The Brotherhood: Acquisition of Power

By Alex Blackwell

Thriller | Paperback, eBook

The sinking of the German Reich’s greatest Battleship, the Bismarck, after a mere eight days at sea on her first assignment triggered a series of events that empowered the Bayer family to build a powerful business empire and create a brotherhood of like-minded German industrialists. Developing technology gives them the resources to acquire power greater than most countries in an audacious move. With this as a threat, world domination is in sight. However, the youngest of the Bayer dynasty, sees things differently: power must be used to be effective. Though fiction, it is entirely plausible. Might it actually be happening this very minute?

Alex Blackwell is a frequent author writing about sailing technology and sailing adventures, contributing to several magazines, websites and e-zines. He is an independent marketing and communications consultant and mentor to small companies. He is licensed as a commercial Master Mariner by the US Coast Guard. He is a sailing journalist, author, and editor.




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