The Bug: Complete Season One

By Barry J. Hutchison

Horror, Sci-Fi | eBook

No-one knows where the bugs come from. They emerge from the shadows all over the world, creeping and crawling out of the darkness, burrowing beneath the skin of every man, woman and child they encounter. Once inside, the bugs begin whispering dark thoughts into the minds of their hosts, and driving them to carry out horrifying acts of violence against those not infected. Most survivors try to hide from the bugs and the bugged. Most don’t succeed. But all over the world, pockets of uninfected people find ways first to stay alive, then to fight back. This is their story. Because it isn't a virus that will end the world. It's a bug.

Barry J. Hutchison is a multi-award-winning author, as well as a screenwriter and writer of comics.


Gayle Ramage

Gayle Ramage

25 March at 15:14

Highly recommend this serial. Read the first two (the third is published in April) and absolutely love the story. It's dark, gruesome but not without occasional humour. Great to see a story like this set (partly) in Scotland.

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