoured with a badge and awarded ‘Top Viewed Author Award’ by Knol – A unit of knowledge of Google in 2011.




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