Straight Into Darkness - Deserted Lands Book II

By Robert L. Slater

Sci-Fi, Young adult, New adult fiction | Paperback, eBook

What if safety felt like prison? How does a girl who never had a place in the world before it ended, find her place in the new world? Ninety-five percent of the people on the planet are dead. Lizzie is pregnant from an end of world one-night stand, and the situation is complicated. Her family, her friends, the government of Provo – now known as “The City” and one of the last outposts of civilization: all want to keep her safe. And it's driving her nuts. She should be staying safe inside the walls of The City, but she's got to get out. A dangerous mission is exactly what she needs right now.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Robert L. Slater wanted to be an astronaut or a rock star. At 42, he gave up those dreams to become a writer of science fiction and fantasy, where he can pretend to be both. Like some of his characters, he has a propensity for speaking in lines from 80s movies, drinking Mountain Dew and eating pizza. He loves music as a listener, a zealous fan, a guitar player, and a singer-songwriter.


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